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At first engine was difficult to mate to gearbox(auto) but finally went together. After install complete, started right up and drove perfectly for few days with limited miles until noise began. When iremoved old engine, torque converter was still bolted to flexplate. Install was also done with torque converter attached to engine.
Hi, so I replaced front rotors, pads and a caliber and flushed brakes fluid and replaced spark plugs but after that I turn on the AC but it doesn't cool, The ac lines aren't cool as well, I can't hear the compressor working I'm not sure if they forgot to plug a sensor or something back when they most likely replaced the plug , what is the issue here and where I should look?
my check engine light is on, the vehicle dynamics control off indicator light stays lit and the cruise control light is flashing. I do not have low oil, car has 135K miles, any ideas?
When I park in my garage, the place smells of gas fumes within a half hour Dealer unable to find problem..
My converter went at 91,000 miles, conveniently 11,000 miles over the federally mandated warranty on the converter. I am going to approach Subaru about this and I was wondering how many others have faced this problem.
All that I asked about is constant
Started when temperatures dropped to -25 Celsius. All other doors are fine.
yellow symbol in paranthasis - stays on.
when I turn the key I just hear a click. I tried jump starting the battery but still just get a clicking sound
Turning the blower control knob does not change anything, and if the heat blower is turned on, rear defrost does not work
It uses a quart between oil changes. I have been changing the oil at 7,500 mile intervals. I have checked the engine over & there are no oil leaks. I assume that it is leaking between the valve guides. She bought the car new & hasn't had any problems with it. We are using 00-20 synthetic oil, which is recommended. Should we go to a heavier oil such as 5-20 or 10-30 synthetic? Thanks for any advice - John Larson
I need to have my heads of my car checked , can you do a pressure check on them? If not do you know a Subaru mechanic who can?
Overheated after 10 miles from cold. Cylinder gaskets were checked and are ok .
Subaru forester 2005 with 160,000 miles
1 of four cylinders are misfire according to Diagnostics. When I go to drive my car when taking off it accelerates then kid of sputters with the check engine light starts flashing and it loses acceleration. It doesn't happen daily not yet. When the engine light stops flashing it may accelerate normal again. the flash engine light again with acceleration loss sputter. I just paid for all 4 spark plugs to be replaced at theach dealership
My air conditioning is blowing hot air when it's hot outside. In the evenings or in cooler days, it works fine.
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