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I cant go on drive low gear or first but drives on reverse seems like it didn't have much power when driving it
My odometer is not moving, not tracking miles, the trip mikes work, the trip A. And Trip B. Work but not odometer it just displays the same miles
Timing cover oil leak. How can I be sure and what are repair costs?
2008 Saturn aura has a new key, but starts and turn off in 3 or 4 second
While driving the steering wheel gets stiff
Every time I start car battery light is on on my Saturn 2007 aura I see battery the light alternator replaced now what do I do???
It comes on and it will go out. It seems most likely to appear when I have hit the will go off on its own. No sounds and no smells.
Engine seems to run find during these events.
2007 Saturn aura hybrid
Just need to change my spark plug
Son had car overheat the other night, didn't tell me any other symptoms so I went and changed thermostat. Drove vehicle around for about 10 minutes and noticed no heat and temp was above the halfway mark (not sure what is normal) and was fluctuating slightly but when stopped would appear to drop a little. Opened hood and saw that the hose below the reservoir was leaking at the t fitting. I heard that some other saturns had bad check valves. Before I make a trip for new hoses looking to see if anyone has any other suggestions so that I'm not doing the job again.
My power steering light came on and I can’t turn my steering wheel was could it be
The heat in my car works fine but the blower for it keeps not working. I can put it on 1,2,3,or 4 and it won’t blow but then the next day it was working again. Sometimes while it’s working it will sound like I turned it down to a 1 for about 3seconds then it will blow high again. Not sure if I need a new blower or if it’s a wire problem or what.
Had both things done at repair shop. Still not shifting right to lower rpms. I feel I was overcharged. $4550.00 total bill. I have to take it back in, not being happy the way it runs. Vehicle has 207,000 miles.
Live in mn. Checked battery and starter which are fine. However, it takes a couple times to get car to start. Have to hold down key to turn car on. Its been cold..
Sometimes the car will start if jumped other times it wont.. At times after u release the key it still keeps trying to start.
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