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While driving, a solid check engine light with a blinking cruise light just came on. Can not turn off the cruise light manually.
recently had o rings and gasket cylinder head, sensor AY oxygen, GASKET INTAKE MANIFOLD,GASKET ROCKER COVER, GASKET WATER PUMP, WATER PUMP, V BELT, RADIATOR HOSE INLET AND HOSE OUTLET repaired I took the car home on Wednesday used for half hour on Thursday and the car sat until Monday when I was out for about hour and half with about half hour breaks between driving . By the time I came home I saw what appeared to be steam coming from under the hood and thought I heard air or a whistle noise upon acceleration. When I went to take back to dealer on Wednesday which was when I was able to get appointment I noticed the thermostat running hot and had car towed. I was informed the radiator had a large leak and was not part of the work that was done I did not see that the hose were replaced until I came home and looked up the paper work for the parts I paid. Is this a problem from the first work done or is this a separate job?
engine light on informed the gaskets needed to be replaced engi
All gas pumps just shut off as of the fuel tank was full even though it's empty
One day gas pump just started stopping as if tank is full
Brought my 2007 Subaru Forester to my local mechanic because the check engine light came on today. Code was for a solenoid issue. They reset the computer and told me to keep the fuel tank above half for now. I went to fuel up and when I try to start the car again it took me 4 attempts. Turned it off and on again with no problem, but I've never had that issue before...
checked the fuse #14, it look ok.
At first engine was difficult to mate to gearbox(auto) but finally went together. After install complete, started right up and drove perfectly for few days with limited miles until noise began. When iremoved old engine, torque converter was still bolted to flexplate. Install was also done with torque converter attached to engine.
Hi, so I replaced front rotors, pads and a caliber and flushed brakes fluid and replaced spark plugs but after that I turn on the AC but it doesn't cool, The ac lines aren't cool as well, I can't hear the compressor working I'm not sure if they forgot to plug a sensor or something back when they most likely replaced the plug , what is the issue here and where I should look?
my check engine light is on, the vehicle dynamics control off indicator light stays lit and the cruise control light is flashing. I do not have low oil, car has 135K miles, any ideas?
When I park in my garage, the place smells of gas fumes within a half hour Dealer unable to find problem..
My converter went at 91,000 miles, conveniently 11,000 miles over the federally mandated warranty on the converter. I am going to approach Subaru about this and I was wondering how many others have faced this problem.
All that I asked about is constant
Started when temperatures dropped to -25 Celsius. All other doors are fine.
yellow symbol in paranthasis - stays on.
when I turn the key I just hear a click. I tried jump starting the battery but still just get a clicking sound
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