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1991 Dodge Spirit 6 cylinder with automatic transmission. While driving down the road drops into low gear and wont shift back up until the car is turned off and restarted. Does not do all the time but is becoming more frequent.
engine runs really rough.replaced dist. cap.rotor button.plugs,plug wires,control module.stalls when idling sometimes.have yo hold accelerator to start and keep running.
car ran fine until engine shut off going down hiway. turns over fine. changed module in distributer. still won't start. getting fire from coil but not from distributer. any ideas helpful.
Starts fine..runs fine..just wont turn off
Fuses are good. Drivers hold down for 10 seconds.
Checked fuses
TTYS to come out of gear when you let off gas. When driving up hill it came out of gear and has been not wanting to shift since sometimes it will sometimes it won't
Car will turn on and idle but when I press the gas to accelerate, it will only get up to about 25mph then stall and shut off. I changed the fuel filter, in hopes of that being the problem but it was not.
Idling or coasting the car is good as soon as you give it a little bit of gas it starts to miss and pop. The popping stops when you give it more gas but it still has a miss
Lost power and passing gear if on highway and pull out to pass a car or to give gas to go up a hill it has no pickup soeed
Need to replace the side door and install a replacement door
Have the car towed, but when it gets to the shop starts up fine. Battery checks out fine. Changed starter 3 times in 1 -1/2 years. No problem for a few months then happens again the same exact way. Weather does not effect it.
Im replacing a broke timing belt and not sure how the timing gears are suppose to line up
Just looking for the obd tester plug
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