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the wires are there but someone disconnected them and do not remember which wires should be connected
trans. worked good before change and was full of fluid.
Just two months ago my 2000 Ford E150 was working fine. Now my van will not start up but it will crank as if it wants to start. I checked the fuel line and saw that the gas was getting to the top. I put on a new fuel filter and I think the spark plugs are still getting a spark. When I go to turn the key to the on position in the van without starting it, the engine light does not come on as it did two months ago. Also when I put the key in the on position I hear a click in the back of the van right over the fuel pump on the left side.
It's got code po171 174 runs Rich changed the p c v value engine light still on
I have a 2002 Ford E 150 with a 4 6 engine. My power steering gear box bolts keep snapping. What could be causing that?
How many catalytic converters does a 2006 ford e 150 have
Not sure what starts it but air bag light blinks in a 4-5 pattern. Blink 4 times, off, blink five times off. Car seems to run well otherwise.
Won't idle
When you pull the lights on the tail lights won’t work everything else works
little plastic bushings are gone worn out fell off,need the name of the part so I can locate replacement?
Where can i locate the oil pressure sending unit on a 1993 Ford e150 v8, 5.8?
I need to replace the oil pressure sending unit (or sensor) on my 1993 Ford e150 v8. The oil gauge has been flickering back and forth to normal to low. Now its stuck on low no matter how long the engine runs. Can you also provide me with the following information including special tools or precautions to take before installing a new one.
I'm just hearing the engine crank over, but not firing. I cranked on it for quite some time, but to no avail. I even charged the battery overnight and cranked on it again. And I tried spraying starting fluid into it a few times. When I sprayed the starting fluid, it seemed to fire briefly and run roughly for about five seconds, then died. I also added dry gas to the gasoline tank, but id didn't do anything different.
don't hear nothing just jumps out of gear every time i try to use it.
the bus was on and the air on then accelerated the bus and the air increased then stopped working the air
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