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Had a diagnostic scan. Evaluated it was in need of a camshaft sensor.
Within a week i lost my key, had locksmith make one and reprogram my vw and it barely started. Spitted and sputtered 5 miles to get home. I have purchased the sensor.
New blower, switch seemed burnt out or? Not turning new fan on.
There was a short to the headlights recently but fan wasn't turning on before that. What to do??
2002 vw beetle
The sun visor is SO small
Hi, I just purchased a 2001 beetle.
The speedometer is not working.
I don’t know what happen.
The gas and the tachometer both work.
Any idea since on what could be causing this?
I bought a 2003 beetle for my 16 year old daughter to learn to drive on. I know nothing about cars.
I took it to the dealer for a “bumper to bumper” safety inspection. Of course they came back with a list of things that need to be done. So they put that list in order “importance”
The passenger side door does not lock with the remote. We have to push the button down from the inside to lock it. They told be that both door latches need to be replaced. They said the door latch on the drivers side controls lots of other functions. And if we replace that one first. It might fix the passenger side door. Then we wouldn’t need to bother with the passenger side.
I am trying to find out what else does the drivers side latch control? Trying to see if it is nrssasary. They said it controls lots of things and needs to be replaced for $498 plus tax each door?
Thank you. I am a new beetle owner and a mother of a new 16 year old driver. So I want to make sure she is has a safe running car

hearing a knock sound like something is loose under the back side of car maybe between the rear tires.The sound can be heard when driving on the road but becomes louder when going over a speed bump.
Car worked fine when i test drove about 20 mins in thé car power for the egine wasnt working the music and lights were still on but the car died and i had to get boosted 5 more times in the matter of ten mins
That shows fuel , oil usage
check engine light is on, also blue coolant light until car warms. sensor has been changed several times over past 3 years, Whats the problem ?
2nd air injection fuse number??
They key wasn't working. The chip wasn't being read. Took it to a dealer and they say there's no connection with 'the cluster' and that it'll have to be replaced at the cost of slightly over $1000.

Is it really THAT expensive? Is that really a plausible answer or are they yanking my chain to extort me for more money?
Top is clearly fastened properly but the alarm still constantly sounds when moving from a standing stop.
I keep filling the water reservoir in my Beetle, but can't find a leak. I'm talking about the small round water/ and or coolant reservoir. Thank you
the car turns over but want start the engine
What seems to make the problem better or worse? it want start
How long have you had this problem? just happen
there are 5 wires besides the 3 fuses. The 5th wire on the right is no where to be found. What if it is needed-does tht wire relate to? Im having problems w/my a/c and wondering if that has anything to do with it.
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