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My rear driver window won't go up or down. You can hear the motor but won't budge.
What is the cause of this problem?
Aux .Fan won't shut off
Cant find physical location of the part. In order to replace the part.
Here's some pictures:

I have a 1996 Audi Cabriolet- the part was connected to the steering wheel and the wheel axle. My friend, who dabbles in mechanics, said it was something like a "drag axle connector" but didn't know the name and that led me nowhere. What happened was that the wheel suddenly didn't turn the car- it wasn't the power steering since the wheel itself was loose but the tires wouldn't turn. Thanks in advance
It will go into reverse but it just revs and doesn't go anywhere. No problems driving just won't reverse, advise please!!
Hydraulic oil is leaking underneath somewhere and causing smoke under the engine
When it is parked and a couple of days go by there is a oil spot underneath and it is clear.can I repair it myself, how would I go about it??? If not would it cost a great deal be I got an audi and a older audi at that
My car was leaking water onto the ground and overheating within the first few minutes of running. I was told to replace the water pump/timing belt so I did. It was still leaking water and the mechanic found a hold in one of the lines and patched it. It is still running hot and the mechanic says its a problem with the pressure and I need to replace the head gasket. Does that sound right? Is there any way around it?
the back part started to unhinge but then it stopped. Only went so far . Acts as if the trunk weren't locked but it was. This is safety feature i guess that trunk is locked and if it wasn't the back part of ytunk mechanism only opens so far then stops. That is what this just did but yet my trunk is locked. Please help ASAP....of course there is rain in the forcast!!!
It starts when cold but if I drive and then stop car wont start ....could it be still some rusty coolant in the system
the car was running and stalled know it will not start or crank no sound when I turn the key
where is the reservoir for the power top and how do I access it
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