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I was advised that my radiator neck needs to be replaced. The repair shop didn't have the part and advised I not drive it home. Can I tape the hose back to on the neck temporarily until I can get it replaced? I don't trust this place now as they are hinting they may have to order a radiator! I don't need a radiator!
No problem with car performance. Car has 58,000 miles
Usually as part of 90,000 mile maintenance.replacement
It just happened today, I might have touch something but my phone is not picking up calls and when I go to menu and go to radio it shows phone and processes in calling. Same thing when I go to different menu
Ok so my automatic windows stop suddenly working I can’t open them up from driver door or use any button on driver door . or each invidual door the windows won’t open As well as my cd
Loader stopped working . What’s going ? It’s 2008 rx 350 Lexus
The car also needs a brake job. No problem, just muleage and pedal getting closer to the floor.
Can 0-20W oil be replaced by 05-30W oil ?? 50,000 miles on car, Oil change shop put in 05-30W oil according to their ticket. In warm climate {Fla. only use for long hard drives}

Mu son hit the back of my seat and now its showing that the air bag is off
my 2017 rx 350 has been parked in the garage for about 3 hours and it is making some type of electric-like noise, maybe a pump like noise. what is causing this?
Heat not working on Auto, fan goes off. The AC is ok. Both work on manual. No smell.
I have a flat tire. My friend also has a lexus. Would I be able to use their key to unlock my tire?
I have a 2008 RX 350 w/ 171k miles on it, and am averaging around 18k miles per year. How often should I change the oil and what type of oil is best to use? I know the standard is 5,000 miles, however I have had a mechanic tell me 7,000.

I want my car to last as long as possible so I need to make sure I am taking care of it!

Any other tips to keep her going are greatly appreciated!
Won't start shows to start push break and push start. Then shows power steering failure. Hatch won't open can't shift to neutral and doors won't lock
When i use my turn signal, I can no longer it blink. Therefore, on occasions when it does not turn off automatically, it just stays on.
My Lexus RX 350 2009 started Thursday morning no problem then I turned it off to get truck out of parking spot.l went to put car in spot and it would not start it would just make a grinding sound when I turn the key
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