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My air conditioning in my 2012 Kia Optima EX GDI non turbo runs fine while driving at higher speeds but at a stop light, stuck in traffic at low speeds it only blows warm or hot air. Only one fan on the car. What could be the problem

I am trying to change the clutch in my kia I'm at the point of disconnecting the transaxle from the drive axle

My car stops running at random lights wont start back up for awhile. filters are clean .

I was told while draining & Filling trans oil that my timing chain cover was seeping oil and needs to be re-sealed. No gasket to replace-they use a silicone goo. I am looking for video and other instructions on how to do it myself. I have not noticed an oil level problem but I am told it is leaking none-the-less. Can't afford $2K right now so I am going to watch my oil levels until I learn how to do it myself. (There are no codes)

The car wasn't doing nothing when I turned the key all that came on was the bash board light I changed the starter cause it was bad I tried to crank it and it wants to crank it makes the noise but the moter is struggling I listen for the fuel pump and heard it kick in so I don't hink it's that any help??

Has plenty of battery power, when u turn key, whether holding clutch/brake in neutral, 90% wont turn at all, tried bypassing starter by popping clutch, unsuccessful, almost seems as if kill switch from fact alarm gets stuck, preventing engine from turning., occasionally afyer using key to engage/disengage alarm several times back 2 back, it will turn but not catch to start

Pumps only delivers fuel in start position

Car won't turn all the way off.

Replaced the battery and Alternator fuse. Alternator is new as well.

Car ran 3 days no problem with air on.

While driving either on highway or in town. It will jump out of overdrive then feels like it's stuck in high gear. Untill Kia is turned off and then restartee

There's got to be a common factor in the reason why these cars are having ignition coil issues. Is it possible to get a somewhat of an answer to these issues. And could Kia be held responsible for it.

Air conditioner want train water comes in on drivers floor board

After the shaking, the next time the car was driven a machine gun sound came from the car

ive noticed at high speeds, or passing a truck or driving along side a wall, I hear a vibration.. Upon inspection the retainers for the rear wheel wells are not very tight and it appears that the noise is coming from the wheel wells when I am doing any of the above type of driving.. can anyone help? are there better retainers to purchase?

I have had this Kia for a few years with no issues. I haven't driven it in a few days. I went to start it and it turned over like the battery was dead. It started and shook some and died. Same thing happened 2 more times and stopped.

Front or back and I have to press the breaks really hard to take out of park

My Kia spectra is a 2003/2004 model and the transmission I found is for A Kia Sophia will it fit

Is there such a gasket. What is the likely hood this is possible

the taillight was out and I changed the bulb and once I changed the light. it wont light up

It came without a spare donut or tire.

I've never changed Trans fluid.

Starts and dies. Will run if throttle is held down 20 %

If I Take out screw in the lever will that mess any thing up? Can I open the hood from the outside with a screw driver?
Thank you, Charlie

The overheating happened once and I had it towed to my house.However the AC has been blowing from cold to hot for a few weeks

Off and on problem. The doors automatecally lock while I am outside the car. I leave my key fob on the counter and it still happens.

It has freon and works fine around town. Quits being cold on long drive.
I took it to Goodyear and they said it had moisture in it and charged me to empty an clean and then redo the freon. But still the same problem.

When the engine cools down after 20 mins or so, it starts no problem and then when it reaches optimum temperature it stops running again, and again. There is plenty of coolant and oil is fine also.