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Runs good when warmed up

Can you please recommend a mechanic for my car

Sometimes its will not start but always eventually does if i wait amd try again. And sometime it turns off while driving. I took it to a shop and theybhad for a whole week and could not reproduce the problem. The mechanic even took it for two days and drove personally at my request. It was fine for a month but the problem has returned.

I could use a fuel line diagram, fuel seems to be flowing backwards.

its a 1988 not 1990

In looking over the car I recently bought -- 1990 560SEL with 114,000 miles -- when I had the brakes redone the shop I went to told me they detected leaks in the manifold gaskets. I have no performance issues, not sure I trust the shop who I think thinks I am a little old lady who knows nothing about cars and will repair whatever they tell me to repair. I don't know a great deal, but I used to own a Super Vee race team and so saw a great deal even though I never wrenched on cars myself; think there should be some performance issue connected to the problem they say I have. Is there any way I can tell whether they are telling the truth apart from taking it to someone else?

starts when i spay starter fluid in air cleaners area,so fuel related,changed fuel pump relay ,same,probably fuel pump or is there some hidden fuse to lookout for maybe under rear seat

cruise control is not working either nor is the odometer

why engine oil can run into my car steering box

car was stored for a while, ran rough, tuned it, ran better, but then died and no spark.

Just bought a 1990 560 Sel. Yesterday it drove and more importantly braked nicely. Today, after 24 hours of close to zero temp, the brakes were pretty much not there. Only went around the block, decided against further driving. Is this a problem likely caused by the cold?

occasions I replaced the fuel pump relay prior to the last incident what could be the problem

Just bought very clean 1991 560 SEL with 95,000 miles. When driving it home from San Francisco on the freeway, I noticed a very strong exhaust smell. It was enough to give me a headache. Surprisingly, we never noticed anything during the test drive. Anybody ever run into anything like that before?

How do you test/repair vac. lines, actuators?

Its actually a 1986,it idles really fast. What can possibly be the cause of this?

why does my car die while driving ,staets back up,mayde or maybe not do it again

My car was starting to sagg and I added hydraulic fluid and it leveled off.

Replace fuel pump and still not startng

I'm trying to find out if my car needs a grease job.

I hear noises from my car like its "creaking" like an old door.

If you hit the air intake with a dab of either it starts and runs perfect. Also starts great after warmed up, it seems to have low fuel pressure on cold starts

Power provide directly to the starter verified it is dead. Do I need to drop the transmission a bit or play with idler arms etc. or is it a straight forward fix with some 10mm bolts?

All Past Recalls for my 1991 560 SEL Benz

one, now car wont start.

the problem started off by happening every once in awhile now its much more frequent