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Nav worked yesterday. Had service oil change tires rotation, ect. Now nav will not start, when i press 'i agree' i get message 'cold for disk'

It happens when i put the car in drive,when i turn on the lights and while im driving some one said power stearing but i dont hear it when i turn the wheel

I thought it was my alternator giving me problems with my belt but after replacing the alternator the new belt snaped

I need to replace my ignition sensor and I have another car for parts

Someone told me it was a tension pulley so I kind of blew it off. Yesterday I was driving and my battery light popped on I turned the car off and it didn't start back up. I got a jumpstart it started but every time I made a turn the battery light was popping in and off so I cut the car off and it didn't start till I jimpstarted for a second time

I had the alternator tested it'not the proplem!something is killing a brand new 119.00 battery any suguestions's on what it may be?

new fuel pump filter,crank sensor,coil pack,

The horny is blowing by itself and want go off.AAA here to tow it now he said computer fried

Car ran then just died on road. Sounds like fuel pump going out so replaced but still when you start car it runs then sounds like it chokes and dies or like it loses fuel. But engine light will not come on when key is in ignition. Car will only turn over. When i reset computer engine light comes on as it should car starts then dies and engine light fails to work and dio machine says no link?

I took it to transmission shop thinking I needed to change my transmisson screen they did a diagnostic test and found nothing wrong with the transmission they said it something to do with my acceleration sensor can anyone help me with this problem.

I change the transmission seal the one that goes from the engine to the transmission and I put the transmission back on there but it started leaking again the teeth on the transmission Seems to be fine

Wen I turn my car on it turn on fine but wen I go to put it in drive it don't drive but wen I put it in reverse it goes fine is my transmission blown out someone please help me !

getting misfire on whole left bank on my 98gs400 lexus

I go to start my car and it won't turn over I get a click sound just one click, I depress the brake and try it again it starts! but now
i need multiple trys turning key in the ignition to start the car .Does this mean I need a new starter ? I have remote start in vehicle could this be the issue? how much would I expect to pay reasonably price?

I'm hearing a loud squeaking creaking sound coming from the front passenger side I've had the lower control arm replaced but the noise came right back a day later and now the mechanic is saying I need to change the strut

this noise was at first was only when i hit a bump but now its all the time a load squeaking, i ve been told it was struts then lower ball joints but no one know what it is can somebody help!

brand new battier alternator checked still missing.runs pretty rough my VSC button is on could that be the problem

inside the throttle body the part that operates the baffle is not going all the way back

how often does that need changing

some cars have fuel pump in tank wit fuel level sensor, does this car?

All the lights work now but the warning light on the dashboard and a ringing type alarm still go off.

where is the #1 spark

seting timing