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I have nothing else to see.
I just boucht 2002 E320 Mercedes. None of the dash lights were working, until I replaced 2 of the front headlights (1 big & running light). Then they started working but 5 days later went out again. I found the fuse box next to light switch and the fuse was blown. Fixed that problem. But I have never seen the olometer lights on yet. Is this another fuse or light bulb?
Blowing hot air
Would like to know how to remove the starter in a 1996 Mercedes
1997 Mercedes Benz E320
I want the radio code for marcedes E320 vin number
My gurl gage stopped working entirely last week. I also have trouble filling up with petrol as I’m only able to fill with a few litres before I’m unable to get it to take anymore..
When the weather is good and sunnier and weather change to rain I use up a full tank of gas in less than two hours.
Suddenly my car started making little jerks forward, off and on while driving and then after this goes on awhile the motor revs up. Pull over and it stops, start driving and it starts little jerks again. Then revving.
No warning lights on dash coming on. Can't see any belts loose under hood.
No strange noises, car doesn't leak at all.
I have a 1999 Mercedes Benz E320 and with my headlights on, my engine will shut down as soon as I use the turn signal.. Runs fine with headlights and I can use blinkers when headlights are off. Also using horn turns off engine as soon as it is pressed. Any ideas what may be causing this? In other vehicles, I see some mention of bad wires in the column. The battery needs replacing but the alternator is good as well. Could a bad battery maybe cause this?
Car will crank but not turn over
The problem occurs for 30 seconds every time I start the car or move the the windshield wiper speed on the combination switch. I already replaced the wiper motor, and the problems is still ongoing.
All the engine oil jetted out from the Dip stick tube covering the bonnet and engine.
Is there a chance that the oil froze in the filter?
Do you have any ideas?.
The car has a tire jack but not locate in the trunk
Having just replaced the starter, fuel pump and filter I was picking up my MB E320 (1997) from the mechanic. While waiting for a car to be removed from the garage, the engine suddenly killed and a "DTS" message was published on the electronic media dash. The message cleared, but the car would not start again: it would crank normally but not start. What is the "DTS" message? What does it mean?
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