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the pump came from a 97 contour and i installed it in my 2000 ford contour. car runs great but fuel gauge reads empty after filling up . i noticed there`s different gauges for these two different years. must i get the 97 gauge and swap out the one that`s in the 2000 in order to make it work? the pump i took out of the 2000 was failing and i noticed it was an after market and had a higher ohms resistance when i checked the sender out . thanks j.a.dianna
Hello, please help me!!! I have ford contour 1998 and it has problem with lock system, when I locked my car only driver's door had been locked with key and the rest of 3 door still opened. I am interested in what the problem is
What is wrong with my car why is it making a popping sound when I come to a stop or to make a right hand turn
I have 12 volts at motor plug when turned on but motor won’t come on. I checked motor by jumping it to battery and it works. Why won’t motor come on if I have 12 volts at plug?
The check engine light code on a 1999 Ford contour reading po171 bank 1 system too lean. What should I check
Why are there so many conflicting reports about whether or not a 1999 Ford Contour LX has an interference engine or not?
How can I know for sure if my 1999 Ford Contour LX has an interference or a non-interference engine? It has the 2.0 DOHC engine.
Speedometer stopped working. 96 ford contour gl 2.0L engine 5 speed manual transmission.
The car quit running. Had on defrost. Turned off defrost and cranked it back up. Also transmission has been jerking into gear. Not all the time but more often.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? cutting off with defrost on and cranking back up and running with no defrost.
How long have you had this problem? cutting off for a day now. transmission jerking for a few weeks
DOES NOT START.....hear it could be starter problem with alarm.
How long have you had this problem? just started
Nothing works.
It has no power. It won't turn over. Nothing works.
I checked the battery and the battery cables.
it occurs every time i drive it. at first we thought that if we flushed all the fluids thats why it could be bad but still idles weird. It says its running on lean when i read it with codes.
We drove to store parked it everything was fine came out of store and would not start
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