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Few days back i was driving and i heard a strange sound suddenly coming from the car. when i stopped and opened the hood i noticed that Alternator belt had snapped since i was on the highway i drove car for few kilometers & stopped at a safe place and got belt replaced on stop by mobile mechanic team.

By that time battery was completely drained and i had to jump start the car.

It worked smoothly on highway but i noticed that while car stops or slows down at signal (red-light) it seems to loose power but car doesn't shut off. i also noticed car engine turn off while reversing (this happened only twice in few days)
Today i noticed warning light showing up for half a second when i stop at parking area and light goes off when completely when i turn off the AC.

I started having these problem after changing the Alternator belt. what could be the cause of this problem as i can sense something but don't know what it could be

Light which show in yellow
Vehicle Dynamics Control System

Light which show in Green

Light which show in RED

These warning lights show up for half a second & then goes away & comes back till AC is not turn off.

This car has been a honey of a car & I need to stay on top of the maintenance.

Why is coil pack failing again two years in a row, this coil pack is one year and one month old.

Is it possible the highway makes my car sad?

my Subaru will go dead when I pull up to a red light, also when I park somewhere and cut it off. Then when I restart it and go to back out of the parking place It will go dead then too! When I say go dead, I mean I will have to re-crank it

I changer the front cv axles on my car (Subaru forester) and now it wont start. It cranks, and tries to turn over but wont start. What's wrong? It was running perfect until I put the front cv axles on.

My 2008 Subaru Foster will go dead when I pull up to a red light, OR when I am parked and the motor is running when I put it in reverse to back out of the parking lot it will also go dead. why? When I say go dead,I mean I have to recrank it.

My 2008 Subaru Foster will go dead when I pull up to a red light, OR when I am parked and the motor is running when I put it in reverse to back out of the parking lot it will also go dead. why?

My 2008 Subaru Foster will go dead when I pull up to a red light or when I am parked and the motor is running. and I put it in reverse to back out of the parking lot. why?

My right front window will not roll down from driver side switch and passenger door switch and I also can't find the fuse or relay for the power windows.
Also my air conditioner cycles every ten seconds. I thought it might need charged but it is charged. Any information would great thanks.

My car os green and I received an estimate of $2400.00.

I preset a channel (301 Music to Drive By) and it displays on the preset list as 301 without the channel name. How can I substitute (or add) the channel name to the preset display list.

it is parked on hill.

This is a correction to question which inadvertently wrote `seat belt' symbol.

How do I get the cruise control to go up or down by 1 or 2 mile increments. It only goes up or down by 5 mile increments. I have the 2.5i touring model.

Its a 2003 forester i own looking to replace it with a 2004 outback windshield

why does my forester shut off when I go from park to drive/reverse

3 most likely would be great help. Estimate-include mechanic hours probable.

car overheating and no heat has new water pump and thermostat. Turn car off for a bit restart have heat and temp. ok

My alternator belt needs replaced. I am thinking that it's not called an alternator belt because that repair doesn't exist on your estimate program. The belt is cracked, very cracked. In fact, it looks as if it may break any day now. I would like an estimate to replace it, but I can't get that if I don't know what Subaru and/or the mechanics who repair such things call the thing.

would the approximate speed be of the vehicle that hit me (an older Volvo sedan} that would make my water tumbler fly out of the cup holder?

.Motor still draws power, dims lights when hit the switch.

I just bought a 2012 Forester. Nowhere in the manual does it explain how to turn the passenger side air bag on.
Does this mean the car is not equipped with a passenger-side air bag?

Electric Windows

my mechanic tells me that I might need a new transmission. What would it cost? The gear shift periodically will allow the car to go backwards but will not engage in any of the forward gears until it has warmed up for 5-15 minutes.

I thi8nk I have tom cut off and replace axle etc. Your thoughts?

When I turn the heat up full in my car, the thermostat goes to hot, but when I turn the heat down lower the thermostat goes back to normal temp, whats causing that?

a little background; cruise acted up a couple months ago, cured on its own. Check engine light came on a couple weeks ago. Replaced the cat to clear that up. Was told the cruise stops working when the check engine light comes on and functions when that issue is cleared up. Well, it has not started working yet, and it has been quite long enough to reset if that were the cause. Common causes? Stalk switch on the column? Fuse is OK btw. Any insight?

Cruise has stopped working! Check engine light is also on, but I have a new Cat that should take care of that when I put it on.
The two are not related are they?

The Rpm surges but the car doesn't go or will only go slowly 20-30 mph.