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I have a 99 ford expedition with a 4.6 engine. I have changed every component I can think of but code comes back. When I clear the code, I can drive for a long time. After I shut the car down for the day or a few hours, I restart and the code comes on. What will cause this?
on 2005 ford expedition, 103k, loss of power while accelerating and mpg down from 14mpg to 7-8 mpg
New fuel pump and car still want start
It was making a clicking noise inside then it stopped it doesn't make the noise anymore and doesn't start at all
Well when I'm going down the road it feels like I can feel the front tires just grabbing but even though I have my drive front Driveline out because I don't know why my 4 by 4 is not working so I took that out and now I got a new motor in my rig and everything else I still haven't put that drive away in but my 4 by 4 light is blinking on and off on my Dash what could cause that
Ford expedition when I accelerate the throttle body sounds as off it's choking and when I let off the gas it sounds like a slow airleeak fading away only happens in drive not in neutral could it be a vacuum leak please help it's costing me lots of gas money I don't have
What do the above listed codes refer to?
I was driving at 75mph when my emission warning light was on. Then I pulled over and turned off the engine. I turned on the engine after 5 seconds. The warning light was gone. It didn't come back again. Once I arrived at one gas station, I pulled out my car's manual and started looking at it. One thing I read as a cause for emission warning light display is loose gas tank cap. I checked the gas tank cap. Interestingly, It was not tight. Immediately, I remembered gassing up my dependable beast expedition. I genuinely love my vehicle. Now my question is: Could that be the only reason? Indeed, I will take my beast for its computer diagnosis or scanning. Thanks
My 2012 Expedition won't shift to between 2nd and 3rd gear sometimes. The
Rpms would run high. Turning the car off and back on usually takes care of
the problem. Usually this happens about once a week. Transmission fluid
changed recently but the problem is still there. Took it to the dealer, and they
could not find a the problems. I also took it to a transmission "specialist", he
hooked it up to computer and could not find any problems.
What should/can I do?
Truck is running like crap. Feels like it wants to stall out. Service codes P1000, P0442 and P0171. What do these codes mean?
Few weeks ago I was working on my truck, I smell a burnt wire from the back
2008 for expedition runs fine unless it is 90 plus degrees outside. Will sputter and shut off or will not pick up speed and then suddenly will take off. Check ingine light on diagnostics said was mas air sensor. Tried cleaning with no improvements. When temperatures drop back down at nightfall issues improve.
It barely will move when i put into gear but if I put in neutral or park it will gain RPMs
I am replacing the door on a 2000 Expedition and I need to know how to and where to disconnect the wiring harness going to the body. Thank you
Making a clunking noise at low speed could I take it out and still drive for a week until I get a new one
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