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I start my car and when I shift the gears my car don't move

It spits and sputters when you hit the gas and it just does not want to go backfires through the carburetor

I put oil in my car and I spilled some oil while do it. When I started the car out white smoke can out while I drove away.

the next time I drove it (2 days later) the front axle fell off....was this caused by them??

I have replaced the spark plugs and fuel filter and have reset the fuel pump switch and still have no start

I have checked the spark and reset the fuel pump switch and still nothing

have a 95 Ford aspire automatic transmission put in gear makes a clunk nose & won't move

When i turn the key all the lights and radio come on but it doesn't torn over. I don't hear the starter clicking. The neutral safety switch seems fine though when i checked the continuity.

when i turn on the heat or air the check engine light comes on and i lose power

i have repacted bearings. they seem fine

My auto mechanic, I usually trust. However, when I asked him about if there is anything that should be checked on my 1995 Aspire as I am now using it for long distances as well as short (my primary vehicle is totalled from accident), he informed me about the timing belt may need changing. He also said he could not check it unless I give him permission to fix it-he could not tell if it is worn unless he starts working on it. Is there anyway I can tell if it needs to be changed by the way my car is running? I dont want to spend money on a belt that is unneeded.

It has never thrown a code and when you first start the car it will idol really rough to you have to put your foot on the break and give it gas to back up but you don't want to back up too fast but you got to give it gas to keep The engine from dying . And then it'll drive rough driving down the highway from my house to Walmart which is probably around 5 miles it will sputter and jerk and just act up like you wouldn't believe and at stop lights and stop signs you have to while you're pressing the break also give it gas to keep the engine from dying . But it seems like if you was to take it down the highway and go for 50 mile trip down the interstate or highway eventually it will drive like nothing is wrong at all until the next day. Tried different fuels brands didn't seem to help

It did this before and I replaced the cap, rotor, plugs, and wires with the highest quality parts and the problem went away for several months. Now it does the same thing again. It sputters, pops, and hesitates when accelerating. It recently had a timing belt put in correctly as well. I am positive that the timing belt has nothing to do with it as this started happening several months after installation.

noise when wheel is leaning left, of any movement left.
drives on highway 75mph no prob, noise only when wheel is moved to keep car to left. No fresh signs of friction or bad smell, etc

I just bought this car and the heater and ac don't work. There is a funny smell that fills the car when I'm driving. I was informed that there is an issue with the heater core and I'm pretty sure that means it's leaking right? I'm wondering if I should replace it or just buy some K-Seal or something similar. How do you replace a heater core in a 96 ford aspire? Any advice?

This car does not have powersteering.

My sons car is squealing, not much at first but the more you drive the more it squeals. He also had to replace the battery last weekend and already the battery light is on. In addition a belt is slightly frayed, I'm wondering what it could be. I just don't want to get suckered in to spending a huge amount of money, I only want to fix the problem. How can I determine exactly what it is and possibly fix? Thank you!

doesn't show any warning lights,

transmission fluid reads ok

doesn't happen every time it's driven

When I was driving car shut off on me. Try restarting it it tried to restart but would sputter off. I come back next day was able to start it and drive short distant but sputtered off when had to stop at stop light.

Need to replace fuel pump not sure where its located