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Getting false temp readings on dash

sometimes when we stop and exit the car the horn beeps twice

The AB light stays on. It came on when I went down a small incline at the store and I kind of bottomed out.

Without any prior damage or service, just suddenly from working fine to not. A/C blows warm air on driver's side and cool to cold on passenger side.

Took out filter housing to get to the low pressure port. when I crank the car to start recharge car will not turn over

Car says hot and overheated but when it engaged fan right away cooled it down and then when lifted the hood there was oil that dropped down over the motor cover, lost only 1/2 a quart

i would like best custom writing online so that i think about buying car from online.

Is synthetic transmission fluid used in this car?

once it's started the issue goes away until the next fill up.

We bought this car used and we don't know if it had an alarm before. Could this be installed if it was not. This is very important for us to have. Thank you

every time I start the car the oil pressure warning light stays on for about a minute. the oil is full what is causing this

Also navigation Not working but radio works great, have Sirius xm. Antenna has been replaced & rear back up battery also. Any suggestion So?

Exhaust camshaft position sensor

The alarm or panic lights and horn just went off by itself and every few minutes it keeps going off. Turn the switch on and it stop. Pull the key out and it goes off again

Every so often when driving a light comes on the dash, saying service the stabili tank, and the b.s. light comes on.

Will a new key help? What are my options?

It also stays on when the car is parked and cut off with the key out of the ignition. Could this be an electrical issue? or any open recalls that I haven't been notified about.

New engine and transmission

Was opening the inside...not the sunroof window. The cloth got stuck and part of it ripped

Seems to swerve when hitting a groove in the road.

should I be concerned? the bells sound like door chimes to the car, but the doors and trunk are securely closed

How do I open this door? Remote or manual switch will not unlock driver door. All other doors work.

Remote or manual switch will not unlock driver door. All other doors work.

recently got my tires rotated and after that I don't know what happened.. everything seems to coming on...

My car won't start and I'm not sure if it's the battery or starter. When I pumped gas the past couple of times it wouldn't start right away it would make a humming noise for a while then start up. This would only happen when I would pump gas. I tried turning my car on and now it won't start but when I turned the key everything in the car would turn on on its own(whipers, radio, heater/AC and then the car alarm sound would go off too). I tried jump starting it too and it wouldn't work. Also when this happened the ABS, traction light and engine light turned on. Any help would be great.

The service dept stated the front bumper has to be removed, and that's why it will cost $1450.00. I find that way to expensive so I called around other dealerships and I'm being told that is too high.

Car has lights , but won't start until I cross jump the wire from the starter. Then it will start the rest of the day

replaced battery in car. Started it ran for 15seconds-shut down completely no power at ALL Lights horn dash etc. Keys will not remove from column no display nothing. can't move car at all as its nose 1st in garage! rechecked battery and cables/ fuses/ swapped some of the relays all look good HELP!!!!!

I have drove my car gotten in it put it in gear and it stalls 4 times now, after letting set 3 of the times it started back up . i pulled out of garage to go to work put into drive went 5 ft it died and will not turn over . car has 39,000 miles on it . I try to start it i get messages on dash , service power steering, service charging system, blind zone alert, service afl lamp, rear turn signal , and left tire shows 19 lbs . tire has 35 lbs in tire . when i push button to turn off ignition , the tack light go off and speedometer light go off, but radio stays lit, transmission gears stay light white no mark to identify what gear its in . and me accent lights on dash and doors stay on . I am thinking security module might be sending no password to BMC. Any help on issue.

Just had the key fob replaced and it's doing the same thing...