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Actuator seems to be working but handle will nit open the hatch
I have a knocking around the pulley side of the engine. No check engine light. sounds like it is coming from the idler?? or crankshaft pulley. i cannot tell. Thanks.
i have replaced the compressor, condenser, dryer, accumulator, and radiator. when i try to fill with r134a it doesn't take much and i don't think my compressor is running. i have an expansion vale to replace too, but i need to know if i going down the right path or not. Thanks.
All I see is darkness
When coming up on a stop sign or red light.etc....Car will fall down into low gear..very hard jerk like being hit from behind..its a 2008 kia spectra..105.540 miles we took battery cable loose left off for few min...then worked fine for couple weeks..Did the same thing again engine lights comes on or anything
I'm trying to do a radiator flush but I'm not sure what coolant to use
Squeaking noise
First, my battery died. Once I jumped it and got it going again, my car was running fine for about 20 minutes. Then all the sudden when I was going about 30, my car slowed down on its own (no matter how hard I pushed the gas peddle) and it would not excel past like 5 miles per hour. Almost all my lights on my dash started to come on. It sounded and felt like it was trying to "kick" back into gear but couldn't. It finally slowed down until it stopped. However previously, I could be going 50 miles per hour and it would slow down BY ITSELF to a lower speed and wouldn't excel even if I pushed the gas peddle. It didn't quit because it would eventually "kick" back into gear.
I bought my car new and have never seen this happen to a car. I have hundred thousand miles on my car now. the pealing started 4 months ago and I have been told nothing can been done. I have had many cars over the years and have never seen this. I was told everything works on a point system and was asked if my parents ever owned a kIA My parents have been dead for 20 yrs. I was then asked if any other members of my family owned one. I'm 70 yearse their for 4 hrs. crazy. I do take my car to be serviced every 3 months at my own place and if anything needs to be done it is, and at a lower price then what KIA charges. I was told the more points I got the better my chances were to have something done. Really? The DM was not helpful at all and would not ever suggest what i could do. My next step after this will be the TV station.
when making a turn - a creaking sound is heard
Key out signs display son the dash went engine is idiling at traffic lights or when the car is stationary. What does this mean
This is a Kia 2014 Rhondo 2 liter engine using oil and no leaks Where is it going? Have to add one quart every 300-400 miles.
I have this message displayed " ADS OFF" What does this mean?
Had the car at shops several times, they can't figure it out. The above lights stay lit on the dash board and I can't get a yearly sticker
Happens after I drive and cut car off
My ac just suddenly so working while i was driving
I feel the vehicle is more erratic in starting when it is parked in an angle or incline
Even with key out, fan stays on. Not a/c, but window vents and foot vents.
I have brand new bulbs in but the tail light don't work on the drivers side unless I break or turn. I tried to figure out what it is in the manual but got no luck there.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? N/A
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
everything is OK but no sound ?
Is the wiring harness in the overhead roof for a plug and play install?
I was going In about 3rd gear then out of nowhere it just stop getting gas after about 8 mins of driving I killed it now won't start at all fuel pump works
Air conditioner blew cold air, then blew hot all of the sudden. Refrigerant added and air blew cool for a week, then blew hot air again. Messed with fan, thermostat and air flow dials. Air then blew Cool. What could be my problem?
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
Air conditioner ran cool air, then blew hot air. Refrigerant then properly added. Ran cool for a week, then ran hot air again. Touched all dials for fan, air control heat/cool. Air all of the sudden ran cool again. What is the possible problem?
Air conditioner blew fine one minute then hot the next. Freon was added and guages correct. Worked for 4 days then hot air again. All of the sudded without repair air now blows cool. What is the problem, please?
How long have you had this problem? A week.
I don't hear nothing it just won't back up
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
ok So I have 2011 Kia soul the car was turning on with no issues but the battery had low juice so... I charged the battery with it in the car and I left it on all day and night until the following day by mistake. Needless to say I fried the ECU and the battery. Since then the car cranks but does not turn over to start. I have air/ fuel / spark but does not start. Since then I have replaced the battery, ECU, and the Crankshaft and Camshaft sensors since it was giving the P0016 code. Now every time I clear the codes and crank it turns on, but once I turn it off when I go back up to turn it on it would just crank but not turn over until I clear the codes or jump start by taking out a coil plug. Please Help on how to fix this mess.
It drives sluggish, Shake when I hit the breaks. Making a putt putt sound when I try starting,have to jump it.
How long have you had this problem? Since driving in water

How long have you had this problem? Few days
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