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Is the solenoid separate from the starter? After I replaced the starter it still wasn't starting and the gas pedal was loose what do I need to do? cannot afford anything to take into shop, besides it's a very old car, 1994 Ford Tempo, just trying to fix myself if I can.
Thank you.
It cranks but won't start without giving it some gas would could be wrong?
I am hearing a whising noise
put in new fuel pump, fuel reg, plugs cap wires rotor, mass airflow, air filter, ignition Modules, please help
the battery was hooked up backwards, replaced alternator but only showing battery charge with VOM meter
It happens almost every time after driving. The idling seems to go higher. I'm sure it's affecting my gas mileage also. I looked in YouTube and saw something called an idle air control valve, and wondering if that may be the problem. Just looking for other answers that may be of help. Thank you
It goes into the other gears fine but like 30 mph , it has a problem shifting to next gear the RPM's get higher, so I let of the gas and it goes into gear. But later when it needs to downshift out of the gear, it goes in hard. What is wrong wgat do I need to do ?
I need to replace the water pump and I want yo know its location.
Car running
I can't find a video on ac installation. I bought the car and was told some one tryed to weld a compressed to it and messed up the ac mounts. I was thinking of trying to re tap the mounts to try and get one on. I'm not sure I can tho so if I can get help with putting a belt on it without a ac. I'd appreciate it. I've done it with other cars but this one is tricky.
Car sat for ten years. Replaced all fluids, tune up
The fuel pump comes on. I replaced the starter. still nothing.
The problem is my car over heats so i have to put water in it constantly
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