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Makes whistling sound when accelerating.Checked MAF sensor and is okay.Loss of power
The gas cap I had on it since I got the van recently became un-tethered from the vehicle. Check engine light came on shortly after our last gas trip. We have since then lost the cap and the light is still on. Replacing the cap is no big deal, but if I get a replacement, will the light go away? Maybe there is something actually wrong with the van and its a coincidence? If the cap solves the problem, is there a way to get rid of the "CHECK GAS CAP" message?

Thanks in advance
How long have you had this problem? 1 year
I recently got this van from my mom, since she no longer needs it and I just had my car break down on me. The front blinkers, on both sides, are out. She has neglected to replace the bulbs for two years (oops!). I just replaced the bulbs, but they still don't show on the front. Well, they show very dimly actually and the only way you have a slight chance in seeing the blink is at night with your low lights on. Rear blinkers are fine, and blink fast, like most cars when a blinker is out. They *all* still flash very fast. I also still get the headlamp out message on the computer.

Check engine light is on too, but I have no other issues aside from this. Can those correlate?

Thanks in advance

2005 Terazza
How long have you had this problem? 2 Years
It will shift and drop into reverse, will not drop into drive or drive 2 but will in drive 1.just started today.
After that it runs great. Why's it stalling when you first start it?
Lights flickering interior and exterior what to do to fix on 2007 terraza
can't use door without alam staying on .
Bulbs and Fuse are good
thermostate located in the engine
There is a light of a car n paddle lock on it light on n battery light stays on for couple minutes after a jump start n dies out?
Worse if goin highway speeds or a quick stop.
checked battery changed starter checked starter checked fuses relay clicks sometimes it does not click
We have replaced the starter, battery, checked the alternator. It just doesn't start with no rhyme or reason whenever it wants, generally at least once a month and has to be jumped. In fact, this last time it wouldn't even jump. I think it's an electrical/computer issue, but no one wants to take me seriously. The alarm or dinging and message on the dash says rear door ajar or whatever, and no matter how many times I shut all the doors, again with no rhyme or reason it will stop or it won't.
Could it be my transmission going or on my car
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