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passenger airbag light is on with service airbag message, what is the cause?
I have a 2001 Sunfire SE 2.2. It overheated and I seen small amount of a light white smoke from the 3rd plug. No abnormal smoke from the exhaust. It does look like oil was leaking from valve cover. I had got the new plugs, wires, and coil packs before this happened. Seems the fan also does not want to turn on without messing with the fuse. It does not seem to want to stay on either. I have not pulled the plugs yet, but there is a lot of grime build up around all the plugs. Nothing looks bad with the valves. I did get a new gasket. I would assume this may all be related but I'm an IT guy not a mechanic. Trying to research this I found nothing with this exact issue. It seemed to run fine before I repaired a broken vacuum line (the one with the evap service port, not sure part names was co next to) and this fixed the check engine light. Also reattach the cruise control throttle cable and Coolent level sensor, both unplugged when I bought the car. This happened the next day. Thoughts?
ive replaced all sensors, vacuum hoses,cleaned throttle body,replaced all plugs and wires and replaced fuel filter also just took fuel rail off and cleaned injectors but car still losses power going up hills and car idles a little rough at start whats the issues
Im not hearing anything and starts right up but doesn't accelerate at all
After it sit overnight it will start back
Ever thing works all the lights all fues is good fuel pump runs but no spark to the plugs I have change crank an can sensors an coil pack an still can't get no spark
The clutch pedal has no resistance. When I looked under at the inside firewall there is a broken plastic piece and a cable/rod that somehow is connected to the clutch. It won;t go into gear.
2009 G8 GT. My temp will drop all the way down and a/c will not blow cold anymore. Display then flashed contact dealer. What could be causing this?
Door lock windows only work on drivers door when I put in drive driver door locks/unlocks only.
Having problems getting top completely closed . Did get it back down and complete. Tried to put it up and its not complete. Not latched and trunk open. Will not move either way now. Car was running when attempting this. At first you could hear the "motor " working. Now nothing.
the stabilitrac light was on and decrease engine power was on at times
replacing the rear brake lines on a pontiac grand prix do you need to drop the gas tank
The steering wheel shakes on its own
I was driving jyust shut pff now wonr go in gear has a weak batterety what can i do iy is stuck in road
Early today my car was over heating then oil light can over and check gagers light come on as well.... so now my system monitor light is on what should I do.... my car is a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville
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