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TTYS to come out of gear when you let off gas. When driving up hill it came out of gear and has been not wanting to shift since sometimes it will sometimes it won't

Car will turn on and idle but when I press the gas to accelerate, it will only get up to about 25mph then stall and shut off. I changed the fuel filter, in hopes of that being the problem but it was not.

Idling or coasting the car is good as soon as you give it a little bit of gas it starts to miss and pop. The popping stops when you give it more gas but it still has a miss

Lost power and passing gear if on highway and pull out to pass a car or to give gas to go up a hill it has no pickup soeed

Need to replace the side door and install a replacement door

Have the car towed, but when it gets to the shop starts up fine. Battery checks out fine. Changed starter 3 times in 1 -1/2 years. No problem for a few months then happens again the same exact way. Weather does not effect it.

Im replacing a broke timing belt and not sure how the timing gears are suppose to line up

Just looking for the obd tester plug

Transmission is acting up

A repair shop told my daughter she needs to replace the valve cover gasket and quoted $300 for the repair. She is a student and can't afford that repair. How hard/easy is it to replacement ourselves?

I was driving when all of a sudden I wasn't able to give gas and my car was acting as if it was going to cut off at any minute as I was on a busy street. I had to make an emergency pull over because it had actually stopped. As I tried to re start it again., it would start but wouldn't kick over. I'm being told by non-mechanics that I need a new fuel pump. could that be the problem.?

The oil light will come on when the door is open and the engine will crank. That is it no electricity anywhere else any suggestions on where to start. New battery and plenty of juice.

Just replaced the key switch but car will not turn off unless I pull a plug wire and it drains the battery. What else could be causing this problem.

I have power but it wont crank over. Started fine last time then parked it for a day now nothing. Is it the starter or some relay?

The doors do not open from the inside

started my car this morning and white smoke started come out the tailpipe and under the car what wrong?

Car drives fine at low speeds, but when im driving on highway doing around 100km it feels as if im applying brakes, drops about 5-10km then it will then go back to normal , all while keeping the gas pedal in the same position. it does this all the time. the vehicle has only 130,000 km on it.
there is no error codes on the vehicle

I just did the headgasket, plugs, wires, cap and rotor and oil change/ coolant flush. It ran fine for a day then all of a sudden will not fire on 2. I have spark and fuel pressure is good. Replaced all the vacuum lines and reset the timing a second time. Could I possibly have bent or stuck intake valve? I cleaned the throttle body and it just stalls out when I give it staring fluid. I've been too busy to pull the valves out. Any ideas?

Then shut off, hard to restart, now won't start at all. Changed fuel filter and relay. Checked vacuum lines as well. Would checking fuel pressure help or is it something else? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

smoke causes the windows to fog up

I have a '91 Spirit and when I go in the drive it won't go click. I can go in reverse just fine just when trying to go forward it takes everything to try. It feels like it wants to but like it might be stuck? I know I'm not explaining this as well as I could but I'm just not a car person.

it is a v6

Yes i did everything one can think of doing, cleaned pulleys, checked idler bearing, tightened up so tight noise went away and belt blew after 25 I even sandblasted pulleys, wire brushed, sand paper, you name it i have done it. (belt dressing, candle wax,even a master mech.said spray WD 40 on it) WD40 made it quite for a couple of days and thought he was on to some thing. Going to take to dealership and look for the oldest service man their and see what he says to try?

Is it bearings, brake drum what???

This only has one click to it and only happens when it goes from reverse to drive and no other time