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dash lights don't work

Installed new alternator, checkd it first to make certain it is in good working order and it is, installed new battery. Installed newly rebuilt ECM, conducted the RELEARN for the security system. Started the car, but still not charging the battery, Battery losing voltage. Absolutly no idea what it could be.. maybe a fuse? a relay? HELP!

My fuel gauge continues to move up and down. I do not know how much gas is in the car. I think I might need Fuel Level Sensor Kit with Sensor, Float, Seal, and Cap, but I do not know where it is located to replace.

Cuts out after like 3 seconds. Car always starts but then cuts out. Security warning on dash displays about theft of course. Also noticed my cats key chips moves around. Is that chip supposed to be a fixed piece??


drives ok but shifts hard into reverse or drive


My control panel light for the AC & heater is blacked outja

Change thermostat water pump and radiator the car still overheating run and about to 230 degrees how do I remove the air or is there some other issue to this overheating or causing it to overheat

Installed transmission car cranks but no start

how do i turn the security light off

Replaced pre and post cat 02 sensors and completely bypassed wiring on the high amd low side. Still only sending a consistent reference signal of .45 volts. Cleaned ground on engine and have proper resistance. Any thoughts? This one has got me stumped and i need some help

Window will go down and but it seems to be dead after its down. Sometimes takes several hours to be functioning again.

at times ill park turn off car come back and go to unlock doors with push button and nothing so must unlock with key when I open door no lights come on as if the batt is completely dead. but its not I put the key in the ignition and crank and car will start right upbut alarm activates horn starts honking and lights flash. sometimes I can put car in gear and alarm stops but sometimes it doesn't.

also next day climate control switched itself to celcius ,speedometer wasn't correct

air flow comes out the front ports by windshield??

the security warning flashes towait three minutes but still wont start. cant use key in ignition cuase the ignition was beaten in by hammer and scredriver how do i fix this problem i still have the orginal key and fob

no water in oil nor any any frothy bubbles in the radiator there is no heater thinkthe hose for the heater core are bypassed.

turn not start

Are there any problems with the main computer chip

oil pressure light comes on. oil sending unit sensor replaced but it still comes on

The whole blinker doesn't work

I hit a curb now my car won't start

after paying the car and befor I could make it home I had to take it back to shop for same thing. the shop claimed to they repaired it but they never gave me back the car or my money. how can i prove that they did any repairs for what i paid if they will not return my car?

The grinding noise is coming from underneath by the muffler and it does it for a little bit and then it stops I looked underneath and it looks like there's like a little motor there

wipers @ times works and when it rains they don't.can u help?

Everytime I drive it with the ac on

Could it be related to the fuel pump?

Also there is alot of thick exhaust.

It seems to have something to do with the security system - PLEASE HELP