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Turn truck on when turn key to cut off truck still runs

The car will not chirp when I hit the remote twice to lock to car. I have checked all the fuses.

The car only has fan settings, no heat AC or defrost. This happened when the outside temp on the dash changed to all dashes.

The car has no power steering and the engine cuts off, almost crashed, but when I turned off my defroster the power steering works and the engine picks up immediately. Has anyone One experienced this, if so, what's the solution?

ive replaced the sensor, the throttle body, & fuel pump but you cant take the car over 3rpm or it will jerk. also sometimes it acts like it doesnt want to go

The drivers window works--but the other windows do not

When I accelerate, my steering wheel shakes, and the car is shimmying.

Blow motor was fixed about two years ago...only blows heat...but when changed to AC setting it does not blow at all. What could be causing this problem..need replace whole system, part of it or what? Help

I can still see icons for airbag etc. but no speedo., gas gauge etc

I have no more details.

My 2002 kia spectra worked perfectly fine prior to the belts falling off while i was driving. Now thr belts are back on but still no luck. PLEASE HELP

well, ac starts well when first started then after running few miles, cooling starts dropping when I am stuck in traffic at low speed. I turn off the ac as it s blowing hot air. then little later I turn on ac again the cooling comes on again but few minutes later the warm air starts blowing.

there are many reason a transmission wont shift or down shift to pass. any check engine light or transmission would be helpful in diagnostics.

shifts fine runs great just wont shift into passing gear

Okay I was driving down the interstate and I was getting off on my exit and my car shut off . It was steaming but not too bad it wasn't snapping and popping and all that did notice that the radiator hose had come off the radiator and had a piece of the plastic top with it had to get towed home put a radiator on it and noticed that there was no alternator belt which runs water pump 2. Got an alternator belt on it it still won't crank it wants to you can tell me how it is wanting to kick in but it won't need help if you can

changed fuel pump, no help

Van ran good before installing new timing set. All marks and colored links lined up correctly. Now will not start. Turns over strong but sounds like there's no fuel, fire or both. Any suggestions?

we can clear it but as soon as you shut it off its back when you start it. Something about the not recognizing the VIN#

It will start again after it cools off

The 4-wheel mechanism is not engaged but when you reverse the vehicle it seems as if the wheels are locked up.

Got a boost earlier because car was making clicking sound when i tried to crank it and the lights were dim. Now it's doing it again but now it want start with a new battery

It was within the 'Green' zone with some margin.

Clerk at auto parts store helped charge; we both saw that Max when we charged was "45"

90-degree, sunny day. After 2 1/2 hr drive

I have had on ongoing issue with my 2005 Kia Sedona. It starts intermittently when cold and runs fine if it starts. Once I shut it off, chances are it will not restart. It will crank time after time and if I'm lucky it will "catch" before the battery runs out of life. It's getting gas, has spark. I changed the fuel pump, plugs, ignition sensor etc... I am out of ideas. Please, any suggestions?

It just happened one day just like any other day started car went to shift to reverse and it wouldn't so now everytime I have to stick something in the emergency release to shift why?

It make noise when you put in gear and drive slowly.

car has been trouble free up until now

The vehicle ran for awhile after but now won't start. Engine turns over but thats it.

New alternator and front brakes. The dashboard continues to light up and stall out when I come to a stop but it isn't happening when the mechanic and service manager drive it. They just mention fuel injection maintenance.