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My wife was about a 100 away from Home said the car is running hot. They got where they were going put water in radiator after it cooled down crank car and temp started up. A mechanic help them the radiator was fulll and he unplug a sensor that let the radiator fan run all the time. Temp went down and they made it home. The mechanic said it was problem the thermostat. Next day I change thermostat,new antifreeze and let it warm up and it got hot again unplug the sensor and temp went back down to normal. So what could it be?
I try to turn my car on and nothing happens. all the lights and windows work fine and normal. i try to turn the key in the ignition and no sounds at all. what is wrong??
Driver door is locked and won't open. The central locking keeps lo king itself and I have to get in on passengers side
I first noticed it within the first week of buying the car, as it was shifting up 1-3 gears, it was yanking, shifting really hard! I switched it into manual and it seemed to stop. Probably 3 weeks later it did it for the second time, shifting 1-3 gears going up, and back down. Both occasions I attributed it to not warming the car up before I took off. Now I’ve owned the car about 3 months, and it’s doing it much more frequently. Sometimes it’ll do it as soon as I take off, but then I get a few miles down the road and it stops. Other times it continues to do this. It literally feels like the transmission is being yanked out. I see that there is no way for me to check the transmission fluid. I’ve tried switching between the Eco being on and off, it seemed to help at first, but not so much anymore. No fluids are leaking, no noises, has anyone else experienced this problem? And what should I do? The 1st day it began, the check engine light also came on. Code read was very small emissionlk.
The car starts rough and dies, then starts and runs rough for a few minutes befor smoothing out, only when you first start it
I have a 2008 kia amanti radio turns on but no sound coming out they told me at a stereo shop that is the stereo but i want to make shure wat else could it b
I don’t hear it on at all
door key wont work pulling up lock dont work lock will pull up just dont unlock door
Do not have any power on either side of switch,it's a red and yellow wire,and I can't get power to fuel pump,can if I bypass fuel relay
I do not hear ac compressor click on, ac suddenly blows HOT air
dome lights and reading lights come on when headlamps are turned on. Will not turn off by switch, will only go off when headlamps are turned off
Bypassed relay pump runs,and not getting power on either side of cut off switch
4 out of seven days a week my car won't start, I lift up the hood, tap the battery and then the car starts, but now my emergency break light and battery light are on what could be wrong
It has been like 2 month with this problem don't know what's causing it. Took it to Firestone they didn't know either.
Horn and steering wheel button are not working.
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