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I have a 89 Ford bronco sport 2 I can manually put it into 2ed gear but when I put it in drive it stays in second gear and only revs to 2900rpm how can I fix it
if I don't let it warmup it takes a bit before iy goes into gear if I stop it takes a few seconds before it goes back into gear and moves
It kinda sounds like the fuel pump goes bad beacuse when I start it up it starts right up and runs good but than when it heats up it sounds like the gas is cutting off
94 ford bronco 4 wheel drive. Abs light stays on. Changed all sensors,replaced control module,reset abs codes. Speedo fine,no od lamp n shifts good
When the bronco is started (whether it's cold or not) if it hasn't been driven in like an hour or so, it takes forever to shift into reverse, and then longer to shift into drive. basically when you start it you gotta wait a minute before you shift into reverse, and then after you shift into reverse when you try to shift it into drive, once it's in the drive position, it doesn't actually GO into drive for another minute.
if so, what would be needed?
It has manual locking hubs. Just replaced auto locking hubs.
When accelerating while driving in overdrive shifted very hits into drive very hard . An also won't ideal down after warmed up
Shift hard down from overdrive to drive while driving when accelerating , won't ideal down after driving an warmed up
The engine cranks over as normal with a new battery. There is gas flow and a dark blue spark. After setting for 4-5 hours, then it will start and run. What causes this? The transmission will not shift into drive. It stays in second gear. This started yesterday(7-31-16)
Just started after replacing thermostat and gasket drove next day got out of car came back noticed temperature high checked reservoir full
When i started my truck my abs light was on. When i drove it, my speedometer went crazy, the truck wouldn't shift past 2nd, and would downshift back into first. My rear window (witch i had no problems with) suddenly would not work either.
Just bought a bronco last week and the ignition started to lock up and I have to wiggle the key to get it started,do I need to replace the ignition coil?
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