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Fan (behind the grill in engine front) sometimes remains on, draining my battery, after I turn the engine off. What part needs replacing?

Turning the fan speed higher the noiser the sound.

It will run for a few seconds but then dies but as long as you are turning the key on and off it stays cranked and running

is that possible?

When I try to stop, usually from a speed over 25mph, the steering wheel vibrates back and forth from left to right, and it feels like the brake rotors are made out of a washboard! I am assuming it is time for me to go have brake service done.

the ac quit cooling a few days after i had damage to the front bumper cover from colliding with a trailer hitch, it put a whole in the bumper cover. could this be related to the accident. the ac blows but no cold air. the car has 18,000 miles on it

it rattles when I go over a speed bump, ride on rough road or hit a bump.

Misfire cylinder no. 5, I have tried everything I can think of, spark plugs, coil packs, plug wires, timing belt kit with new tensioner, no vacuum leaks.

All lights still worked just wouldn't turn over. Was driving for about 15 min. When it just stopped. If it's fuel clogged or pump what would est be

ABS light, ESC light and brake light are all on. All come on as soon as you start vehicle. Electric mowing sound is coming from the engine by the power steering fluid thing, but once you apply brakes, it stops.

filled up with gas and the next morning when I started it, it leaked gas profusely by the back drivers side tire. I can't see a leak or bad hose. What else could it possibly be?

I have kia sorento 2006 LX. My engine check engine light is on. Autozone error machine said no communication between Throttle position sensor and accelarator pedal sensor. I changes throttle position sensor, but issue not resolved. I don't see accelarator pedal sensor. What could be the problem? Please help me

No A.C. Light and can't control the air flow!! .?

No control of air flow and ac light does not come on

It has done this 2 times only if its a sharp beeps once and the interior light flashed and once there was a warning light that flashed so quickly I couldn't see what it engine light is also on

Never had any problems. Then all of a sudden it shuts off while driving. Turns over no start. Pop clutch to start motor Boggs down and quits.

When I crank it up I smell gas. What causes this?

If there is were is it.
Thank you

As stated above, my parking light on the instrument panel stays illuminated regardless of what gear I'm in. Checked fuses which all were good.

my fan motor will not run when a/c is off. is this normal?

There is also a noise coming from the fuse box when I turn the car on, is that normal?

Crank shafts bolt snapped, shop fixed and replaced pulley and belts. I started and went to town and got back in to come home and the battery is fully charged, but the ignition just clicks when trying to start. So many issues since I purchased this Kia in dec.2016. Please help!

I replaced the air compressor and needed to install new expansion valve and filter drier. But cannot locate the filter drier at all. Mayb someone could help me please

There is a circular led light around the ignition that is suppose to go off 10 seconds after the door closes. IT never goes off. They have replace the ignition and other unnameable parts to a totally or $704, light still does not go off unless the ignition is on.

put transX in .it shifted for a week

My car has recently overheated on my way home from work one day, luckily i made it home just in time before it began to smoke. The cause was a busted radiator so i have replaced the radiator, radiator hose(both), thermostat, waterpump and timing belt. But even though i have replaced those things i can drive it around but as soon as i stop and let it idle for a bit it starts to overheat again. What else could be causing it to overheat?

my car shakes as I accelerate, but gets better. I had a minor front end accident that just popped my bumper out of place and I popped it back in.

So how can I tell if I need to change my blower motor are my air filter

jumped time

Belt.Please help me.