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This is the first time it has happened. My steering wheel wont lock and there is no clicking from engine. All the lights work but it just won't crank.
Seat does not move forward or back on the passenger side. I fixed the gear that was not working on the seat recline, but can't find anything on the longitudinal repair. Would like to just replace the gear box if possible. I was at the dealership today and inquired about it and they advised it was about a $600 repair. I asked the technician it is coule be fixed if I had the part and he said yes. Can you help guide me on what it would take, how to and where to get the parts?
the lower boot has a nipple . with a vacuume small hose where does that connect too. and also on the other side the valve cover has a nipple to .. the car has along crank when i want to start . and whistle like crazy ...
I took the starter off and replaced it with a new one and after putting in the new one it still won’t start but now when I try to start it it’s making a different noise then from when I first replaced the starter
hello question...i have 2008 bmw 328i sport my problem is...turn on the a/c and the blower running very fast whats is the problem,.....i need to replace the coolant sensor and where is the location
Not able to see anything on instrument panel

While I waa driving my shows an error message that reads ignition fault and I stop since then it doesn't want to start please help
why won't anything comes on in my car, I just drove my car last night. now I insert my key in the ignition put my feet on brakes try to push start it and now want make any sound at all nor my lights would not come either so please tell me whats causing this problem with my 2008 BMW 328 i. I need to know what will cause this problem, and if my battery was low why didn't it show up in my dash on last night. I got up this morning and notice this problem with my car. I want to know what other ways could anything possibly could be the problem in why it would say anything nor make a sound neither the lights at all. sorry but everything is completely dead!!!
It will start but has a whinnying sound. Is it the timing chain
a month ago he ran up on a curb and messed up rim and control arm. so today we took new rim to have put on. he went to start it and it was dead put battery charger on it and it started right up problem is it won't stay running keeps shutting off its sounds to me like its not getting gas or missing i could be wrong tho and you can hear power steering when turning wheel
i have a renualt logan 2012 (it called l90 in iran and made here).when i want to change to higher gear and push the cluth ,the rmp drop to fast and when i push gas the car dont go smoothly and have shakes.what is the problem then?
and when car is standed,if i push gas,when gas return i have shakes and it like the car is going to turn off!
is any thing related to the Throttle body or its sensor?
and no error is in diag
(sorry for bad english)
amount of fuel in tank doesn't effect it.I do get fuel bank 1 and 2 sensor codes p1188, fuel pump,no vacuum leaks,o2 sensors good.
the ac only turns on once and then it takes a week and then it will start again by itself
How long have you had this problem? 3 weeks
1998 bmw 328i. 3 inch long hole in reservoir probable cause of overheating issue.
How long have you had this problem? present
2011 BMW 328i
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