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car went dead, took couple of times to start EPC light came on continued home. Light went off when I turned car off and did not come back on when I restarted so could not go and check problem. Drove it last night and to work today. Any ideas. I do have a problem with my temp gauge it flashes red then turns blue then off when it is cold, and the only other thing is I just had 4 new tires put on my car. Thanks for any help you can give me. Maureen
2004 turbo beetle turn signal, right, goes fast, replaced right bulbs, front and back, still going fast
The problem is constant. Replacing the bulbs doesnt help and the fuses are good.
What does the camshaft do?
Replaced fuel pump. Then shut down om me while driving. Then replaced filter and still shut down. Replaced relay and now says p1541 circuit issue. What could this be and why. 0n 01 vw new beetle 1.8t.. cleaned throttle body before replacing fuel pump, replaced coils as well... This car sucks. I didnt have any codes when car just shut down. When replace relay check engine light came on amd displayed p1541. Idk...Help
My 2000 new beetle radio preset buttons are stuck and don't work
I had it looked at and was told it needs a new automatic transmission. Someone suggest a sensor. I no replacing the transmission will be expensive. Please give me your best advise. The recommendation was not VW specialist
The freon pressure is fine. The blower is working and the compressor is turning. Still blows warm air. I have been told it could be the temp selector.
I left the car running for an hour and it started running rough like its starving for gas but ive change thw plugs and filter trying to figure out why its runs good for an hour and then starts running bad its an 2002 VW beetle 2.0 non turbo
Replaced resovior
Flushed coolant
Purged all air from coolant lines
Pressure tested passed for head gasket too

Randomly overheating ! Wth! Please help
fuel door wont open. Changed actuator, did not fix. Im getting 11 volts at the connector. Any ideas?
1999 Beetle sometimes goes off when driving. At other times it will fail to start even when it has been running.
I removed my vacuum lines on my 98 vw beetle and I forgot which goes where. I tried looking for a diagram but I’ve had no luck.
Have a 2002 turbo that starts knocking like a diesel after it gets warm. Have an oil light that comes on just prior as well. Have not been able to check oil pressure at this point. Oil levels are good. Have had a knock sensor code at one point but has not come back on. Might this be a timing belt that is ready to go or tensioner that not keeping tension once it’s warm? I have an audio of the noise but can’t post on here. Once the noise has started, I have shut it off and let it cool down. Once it’s cooled, it will sound better again before it starts making the same noise.
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