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It just happened for the first time. I had just started the truck and a loud pop happened and started like putt putting then lost power and started smelling like gas and exhaust inside the truck.
I replaced the battery and now have no power to instrument cluster. Everything else works. Wont start with a blank screen on cluster.
Ticking coming from passenger side valve cover.
Take off from stop position engine drags in 1st gear and hear grinding sound from engine only when starting off from stop position engine drags
I went to a drive through carwash, then I drove it home and noticed that engine was knocking.
I parked the vehicle and then backed out of my driveway and noticed it knocking more. when backing out! It has 120,300 miles on it, I bought it from a Lexus Dealer 5 days ago. Per/Dealer info they said it was current on its scheduled maintenance. Wondering if it blew a plug, due to the undercarriage wash?
*No check engine light came on. THX
Cost to get ECT replaced in a 99 for expedition
After looking under my newly purchased 07 expedition for the source of a loud nocking when on rough roads. I found that there where no bushings left on the body mounts. why would they wear out so fast. how much does it cost to replace?
Everything is new, full of freon. Running a jumper wire from the starter wire made it blow cold air. A mechanic thought it was ecu, brought one out, no
This happens every time I drive my car. I get a jump and it starts and drives with no problems. Battery drains completely 1 hour after turning off the car.. I was told it is a electrical short in the steering column. the blinker switch does not stay up or down.
The blinkers work randomly everyday sometimes for 30 minutes other times 2 seconds and other times not at all the horn and emergency flasher work just fine all fuses are fine.
I think my number 1 cylinder is misfiring a little.
the rear heater is blowing cold air but the a/c works, and there is a noise in rear motor which is a knock when you turn on and off heater.
I changed the valve its self...but the hose needs replaced. I've noticed the end of hose has rotted and my truck runs a little ruff , mainly at a stop light.. I'm a single women and finding someone to fix it is tuff. not sure on how much it would cost to have someone do it for me. Thank you for your help ,Diana
I took it 2 times to get smogged still rejected my gas hand light indicator when out a few months it reads low fuel but there's a full tank could the be 1 reason why my truck got rejected when I took it for a smog test?
This will happen erratically sometimes daily sometimes monthly. This has been going on for a long time and as time goes on it occurs more often
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