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done but was told that their is a recall on the airbags but have not gotten a notice. I called one of the dealerships and they new nothing. Is their a recall and if so when?

also dash says check your lites we can see no problem

Every thing on steering wheel stopped working checked fuses all are good my cruise control stopped my radio control on it stopped all in the same day

Towing a trailer 1500 miles the performance dropped off substantially with downshifting becoming more pronounced as the trip wore on. Difficult to maintain hwy. speeds. 93 octane (from 89) fuel produced a temporary boost in power that faded on subsequent tanks of 93. 3.2 engine. Now afraid to tow the trailer until the problem is diagnosed and repaired.

I already order the headlight and I have with me I am looking for a well know dealership or mechanic shop for the replacement of my head light on the passenger. I got into a accident and the passenger side headlight broke. I have the headlight with me I m just looking for a dealership or mechanic shop that will not cost me an arm and a leg. And I lived in Fargo so I'm looking for mechanic or dealership in the Fargo Moorhead area

the flex pipe is located right before catalytic converter,flex pipe is leaking

Need to take the headliner down to PDR the roof. Can't find any help and the dealer wants too much money for the job. I have to do this myself because of the quote I gave customer.

Can also feel the vibration through console/gear selector.

My touareg is 2.5 r5, once started it cranks in about 2/3 secs the whole day, but if parked for like 10/12 hrs, whether morning/night, winters/summers.... it needs a minute or two of painful cranking. I have consulted a few local mechanics who say one of the injectors is faulty and the whole cylinder head needs to be replaced and a few blame the fuel pump... if found common plz help me out with this riddle, thanks in advance

coolant leak

receiving a p0341 code want to check wiring to cps .need diagram to locate cam position sensor/sensors thank you

About a week ago I noticed that a brownish looking liquid under my Touareg. I took it in for my mechanic to look over and paid $160 for sealant for hoses. I also needed 4 tires and my total bill was $990! Drove my Touareg over the next few days and noticed it was still leaking -- called my mechanic to inform and was told I should "bring it back" that Saturday. While driving to the shop I noticed a "thump" when I pressed down on the gas. My mechanic then stated that although the sealant for the two hoses were no longer leaking, but supposedly the hoses that ran below and behind the transmission were leaking (?). (So, why wasn't this noticed before the charge of $990!) Regardless, now my mechanic is stating that the parts and labor to do this work to stop the leaking will be an additional $1000 -- can someone explain why?! Should I go to a transmission specialist or maybe go back to the Volkswagen dealer -- the dealer may be a little expensive but I never had to go back a second time? My mechanic stated that the $1000 is a discount -- is it really?

What are the most likely issues on this vehicle

I have problems with climate, time after time stops. Where is the problem to the compressor or something else?

Thank you.

Whenever it rains or after a car wash, my check brake lights comes on and my right tail light fails to turn on. The right lights are totally out currently.

The coolant reservoir cracked at the seam, and car is overheating.

What causes my drivers seat to not rise up and what causes the Headlight controller massage to come on? The headlight controller massage come on when ever I start the car.

Whilst driving to work with the cruise control operating, I heard a ping which usually informs that Cruise control has disengauged, however on this instance cruise was still active. Nothing else different occurred on my way to work. On arriving at work, I put the vehicle into "P" and turned the key off. All indications were that the normal shut down process were completed. Alas the message "select P" was displayed on odometer and the engine was still running as the system believed that I had not selected "P" to allow the engine to turn off. All other indications were that the shut down procedure had been completed. I rechecked to ensure that I had in fact selected "P". I took the gearshift out of "P" to "R" and the car wanted to reverse. I then selected "N" and then "D". The car wanted to move forward. I again selected "P" again and and turned the key "off" This time all of the instrument cluster gave the indication that I wanted to restart the vehicle. I then turned the key off again, received the same message that I needed to select "P" I could remove the key. After considerable time spent trying to stop the engine by selecting the Shift stick, the engine finally stopped. I again removed the key and left the vehicle. After moving away, I noticed that all headlights remained "On" (Auto was selected) even though is was daylight. I returned and turned the headlights off but the daytime driving lights remained "On" I could not turn them Off. I walked about 20 yards away from the vehicle and an alarm sounded. (not the usual alarm when someione tries to break into a vehicle). I went back to the vehicle depressed the unlock button and the alarm stopped. I then restarted the car and drove it to the dealership for then to investigate. At the dealership, I could not get my vehicle to shut down again. It was also 40 minutes till they actually opened. I could see personnel inside but they would not open the doors until the appointed Opening Hour. The vehicle remained running this entire time. As I had to await for my wife to arrive some 40 minutes after the dealership opened, the car was left running (keys removed). It was now around 100 minutes since I had arrived at the dealership and the engine was still running when I finally left. At this stage I do not know when they will look at the vehicle to determine what the fault is. Has anyone experienced this problem? The vehicle is a 2012 4XMotion Touareg and has around 63,000Km on the odometer.

Have installed new battery, and alternator, have had change ignition switch, any suggestions ?

Was running great when I parked it, next day when I started it, it sounded like I had a hole in my muffler. Can not see a leak or pinpoint where the sound is coming from. Noise is most noticeable when accelerating. Performance is degraded considerably. It's as if it all of the cylinders are not running. It's missing really bad.