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boosted car could not get it above 1500rpm
shut it off restarted and everything came back
When I put the car in drive it will not shift out of first but I can shift it fine with the sports shifter. What can be wrong?
Just had my spark plugs changed and now it starts to rumble when I'm sitting at a red like. Seems it's idle is now a little off.
Instrument panel dark, but instruments working. Is it a fuse or a bulb. How do I change it?
2003 Kia Sedona.
Fuel shuts off at random - usually while driving down the freeway.
takes anywhere from several minutes to restart, usually has to sit 30 minutes or more then will start right up. We know it's a fuel issue just don't know why.
no idea what's making the fuel just shut off. already replaced the fuel pump relay. maybe fuel pump next?
Wrecked my car, and need a new or used hood for it.
No cold aor only warm and hot air when i rin the air condition, if it is compressor how much it cost me to fix?
Whats the caost to replace a cross Member Bar on 2004 Kia Sorento
Needs E-break Shoes & cables Pivot. allso Rear Suspension Rotted- Not safe to drive. Can this Be fixed And how much
Need to repair the clutch in manual transmission but needa manual
I started to hear a noice when I slow down. I took car to the Shop and was told i needed new Struts.After there where put in still make same Noiseso there told me I need a new Stirring Rack.How do I know I need this? It is expensive. Thanks for your help
The heater is on when I turn the controls to heat, it just blows out cold air, when in the heat mold.
Was driving Kia koup(2011) no problems then all of sudden when hitting gas car wouldn’t accelerate I’ve been told the O2 sensor needs to be replaced because car engine light is on and I’m unable to pass state inspection could the O2 also be reason why was unable to accelerate in car? I stopped at gas station and placed gas in car still wouldn’t move until i received a jump. Lights and dashboard was lit up.
Just asking for preventive maintenance. When does the timing belt need to be changed—2007 Kia sportage
The exterior handle does not open the latch from the outside. I can get out, (the interior handle works as expected) and the button for the smart key works as usual. I took it in to have it checked out, they say the DSS F door latch assembly is faulty. Is this normal? Kinda pricey at about $480 but crawling over the console is getting old. The car is out of warranty, but still good. Thoughts?
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