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The car doesn't click it just starts going crazy and the lock sign pops up
2007 Saturn aura won't start just clicks and I have a new battery. How can I find the starter to see if it needs to be replaced.
Car not starting after warm up ignition switch okay we lay is okay starters okay could it be a ground
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Will turn over and start when cool down
How long have you had this problem? 3 days
I changed the throttle body , exhaust manifold, Knox sensor, nd spark plugs
would a fluid flush be worth it from the bottom plug
radiator light come on
It is turning off at different speeds and different street/weather conditions and times of day. What can I check?
Replaced thermostat because heater wasn't working and replace coolant. Neither AC or heater work
The "service airbag " message is on in the Driver Information Center. Is this a "dealer only" fix ?
help me find out what this means.
have a 09 saturn aura 2.4l. alright, put cold air intake system. i left the mass air flow sensor unplug "bad idea", cause it would run fine without. Same time i had corrodited wires that ran 02 sensor upstream was not working. so pcm took charge for the IAT senor readings of -40 degrees when its 160 under hood. so motor stalled and would crank but not start. put couple shots of starting fluid and it would crank"thought it was the fuel pump. Put new pump in and it turned on but still not start. i looked over all corrodited wires and found wired frim alterntor to starter, cut bad wires to upstream 02 sensor with butt-connecters. but mini relays, some are loose in the front fuse box, runs powrtrn and run relay....all in all i have done everything. how can i jst bypass passkey3 system. already put over 500$ in this car. have had no ride for 3 wees
water is pooling on the floorboards. I checked the sunroof and did not see any leaks. Water did come out the side spout. I need to see if maybe it is the a/c hose leaking, how can I find that hose inside the car? I pulled to panel off and only seen the fuse box. Help carpets are starting to stink.
It makes no noise like if the battery was dead and it happens everytime i run it and and if I keep trying after a little it won't turn on till I leave it alone for a couple hours
After a severe rain storm my car keeps locking and unlocking itself whether the ignition is on or off & my horn sounds intermittedly when I put my key in the lock
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