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That happened on my 2016 Wrx about 10K miles. When I stop in front of a traffic light, I noticed the engine was vibrating on it's idle speed. The rpm drop down to 800 and up to 1.1k again repeatedly. I was thinking because the cool weather and the engine wasn't warm up totally. I did't pay attentions. Next day morning, it happened again and the check engine light turned on. I have to drove it with the engine light on till to that weekend, then I took it to a dealer. The dealer read the code and clean it for me. They said it maybe the engine ignition timing problem. I left the dealer. Just a few minutes, the engine light pop up again. I cleaned the code by myself, but the engine light pop up again and again. I have no idea, I just let it be. I had to go a place is little far from my home at that time, I drove into the freeway. After a half hour freeway driving, the engine light turn off by itself. I just thinking the engine may doesn't like to run in low speed in local.
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