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Squeak from inside car near speedometer
First my heater went out now my car starts but goes out after a couple minutes of being started.What do you think it is
My car will back up just fine, but when I put it in first gear and take off it don't want to pull and it also dies out.
I start my car and when I shift the gears my car don't move
It spits and sputters when you hit the gas and it just does not want to go backfires through the carburetor
I put oil in my car and I spilled some oil while do it. When I started the car out white smoke can out while I drove away.
the next time I drove it (2 days later) the front axle fell off....was this caused by them??
I have replaced the spark plugs and fuel filter and have reset the fuel pump switch and still have no start
I have checked the spark and reset the fuel pump switch and still nothing
have a 95 Ford aspire automatic transmission put in gear makes a clunk nose & won't move
When i turn the key all the lights and radio come on but it doesn't torn over. I don't hear the starter clicking. The neutral safety switch seems fine though when i checked the continuity.
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