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I've replaced the blower motor and the resistor, the blower motor still did not come on. can you help please....

Bought new 2001,fuel problems, sun roof fuses have to keep replacing.
Are their recalls for these.?

Had gas, fuel pump problems since I owned the car. Bought brand new 2001.

I just wanted to know if i buy this car with 101,600 how soon will it be before i have to buy another vehicle?

Come on but car won't start

how hard is it to install a new water pump

show me how to replace my rear brake light

Replacement the mogul on a transmission

my old belt tore on outer edge, put new serpentine belt on, slips over few ribs on crankshaft pulley as soon as I start in, makes no noises, no vibration, car runs fine,

Code 17 a. 18

I know that the radio has one and I am guessing that the reason my fan don't run at times because had fan work on a n parts replaced it has looked like it would be hot then it drops the temperature and I have seen antifreeze on the ground for short trips and I will go over 100 miles no leak

installed new plugs and wires ,injectors cleaned throttle body code reads plug 4 fault so I changed it yet again also checked all coil packs . any ideas out there

would only work on 1,2,3 with nothing on setting 4. fuses are all good. cooling fan and compressor come on as directed. it got progressively worse over the past month and finally stopped working/blowing air either cold or hot.

it's a lot of fluids in floorboards

It's like when it shifts the transmission catches up with car

The manual says it's a self defense mechanism when it senses the transaxle overheating. It switches into 5 th gear and the car slows down when this happens. Then it returns to normal speed.
It has been flashing occasionally for about 2 weeks.

I got into an accident and I believe my battery dies because my door is stuck open, is there a way I can stop this??

I have an SV6. Have trouble losing power going up hills and when I use air conditioning. I have also had trouble with the car starting especially on rainy days. Engine light is on and it said to replace water pump which was done, but engine light still remains on. (we will be checking the code today)

I just changed the EGR valve and clean it with carburetor cleaner and the check engine light went off. and when when I went to to get it smogged they told me that it was not ready yet to read. So they couldn't run the check. they told me to drive it for about 80 miles and then come back. I did this and then later that night the check engine light came back on so I took the battery cables off and reset it and check engine light went back off what do I do to set the drive cycle to get this right and have everything when running the Diagnostics just say everything was checked and so do the smog people can do their job

I just changed my EGR valve and cleaned it out. I need to know what's the drive cycle is to reset the computer so I can have it smog

Now in ested is shimmying at 25 to 35 it now starts at 45 and stops at 60 has new tires I have had them check, rotated ,and rebalance, presser recheck any ideas

My son has rebuilt his engine and put in a new cpu and now his car won't start. All the lights come on but nothing else happens. There was a code that said something about a password. It thinks he is stealing the car

My car jerk a lot when I turn the ac on

Sometimes I need to hold/pump the brakes to get it to start, sometimes I need to give it gas, and sometimes it starts right up. I have tried fuel injector cleaner, and there has been no difference.

Driving off and couldn't at first cause no clutch pedal but I pumped clutch and had pedal for a day or 2 then clutch went away again. Would it be a blockage problem cause I tried to bleed with bleeder valve underneath but no fluid/air bleeding where it suppose to escape (opening between bellhousing and trans .....???????

I believe it's a transmission problem

I fixed the couilpacks and the Cadillac converter the car is still acting up it acts like it dont want to go it shakes really bad when i put in in reverse and in drive when i come to a complete stop it dont want to go. I think the boxs the coil packs sit on is the problem but im not sure

My fuel pump is good and a pressure of 42 and has a brand new fuel filter. Could it be that it needs to be tuned up, the distributor cap, or the fuel injectors?

It will crank but want crank was running before replacing rotor caliper and brakes on driverside

All the rest of the lights work fine like the headlights work and brake lights are working too including the 3rd brake light any help would be appreciated