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Van was running fine. Oil was clean. I was driving home at normal speed. Van did not smoke it just started to slow down on its own. Then it jerked three times and turned off. Now the van will not crank. The fan will turn east so I didn't know it that meant the van motor did not lock up on me or does that mean anything.
Doesn't happen all the time I haven't noticed a pattern I have replaced the fuel filter but I just purchased the van not too long ago has 161,000 miles on it good shape AC still works not sure what the problem is
Checked fuse and brake lights still not in operation.
The check engine light is not coming on when it did it said misfires and running lean . I have replaced all spark plugs and all ignition coil's . This all started after I replaced an oxygen sensor
fuses are ok
It jerks really bad and then looses power and dies.
My E150 losses pressure when driving about 20 minutes feels like it's blocked it takes some time to build power from idle to stop. Every 2 to 3 days I ave to refill radiator?
shows on top the fuel tank. the odor stops when the engine is at rest
The tensioner has been installed. Where can I get a video showing how to install the serpentine belt.
Can't figure out which fuse works sofa was working let daughter use it now it's no working any help would be appreciated thz
It goes onto drive and reverse normal, however when you pull off it will not shift gears
can i inter change a 1998 ford f`150

.. `f`150transmission with a 2003 ford f`150
Trying to program a remote fob. Everytime all doors are unlocked the radio fuse blows.
At first I wasn't getting any heat and then the gauge was all over THE place and now it's wanting to overheat so I play with the heat and defrost while driving to cook it down but it's not loosing water and I don't know if it's the thermostat or gauge or what
Engine just quits while driving - says check gages but nothing odd there - seems like an electrical problem - tps has been suggested as trouble
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