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I’ll be driving, doesn’t matter what speed, then my whole car feels like it’s vibrating and then just shuts down. Had it serviced and they said they couldn’t find a problem, happened again and this time they said it was the fuel pump, replaced it and now it’s happening again. Any ideas?
I'm having motor replace and like to know how long should it take to complete job.
I have check all fuses and wires going to the blubs everything has power but the lights on that side are not going on . Also trying to fix this problem now my trunk won't pop with the key .
have a 2008 BMW 328i. Car was running fine.. Stopped to get gas, turned off the car, came back to start it and every warning light on the dash was on & the windshield wipers came on and would not turn off.. Turned off car resrarted it and did the same thing. So was going to drive the car home but the breaks lockrd up. So I parked it turned it off and then it woupd not start. Replaced the battery and then it would turn over but not fire off to actually start. Does anyone know why? I am stumped. Please help!
1998 BMW E36 328I 300,000 Miles My car is misfiring and giving me code PO302 Cylinder 2 Misfire and PO202 Injector Circuit/open Cylinder 2. I've replaced ignition coil 2, replaced all spark plugs, replaced fuel injector, cleaned MAF, checked for leaks, and it STILL misfires and has these codes. What else could be the reason? Is it the wiring harness or ecu? Please help
2009 328i changed oil using Castrols extended life 5w-30, 7 qts added and changed filter as well. Oil reading said ok. Prior to oil change reading said + 1 quart. The car was driven approx 6 miles after and did fine. I got in this afternoon and it wanted to turn over but didn’t. Now, when trying to start it, i do hear a fan possible a clicking sound ,all the normal lights come on including radio ac etc. im able to put it into any gear just as if it were started but it will not crank nor start. Plugged up to obd reader to test battery voltage and with everything off it was around 11.4-11.9. I just changed my battery in December. Also the guy who changed my oil says he spilled a very small amt into the square tub around the oil refill chamber- right now I am connected via jumper cables and I’m at 13.4 v....Excuse me if I am not using all the proper names I am just a woman LOL
I have a 2014 328i 2014 and I would like to know where the car was actually made? Which country? I know they are a German Co but I want to know if there is a "name plate" or something on the actual car?

Thank Youu
2010 bmw 328i it randomly loses electrical power so nothing turns on ,no lights, car won’t start nothing. But all of the sudden after a few hours it gains electricity and starts normally
How much would it cost to change a crankshaft position sensor on a Bmw 08 328i
I drive this car approx 4000 miles per year. I forget which synthetic oil (weight) I used last, thanks.
2013 BMW 328i manual transmission. I've had a couple of times where the car drives normal, I stop for a quick errand, upon restarting the car, there is no response from the throttle. Push the pedal to the floor and the engine remains at idle. Turn the car off and back on again and the problem disappears. It's happened a couple of times now but randomly.
When I start my car it’s push start it takes a while to start then it starts to shake and it looks like it wants to give out meaning shut down then I start to shift it to reverse and it just turns off on me if anyone can give me experience tips I really appreciate it thank you
I have replaced the water pump, thermostat and radiator. Still the coolant light comes on and wont drive. Did a chemical test and no coolant found.
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