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I press button and it works for 2 minutes then goes off by its self.
I hear an annoying humming sound that gets louder as I accelerate. I also feel vibrations in the steering wheel and gas pedal .
No sounds just died out and blows fuse seconds later after replacing the 15 A ecm/crank fuse over and over

How long have you had this problem? 1 Day
When I use my A/C IT Leaks very very bad on passenger side,why ? ,is my a/c drain line stopped up ? If u agree can u PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THE DRSIN PLUG IS ? & THE easiest WAY TO GET TO IT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UR TIME & EFFORT IN THIS MATTER !! :) TS
A fuse blows that makes the car not start. A friend replaced the fuse and I drove the car about 12 miles and the fuse blew again. I replaced the fuse again and drove the car home, and that's where its sits. I'm afraid to drive it and be stuck. Please help.
A piece came out threw tailshaft still works just leaked fluid out hole What could have broke
my headlight won't come on with the remote. I have to constantly keep turning them off and on manually until they turn on
When I turn the key its just turning then it finally starts
I need to know why this keep pooping up when I turn on the car
Seat stop working.
My radiator fans don't come on when temp us over half on temp gauge. I have to turn on A/C for it to come on and cool down engine coolant.
Do know I need to change spark plugs and have a p0304 odb code
engine light comes on at same time traction control light comes on... monitor reads " service stabilitrac" then reads "service traction control system" then the last display is " proceed with reduced power" and the engine loses what feels like half its power... once you turn the vehicle off for 20 minutes the traction light goes back out, and you again have full engine strength after driving for a few hours the engine light goes back out, this happens every couple days
The stereo comes on, no sound except for a screeching sound in the speakers with the car and stereo on or off, stops only when battery disconnected, gauges, windows, AC not working, eventually car won't start. How do I fix this?
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