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my 08 grand prix stalls when I first start it up we have changed the mass air flow censor many times and it still is doing it would a bad o2 censor cause this problem it only stalls once and then restart it runs fine someone please help I am a mom of 2 and need my car
Just started spitting the gas back about a week a go and the gauge won't go past a half tank
2004 Pontiac grand am key will not turn at all steering is not locked... I've tried jyst about everything to get it to release nothing has worked.. help
car runs fine , then starts acting like out of gas. then this happens the short term fuel trim is at 0.0%the timing advance drops and fuel sys goes to open loop?
Ruff idle, changed plugs,still a miss on #4 and evaporated leak
replaced maf sensor ,cleaned several times. don't see any vacume leaks. the canister in front left side under the hood makes alot of suction noise. can that canister be causing engine to stall or stop running? and error code p0103?
Car starts then after about 30 seconds it starts to die unless you give it gas. You have to do this dance about 6 to 8 times then it runs fine for the rest of the day. Come the next day you have to do it again. I'm stumped.
I have brand new battery brand new alternator brand new fuel filter fuel pump were plenty of pressure now I've been doing some research and I'm led to believe it's crankshaft sensor and I have either under oil filter or under starter I may also have to replace the starter now cuz it seems my car is not turning over anymore and that is the only part have it replaced can you help any advice
when you turn on key the fuel pump should run for a couple seconds then stop.
mine doesn't always stop . fuel pump is new. I got it because my last fuel pump did the same thing.
could it be that I got 2 new bad fuel pumps in a row? or is something telling it to bypass and it is just recirculating in tank?
not leaking fuel that I can see
I hear a buzzing noise. at different times difeerent lights( engine, service air bag or tire moniter. and power steering) comes on when I start my car. when the power steering ones comes on I have no power steering at all. if I turn off my car and restart it. the lights goes off and everything works fine and properly. can it be the main computer going out
car will run fine then acts like running out of gas, sometimes you can keep going sometimes no .when no it will try to start but as soon as it fires it dies. pump gas pedal fast and might keep it running for a little longer. let sit overnight and started like normal.
Have replaced fuel pump, fuel pressure sensor , purge valve , filter , maf , map , throttle , cam , crank , air intake (sensors) egr valve . sometimes the fuel pump just keeps running.
Could the pcm or ecm be the problem?
Had a small leak where fitting is had to top up brake fluid every 4-5 days now the leak got worse I fill up brake fluid reservoir and as soon as I use brakes it pisses outta reservoir cause leak is worse where fitting is and I lose a lot of fluid and brakes get low in fluid so the pedal goes to floor. Only leak is where fitting is on line just under drivers side of car. Fitting in first line leaks.
I fill brake fluid reservoir and if car not running or is running if you don't use brakes the fluid stays up. When I press brakes it leaks out quick under drivers side right where fitting is was small leak but now it pours through fitting quite a bit now when u pump brakes the only brake fluid leaks are from the fitting on front brake line
The last week or so I noticed my sons car not turning over properly to crank. It struggled a couple of revolutions then started. Replaced the battery all lights work and it attempts to turn over but doesn't complete a revolution. Could this be the starter or another problem
Well when it turns the ignition over we hear nothing no lights no sound it's dead we try and jump it and it doesn't turn over at all nothing no lights we try to charge it and nothing happens it's just dead I'm just wondering if it's the ignition switch I don't have any way of testing to see if there's juice going to that or coming out of that but it's a brand new battery and it was installed about 2 weeks ago and it was running fine
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