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Car is spewing transmission fluid even when filter is put on tight. Checked with a knowledgeable parts person and said it sounds like transmission is clogged.
car won't start in morning. after sun hits car after awhile it battery,plug wires, plugs, cold pack. cold weather affects starting. starts if booster is on over night.
is there n easy way to get the alternater out.?
replaced started now have charging problem had alternator tested it was good battery lite on not charged (it was a refurmished starter
For the last couple months I thought my car was not shifting right, to me it seemed like it was revving to high before shifting. I took it to Midas last week,they did a test drive and told me they thought it was fine. This morning when I started my car the Service Engine light is on. Why I put my car in drive it started making a making a little noise almost like a cheeping squeak. When I stepped on the gas the car hesitated a little before it moved. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated, thank you
This is happening every time I start it for the past couple of days. It doesn't seem like the battery, or I would think it wouldn't be starting up for me at all. It just runs like it doesn't have any power. What do you think the issue is? Thanks.
I had the battery and alternator checked they are fine. I did have an valve cover leak that I recently repaired but there is quite a bit of oil every where from where previous owner didn't fix...could I the oil on maybe ignition module cause problems...or would it be ignition switch...plz help
Only things I haven't tried is taking lifters apart and cleaning them or having lifters replaced with new ones.Please advise pretty good novice weekend mechanic.Thanks
Alarm comes on when opening door even after being locked up over night... engine light is NOT on. Dome light works properly. I suspect the ignition sw or is there a relay that may be stuck in the alarm position that is activated by the door light sw? I do not have an electrical diagram.
the engine block, to the battery post. From the post it goes to a ground or something near the fuse box. The cables I bought only have 2 ends and not 3. I need some direction here. Can you help?
i have already changed the timing chain, tensioner, guides (tensioner),pcv valve,spark plugs and wires.It idles very rough and dies if sitting still in neutral.a friend said possibly a stuck lifter??or needs valve adjustment ?? or new coils??
The RPM are jumping the car will not even make it up the street and it make a loud nose when you pres on the gas
The dashboard "ABS" light comes on sometimes, but not most of the time. It seems to be about once in 10 driving sessions. It also seems like in damp, cold, wet weather it is more frequent. Does this look like a costly repair?
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