Infiniti I35 Questions

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Changed vehicle speed sensor and speedometer still not working. The RPM works.
On cold mornings, sometimes the transmission is slow to engage. Otherwise, shifting is smooth and quiet.
No control of acceleration when the AC is turn on.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Not fix yet
How long have you had this problem? I just found out today. I just came back from 1 mo vacation .
Every morning going to work over heat no leaks I check pressure
I wish I know more to say about this code but I dont
Car was running fine, I start my car up this morning and I see TC light come on after about 5 min the AT light pops up
Gauges work, but dashboard lights don't.
If there is a fuse where is it located
Why is my battery light coming on and my brake light keep coming on and I just had my alternator change and a new battery
the car was leaking antifreeze for about a month but it wasnt being driven. a new radiator was put in and it stopped for like a week, now its leaking again and the engine light came on what could it be
And it cuts off sometimes but start right back up just put crank sensors and camshaft senor and fuel pump and tune up and a ignition coal patch on
It occurs when I am driving. Car hesitates sometime when shifting gears.
and reverse but when you push the gas it does not go, when in neutral the engine reves up but then in drive it goes but will not accelerate
Had this problem and my son would rock the car back and forth a bit and it would start. That is not working anymore.
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