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battery went dead, I jumped with no problem. notice car symbol with padlock was lit
Every time I turn the heat or ac it makes a clicking sound on the passenger side wondering if anyone know where the ac heater aculator is

After battery installed wrong I no longer have any power in the car, no dash lights, no chimes nothing. I have power to the alternator and to the starter, but no power anywhere else. No visible fuses popped. Is there a maxi fuse or a BCM under the dash? Is it the PCM what should I look for.
Why won't my van stay started
After I finally get it started and pump on the gas it isn't getting any gas to the engine to stay running
No lights except the check engine light light up on the dash it doesn't make any clicking noises it just acts like it's dead but it's not
My transmission will only pull in first and reverse. It makes a loud clunking noise when switching from forward to first. The fluid is clean and full. It worked great until today.
My transmission will only pull in first and reverse. It makes a loud clunk when switching back and forth. When I say it pulls only in first, that is with the shifter in first, nothing happens when in second, third or drive, even if I remember the motor It worked great until this morning. It is full if fluid and the fluid looks good.
When I start the vehicle it shakes and bots out but doesn’t die. Check engine light comes on and flashes. Eventually stays on. I lose acceleration.
Obd reader says misfire cylinder 6. I changed spark plugs and the problem still occurring. It says 02 sensor circuit low voltage bank 1 sensor 2. I don’t know what to change next any ideas?
My temp gages stay on cold but i have heat and i have antifreeze what could i do.i got a car wash today could of that did something.
The back blower work fine but no air comes from the front vents up top defrost or lowere? It did it once and it came back on but it’s not coming back on. I can hear it changing speeds and changing from regular to defrost but not blow air. What can it be and is it expensive?
started yesterday evening said air conditioner shut down to prevent damage to engine
it started to run sluggish & slows down & then goes into over drive & uses double the gas
2005 saturn relay van. The low oil pressure alarm came on and van shut off. Will not crank now. Just makes a clicking noise. Have tried putting another battery in. This did not work . Have tried resetting codes. Still won't crank. Any suggestions?
Driving down the road, van running fine, when the low oil alarm came on. Van shut down. Would not crank back up. Had towed home. Filled oil back to correct levels. 1 and half quart. Van refuses to crank. Upon turning ignition key it just clicks. Have tried resetting alarm.
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