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Low engine oil pressure light and buzzer comes on occasionally, and stays on until I shut the engine off and restart it.
New lights and ballast on 06 Dts..driver side isn't working..passenger side works whats the issue
No noise just blows out heat and I fillies the car with freon
The problem happens as long as my car is started, fumes coming through the vents
No overheating or leaking on the floor and heat works fine just fumes coming through the vents
Not so much if my temp is set to 60 degrees but if you put on 61 degrees the fumes really blows out and it fogs my windshield with some type of filmy stuff
Just started coming up. No apparent reason. Tires seem fine.
Car overheating in 10 to 15mins and heater blow cold air. Water also running out fast. I seen smoke from the tailpipe one time n ut not anymore.
2007 dts - windshield washers quit working. There is power to the washer pump. is there a filter under windshield cowling that could be plugged or not. No use me taking it apart if there isn't

Thanks Dave
Own a 2007 Cadillac DTS, just replace the valve cover gasket and power steering pressure return line. Shortly thereafter my check engine light came on. advance auto said it was showing lean fuel Bank one and two. He suggested I put heet” in the fuel tank. 2 days later driving down the highway, my car just dies and engine reduced power was the code. Now what do I need to do? It’s at mechanic and he saying he needs 2 weeks to repair it because it’s an electrical problem. I had no problem till I made repairs last week.
I have a 2007 Cadillac DTS that I just replaced the alternator and battery which are both brand new because the volts kept going down til it died on me... Now that I have a new battery and new alternator 1 day ago and my volts are going down again... What can it be now? Also there's a sound coming from under the hood a loud squeaking sound
had the car in for warranty work got it back has not been working sense i pick it up
when I changed the battery interior lights and panel came on but still will not start,no click from starter, will not shift out of gear, anti theft light came on and now battery is dead again (next day)
No other significant or unusual symptoms. Car still starts but mechanic says this will fail in the next say 1 to 3 attempts.
2009 Cadillac DTS. Filled car with gas. Next morning car would not start. Replaced fuel pump and relay. Car ran great. One week later...Filled car with gas next morning will not start. What could it be?
my DTS is stuck in 2nd gear. Limp mode doesn't allow to shift to next gears.
Limp mode is also killing the battery when the car is not running.
What are the cost repairs. Is the cost worth it?
leaking seal
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