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Sometimes the A/C works properly for a short time after starting the vehicle then you can hear the diverter close and the fan motor keep blowing. What might the problem be?

The air wouldn't go on today. And the don't work either. Help

Need to replace rear wheel studs

Checked fuses all good.

The voltage meter on my dash for the battery is really low it's not in the middle where it usually is. Can you tell what could be wrong? I checked the battery cables and they are tight.

I have a 2001 expedition with a 4.6 that needs a trans i found one out of a 5.4 of the same year. Will everything swap over with no problems

Won't start. Turns over. Battery is fine. Oil light comes on, but oil is fine. All accessories work.

Blinker stop working then the techs tested the fuses and the brake lights stop working.

It is in anti-theft mode, and when I put it in the ignition, the anti-theft light blinks, and the vehicle won't start.

Has a miss does on #3 cylinder have change cool twice and still gets a code and has a ruff idle and runs bad can any body help

99 Ford Expedition 2 wheel drive 5.4 engine. I am replacing the cannister purge valve and need to know where to check for update software.

I changed the starter and starter solenoid on the firewall and it still won't start.

The lights time out normally when the ignition is turned off. This is in all 3 on positions of the switch and the off position. I did recently have the dash apart and could have missed a plug. Do they default to the auto position or is there a relay stuck or in a "normally closed" position? Anyone know specifically before i tear the dash apart again?

Looking for fuel filter location

I have not googled this yet, and I have not checked any fuses or if the instrument lights/dash lights work or not.

it is located behind the grill on the bottom of the hood latch bracket, it slides over a stud and secured with a nut, a 2 wire plug hooks up to it.

When starting to move I can feel a grinding seems to be coming from the left front wheel. Its very noticeable when turning left. After a few moments as I pick up speed it vanishes. Had a mechanic look at it and he said everything looks ok. He's baffled. Suggested I contact Ford to see if their have been other similar complaints and a resolution. This has been going on for awhile. ( I'm retired so I don't drive everyday, Maybe two days a week to the store and back most of the time. But it is becoming more noticeable) Any ideas??

My expedition is not turning on or makes no crank my lights turn on but not my sterio I change the baterry to a new one it wasn't the problem I took the starter off to get tested and it wasn't the problem either is something electrical so what can it be?

All doors are closed it started once i tryd to open my back door with my key now my lights are on and wont go off

Not long ago I drove to town without any trouble or incidents. I came home,
parked my vehicle. Not a single problem or noise. I have not attempted to
even start it in maybe 3 weeks. So I decide to drive it to town. The battery
was down. So I jumped it off. But this time, it would crank. But would not
start. First time it has ever not started. 75 degrees out. The only indicator is
the "oil pressure low" came on. Still will not start, but cranks just as it always
has. The oil level was good. I have tried starting it a few times, and it cranks,
but will not fire. I noticed while it was cranking, the oil pressure does not
change while cranking. It remains at 'no pressure', which is odd, because it
has always had good pressure. Will "low oil pressure" indicator cause it not
to fire? Does the pressure register while cranking? Any ideas?

Car was running fine , parked it ,later went to start and engine turns over but won't crank. Found another troubleshooting site suggesting fuel relay in fuse panel that iscsoldered in so I replaced the whole fuse panel with new one. Still won't crank up. Located the restart button on fuel shut-off in rear and tried that. Doesn't seem to be that either. What to check next?

door locks malfunction draining battery consistantly every night

It turns off when I turn it on like it didn't have no gas

Just replaced plugs and coil packs. The engine is down on power ato times oscillating back and forth from normal power to sudden loss at speeds of 10-60.

I started driving one day I noticed my O/D light was blinking on my Dash I recently changed the fluid on my transmission and my transmission is Shifting great I don't know why it started blinking does anybody know why this is happening?

Brake lights don't come on except the third upper brake light.

I had to drop the starter to replace bolts that went bad and pulled out and allowed the starter to come lose. I did not disconnect the battery and when I let the starter hang, I heard and arc. I disconnected the battery then finished the repair. Once I bolted it all together, reconnected the battery, I tried to test it. When I turned the keys to acc, everything seemed fine, all dash lights and dings. When I tried to start it, heard a click and all power went out. Pulled the positive off of the battery and put it back on and got same results.

Won't go into 4HI and in 4AWD when back tires spin ,the front tires do nothing.

The anti-theft light in dash keeps blinking and how do I reset the key combination on driver door

Rapid and loud constant ticking developed recently and coming from engine when on. Appears more from the left side of engine.