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should i replace my fuel filter before the pump or after

I have a customer in need of this item.

need repace a bumper and fender right on a 2000 saturn lw2 but will a 99 saturn sw2 work

I would be driving then my battery and oil light comes on then it dies and starts right back up

Cycling on/off brings it back quickly. Feels like computer, not valve body. When this happens it brings up the check engine light and it won't shift right for days. Then every thing is fine for a while but not long. Is this my engine CP running amuck? You never know what or what starts it, but switched off to on brings it back to default and runs poorly.

If you drive the car for a while and park it it may not crank. If we disconnect the battery and wait a while the car will crank. The check engine light may or may not be own.I've had it on the machine to test but they never find anything. I was told it may be the computer.

The heat is not working at all.

Battery light comes on had it checked said it was bad generator how do i replace

Bad generator how do i replace

My service engine soon light came on. Could it be due to the fact that the plug for my fan isn't connected? When I connect the plug the fan doesn't run. But when it's disconnected it run on high all the time. There is also a strong smell coming from my car , like a mix of gas and coolant. Please help. I'm running out of options for my baby.

Don't know jack about cars so please bare with me, also not positive on the engine being DOHC or SOHC
92k miles and recently put in oil and coolant
temp gauge not even to half way point.

I was driving on the HWY up a slight hill and noticed a major clanking/scrapping sound from the steering wheel and gas pedal area and it wasn't really wanting to accelerate as well as getting stuck on the rpm gauge. Quickly pulled over turned the car off and looked at it, everything seemed fine.
I started it, and almost immediately didn't want to accelerate the gas pedal and steering wheel where shaking. It sounded like the bottom of the car fell out, then white smoke from the front and back with a trail of either water, oil or coolant possibly all, the smoke was very sweet smelling and the some of the mystery liquid was brownie red. Turned the car off and called a tow truck, the guy said my engine exploded, there is a huge chunk of metal just chilling by the engine. i have pictures, my question is what happened? and why? also is it repairable or just need a new car?

I just had a new radiator and thermostat put in last week. I have had sensors replaced, new rear brake lines, alternator, battery, plus much, much more in the engine before inspection in October last year. I do know my valve cover has a small crack in it which my son will be repairing this week but the service engine light just came on today? Any ideas/suggestions on why the light may be on??? Thank you very much for your time and input.

I drove my car to work this morning, but when I went to leave on my lunch it won't start now. All the dash lights come on, the radio doesn't come on, the door locks don't work, the buttons on the key ring don't work. It did this same thing almost a year ago when I was around 300 miles from home, I ended up putting a new starter in. But now I'm at a loss. I think maybe it has something to do with the security system but I don't know. Really hope someone can help out.

i replaced the computer with one a friend gave it was from a sl with a diffrent motar.the plugs where the same it looks the same the # are diffrent.put it in car day battery was totaly dead,charged it car turns not. fuel.fuse blown replaced,no low on gas put a gallon in.still no gas.relay is clicking wont start.leave battery conected it goes dead.the battery being dead and air bag lite on was how this started.really frustrated .disabled on a fixed income live 12 miles from town realy need it fixed fast and cheap.sugestion of any kind will be apriciated.Thanks

Need the arm for the back/rear window wiper. Have the wiper need to blade to attach the wiper to. I've searched rear wiper blade, back wiper blade, and about 6 other options. I found a video that shows how to remove it but that's as close as I've come. on youtube Pictured is the arm with a wiper attached. I'm just after the arm. Of course, I'll take one with wiper attached if that's the only way to get the arm.

the engine coolant sensor has been change but it continues with the same problem. it's mostly when I stop on a red light the temperature gauge goes up the car does not overheats but not sure what is going on.

I determined the engine is the problem. I can hear and feel the misfiring so, it's not transmission related. Fluid level is proper and I have had the fluid replaced every 30k miles. Fuel filter? Coil? plug wires? Spark plugs?

Condition happened suddenly. Have recently replaced CPS, spark plugs, valve cover gasket and water pump. Car was running fine till yesterday-now cranks but won't turn over

According to the repair shop the wiper motor is fine as the driver side wiper works fine. But the passenger side is shot. I tried to tighten the nut but that wasn't the problem so I took it to the shop. Apparently the assy from the motor to the passenger side is shot and would cost over $300 in parts and labor to replace and fix: Im not paying that kind of cash for what seems to be an easy replacement. I realize its time consuming to remove the plastic cover to get to the the entire assy but am willing to DIY if I can find the parts. I have tried various sites to get the parts: all say 0 results. Where do I look to get parts needed for this task?

The wipers quit working. Repair shop said it came unbolted from the wiper arms. After they tightened them, the wipers would not seat in the off position. The wipers would stay on the windshield about 5 inches above the seated position. When turned on the wipers will drop down to the seated position, then sweep across the windshield and return to the "5 inch" position. The repair shop says the wiper motor is bad and needs to be replaced. It seems to be just out of sequence because it was detached from the arms. Should the initial diagnostic charge be put towards the labor of replacing/ repair

I have a 1998 Saturn SW2, 184000 miles. In the summer, the car will overheat in 5-10 minutes sitting in traffic once the engine is warmed up. Usually the gauge hangs around the 1/4 temp level. It uses a little coolant but there isn't a leak. Also, the oil isn't discolored. The cooling fan has been replaced and works.

In the winter, the gauge will get to 1/4 warming the car up for 10 minutes. When I drive it though, the gauge goes down to 1/8 or less. If I sit at a light, the temp will go back up but never over 1/4. Consequently, the car heater barely works.

Are these conditions related?

On my Saturn 1997 wagon SW2, it is leaking gas from the return fuel line in the engine area. I was told that this line (the part) is not available individually, and that I would have to replace the entire fuel line assembly all the fuel lines and am being told it is a special order from GM because the car is so old and that it would cost $570. I just want to make sure that this is true. Thanks to anyone who can help me.

It's a 1999 Saturn sw2 with 118,697 miles on the odometer. While driving home tonight the engine misfired and check engine light came on. Spark plugs were replaced but misfiring still happens and check engine light still keeps coming on.