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Latch seems stuck and door will not open
Just about to turn 100k on the clock. Haven't been too worried about reliability because I had repair insurance which expires at 100K. Any thoughts on the reliability of these cars after 100K. Time to trade? Keep it until the wheels fall off?
Car runs great but has a terrible smell
There has been a "no start and stalling problem" with my 2008 Touareg that was not fixed with a fuel pump replacement as recommended. Now a VW dealership in TX is saying that there is a plugging problem in the catalytic converter that can only be remedied by replacing the catalytic converter, for an estimated cost of $5000-6000. Please advise.
Note: I've been advised by a VW dealership in FL that VW issued an extended warranty on its catalytic converter (10 year / 150k miles) while a local VW dealership in CA says this is NOT so. ????
It only happen when my technician work on my brake master, that all I can recall
why does my volkswagen touareg shows oil guage is available in approx. 2 mins. the engine must be at operating temperature and switched off.
Car becomes unstable intermittently. Drive shaft replaced last week. Audible clunk and pull reversing from parking stall, when turning radius is tight, upon acceleration. Car has 130k miles and I have owned it about 3 months
Antifreeze is pouring out from under the hood of 2013 Volkswagan Touareg
I let my car sit for 3 or 4 days and the battery went dead. I charged it, started it and gauge shows it is at 14 volts. Next day dead. In the course of looking for an obvious drain I noticed that the radio remained on with the key removed. I turned the radio off and it has started the last 5 or 6 times I tried even sitting over night. I am still nervous about this. I have a new Battery so I do not suspect the Battery.
in tank fuel hose diagram
done but was told that their is a recall on the airbags but have not gotten a notice. I called one of the dealerships and they new nothing. Is their a recall and if so when?
also dash says check your lites we can see no problem
Every thing on steering wheel stopped working checked fuses all are good my cruise control stopped my radio control on it stopped all in the same day
Towing a trailer 1500 miles the performance dropped off substantially with downshifting becoming more pronounced as the trip wore on. Difficult to maintain hwy. speeds. 93 octane (from 89) fuel produced a temporary boost in power that faded on subsequent tanks of 93. 3.2 engine. Now afraid to tow the trailer until the problem is diagnosed and repaired.
I already order the headlight and I have with me I am looking for a well know dealership or mechanic shop for the replacement of my head light on the passenger. I got into a accident and the passenger side headlight broke. I have the headlight with me I m just looking for a dealership or mechanic shop that will not cost me an arm and a leg. And I lived in Fargo so I'm looking for mechanic or dealership in the Fargo Moorhead area
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