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Speedometer stopped working. 96 ford contour gl 2.0L engine 5 speed manual transmission.
The car quit running. Had on defrost. Turned off defrost and cranked it back up. Also transmission has been jerking into gear. Not all the time but more often.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? cutting off with defrost on and cranking back up and running with no defrost.
How long have you had this problem? cutting off for a day now. transmission jerking for a few weeks
DOES NOT START.....hear it could be starter problem with alarm.
How long have you had this problem? just started
Nothing works.
It has no power. It won't turn over. Nothing works.
I checked the battery and the battery cables.
it occurs every time i drive it. at first we thought that if we flushed all the fluids thats why it could be bad but still idles weird. It says its running on lean when i read it with codes.
We drove to store parked it everything was fine came out of store and would not start
Car will not start after replacing Ignition Lock Cylinder
Trying to find out why the 1996 Ford Contour just stopped while I was driving it I still have power but it won't turn over
Can't find obd2 plug in
it feels like when your going about 110 miles per hur and the govener kicks in but it des this at abut 25 miles
Tranny is going out slowly.
There has been a recall on 1997 Ford Contour concerning brake fluid pressure regulator when did this occur and can someone who risks their lives because brake lining on rear wheels leak
The fuses and relays are good. Help!
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