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I drove it home but I could mash gas pedal and it wouldn't go hardly go over 10mph
I had the radiator, sensor replaced and the thermostat and fan have been checked
After I've recharged it and added freon and it doesn't make any noises at all indicating a compressor problem but I'm still not sure what's up...??
vehicle is manual trans and hsa will only work if you are trying to climb a mountain
what decides the angle of the hill and does it use a mercury tube if so where is it located, the hsa only works is you are trying to climb a mountain.
Drove 10 miles first day and it was fine. Drove 2 miles 2nd day and light came on, help! Any ideas?
How many bottles and how much will they cost.
Remote will/ won't lock doors, interior lights will/ won't come on, trip milage goes back to zero. Started about a week ago. Headlights won blink when the is used.
was given a Ford key fob that looks identical to the Kia fob that should have come with my car. Can I reprogram it to work on my car and if so, how?
The smoke goes away after a few mins. But once the car has been sitting for a while it does it again.
Have a new power stering pump and now they say pulleys need replaced
Mechanic replaced powers erring pump and then said the pulleys needed replaced
My Sorento chimes continuously and the seat belts are being worn and no doors are ajar (although two of the door locks do not work either but that is on going with this model. I stopped having them repairs ($500 a po...
I keep having to charge my battery and when it finally charge s my alarm won't shut off what do I do
Hi there I need to know what can I do because I paid 350 for a full car tune up like 1 1/2 weeks ago and the lights are in again ! They claim it's the O2 sensor and o had that replace but check engine light still on ...
Blower fan turns off and on intermittently for almost a year - sometimes it'll turn on with ignition but not often. Sometimes it'll turn on suddenly while I'm driving but then once I turn the car off, the fan won't ...
05 Kia Optima 2.4l. I've replaced the coils plugs wires timing belt and balance belts the cam and crank sensor with the timing plate. It ran good for 4 months. Then after I replaced the alternator it would run fine fo...
I just had the brakes changed and the mechanic removed the heat shields but every time I hit a bump I continue to hear the noise.
I brought the car and was told that the Caterlatic Converter was colloged up I clean it out and it still miss firing.