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I put the bulb in the brake light and it won't work and the bulb is good
I looked outside at my car last night and I noticed flashing lights I went outside to investigate and all the ambient lights were flashing and are still flashing. flashing with the car driving, flashing with the key on or off
I changed battery now need code to my '97 e320 vin#WDBJF55F8VA305131
Went to have AutoZone use their tool to check why the check engine light is on in my 1994 Mercedes-Benz e320, they didn't know where to plug in.
Cracking creeping sounds returned after having right and left thrust arms replaced also now it sound like a muffler when it has a hole in it, but the sound is coming from under the hood
On the dash board it keeps saying "Brake Lining Wear". The car doesn't make any noise, the breaks don't squeak when stopping, and the car drives fine. My driveway is a hill and as I'm backing out sometimes I hear a click but that's all. So I'm trying to figure out if it may be sensors or is there a real problem?
On the dash board it keeps saying " brake lining wear". But I don't hear any noise, the car drives fine, but my driveway is a hill and when I back out it hear a click sometimes but other than that I haven't had any problems or heard any noise. So what would that "brake lining wear " mean?
Mercedes E320 2001 all gears work when I first started the car then when I come to a complete stop everything disengage when in drive no gears work have to restart and I hear a spinning sound when in driving
As the outside air temperature reaches freezing the alarm on the vehicle activates. We use the key fob to silence the alarm from inside the house. there is no problem when the vehicle is in our heated garage. There has been no problem in previous winters. Lately, freezing temperature has occurred around
5:30 AM.
cannot unlock vehicle. Dead Battery ? How can I open ?
1998 MERCEDES E320 . ERROR CODES : P0341 ; P0410 & P0700 .
I put antifreeze in car on yesterday and the service alarm goes off periodically the next day. how do I disable it
Bleep sound all dashboard warning lights come on rev & speedo stops radio went off clock started to reset its self then all corrected and car back to normal drove a further 168 miles no problems
I have recently noticed that my 2001 E320 Mercedes Benz gear will not shift out of park when I turn it on. When it does, it sometimes jump when put into reverse or drive. What can be the cause?
when i switch lanes. i thought it may be the air shocks that i replaced, but it did not improve it. it is like something in the suspension is worn or loose
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