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I have a Ford Fiesta SE 1.6 Gasoline 2014 (manual) assembled in Mexico but the part that I try to find said made in USA, the part number: AV11-AB-G6UYG, I followed the electric circuit and the blower does not on in any speed (1, 2, 3 or 4). I disconnect the connector from the blower and measure with a multimeter when I start the A/C and it is 12V, so it looks well. I have tried to buy the spare part without success. Thank you in advanced.
When the car is resting there is a clicking noise coming from the back end. It has drained the battery once now. Worried it will do it again.
my car will not start when i try to i just here one click. all lights seem to be working and the car appears to have power.
Windows and radio still have power after key is off and door has been opened up
Checked all fuses and relays all were good
It does not seem to be fuse or relay .as I drive wipers come on slow then when I get out of truck radio stays on ..there is no noise ..
O/D light flashes. Starts looping around 60 mph. Put 2 rebuilt transmission in. Replaced some sensors. Replaced the PCM. Still does same thing
will a computer from a 1993 ranger 4.0 streight shift work in a 1993 ranger 4.0 straight shift will I have to have anything changed
This happens on cold mornings but not on mornings when temperature is above 45 degrees
When you pull the lights on the tail lights won’t work everything else works
It isn’t making any noises or smoking. My coolant is no longer leaking but if I drive for any amount of time it reads hot on my dashboard
Hi. I have a 2003 ford explorer limited edition. I was driving it a couple weeks ago when the "service engine soon", the battery light and the "hi temp low oil" lights went on. The truck turned off. I gave it a min and turned it on. Turned on like normal. I checked enigine oil and transmisson oil. Both are at the level they should .. did it me again today.... same thing. But now on the message board it say "check charging system" and "low oil pressure". I dont want to takeit to ford they are so expensive. I took it to a local mechanic they cant find whats wrong with it. Help.
I have a 2006 Ford Taurus SEL and lately I notice that my car has been whining or squeaking sound whenever I m at a stop or slow down but when I accelerate I cannot hear it. When I turn off my car I notice a little leak where my power steering or belt is ? What do I need to replace?
A bolt fell from underneath the car it was to my gas pedal and it sinks to the floor now like the cable is bad but I don’t know where the bolt goes back on at
It got stuck and I think it might have got hot trying to get it out of the mud,someone told me it’s a module in the transmission???? Is there a way to figure out this problem without dumping a lot of money on different things that it might be?????
All I know is I Checked the code and it was a p0411 secondary airstream incorrect upper air flow can someone help me diagnose this
This problem has happen four times and when it goes off the screen will show the time and the date when truck was made.
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