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My car won't go any faster than 60 Mph, once cracking sunroof, and it also later rained, and it also started running hot, I keep the maintenance on my car up to par, but my motor indicator is on and it's only driving in one gear

When I push the red button, the lift gate will close, but it will not latch.

So last week, I went to my car to start it, backed out of my space and put the car in drive and pressed the gas, only have a slow crawl with no rph response.

After speaking to several mobile mechanics, 2 said it was the throttle body cable (which seems fine and I actually losened it a bit and started to run but then stopped), but one who was the car today was the throttle body and the throttle body acquator. Also today, my MM ran the codes and got P0410 (secondary air injection system malfunction), which doesn't make sense because I make sure I only use 76 gas - 93 - and regularly use a gas injection fuel cleaner (Lucas is the best!) and would not cause this interminment acceleration problem. Could the throttle body just need to be cleaned or the MAO sensor needs to be replaced?

Transmission won't change gears.

esp malfunction on dash came on what is this mean

start key do not turn

I changed break pads and rotors as well as shocks 2 months ago. Also car squeaks on rear left when I'm making a turn. Any guidance appreciated


Wipers don't work.

change crank shaft sensor, brake light switch and replace battery and the car will not start what next?

Air temp is fine,compressor pulley seems to be getting louder

Running lights work but rear brake lights don't

This happens about every 3rd to 4th time i get in my car.

Everything works compressor is spinning but a/c will not blow cold air, just stopped

when controls are set on low or cool.its now consistent and the engine cooling fan is running all the time.

When I start my car in the morning and just start driving it, I hear a very loud sound when turing the steering. Its even more when turned to extreme. However, if I first let the car idle for 10 mins or so, the noice never comes up. Any ideas anyone

Is been sitting up ... for 6 months ...

AC light flashing. Then shuts off

Have power ( checked battery it's good)

Happens when going up hill. Could it be related to seat belt motor?? Have had under carriage of car checked numerous times and nothing found.
Thank you

will start but wont run

No garage floor drips apparent

The wire that plugs into the third brake light switch is dangling in my trunk out of its socket. I don't know where to plug it. Its a black small plug.

Can this be an accurate diagnosis? All I see on line is changing the fluid, nothing about seals needing replacement. Car has 216000 mi

Have to raise rpm really high to go in reverse

The car wouldn't start and the battery is located in the trunk. The trunk can't be opened

would like to find fuel pump relay location

Want to know exact location of the. Code#PO705 and how to replace

tarrying to pass smog in the state of Nevada I think the code was POO41

first noticed rattle noise under the car

My car model is E230AG My ETS ,ABS and low break light will on when i am on the road. Sometime the car refuse to move, sometime its move but in low gear.Sometime its run perfectly. Can anyone give me some advice? thankyou