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Coolant reservoir empty bubbling sound after car turned off
I have replaced the battery recently
It happens about every other day. I have burn spots on my positive battery cable. you can actually see the wires, will this make the car die?
Will not blow on high. Works on all other speeds.
It died going down hwy now just clicking sound won't start
Occurs all the time but fine when driving. When at a red light the car will jump foward making me push break more
Car cranks but wont start I replaced the coil pack and camshaft sensor still won't start. Spark plugs have no fire and checked for compression has none . fuel pump is working
P0882 error. Replaced battery still in limp mode
How many engine mounts and what are there orientation (e.g. front, rear, etc.) are there on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring with a V6 engine?
Can I trickle charge the battery in my 1996 chrysler sebring convertible? If so,
how do I do it?
changed head gasket, oil changed after over heating. cost me 900.00. then it wanted to stall and just didn't run right, plus its loud now. then had the timing checked, plugs checked Tie Rods, Ball joints, control arm bushing, and a strut. exhaust pipe from front to the back. this car runs great, but it idles like its going to stall, shakes the dash board badly, and the noise is almost like a helicopter or just sounds loud with weird sound, these items just cost me 1300.00,I borrowed, mechanic told me to keep my eye on tranny it was low on fluid, and my oil. please any info why this car is idling so rough, runs great
My car thinks it is in drive, but the gear shift is in park. Not able to start it cause car thinks its in drive. 2009 Sebring Chrysler.
Thought the fuel pump went out so changed it. Now get no power to pump at all does not come on. Changed out fuel pump but no power to pump.Checked all fuses and relays nothing?
I have a code reader and I reset the code and the car start after 10 times and and it runs real good but when I turn it off to go back to start it up it won't start and I have to do the same thing over and over again I'm afraid I'm going to burn out my starter can you please help me
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