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4 codes won't reset. Have driven 300 miles so far. Check engine light is off after replacing vent valve
Cranked car automatically it cut off engine light came on got it checked P0449 code replaced solenoid valve and canister valve drove 60+miles engine light still on
So I pull up to pick my bf up from work and as soon as I get there to car gets all the way hot was on the h and starts smoking so I turn car off it smokes for about 5 mins. Then finally cools off we open the hood the oil is fine but the antifreeze is empty and I just filled it up about a month ago so we put some antifreeze in and we back car up and theres a big puddle of looks like dirty water . Anyone know what's wrong ?? Or what it needs .
My car sounds like the transmission pump is wining and when you start it the car will pull for just a few minutes. Then the wining stops and the car will not pull or reverse.
can I access this from trunk of car
I can dial on my phone and the voice will come through the car. I can say call and recite the number and that will work. But cannot say call and then the person's name.
Pre-owned car, no problems first couple of years, 2 inches of water suddenly showed up after last heavy rain. Vacuumed that out, some water returned overnight (no rain). Vacuumed that away, more came in the next night (no rain) (less than previously).
car runs fine. no display with key turned on either while car running, driving or off and key on. it is blank.
I change my oil light comes off , at about 3500 miles the light comes back on after a longer trip anything over an hour ... driving it in town turning the car on and off a few times the light turns back off .. I have read I may need to change the intake /exhaust solinoids .. my question is i use Mobil 1 5 w 30 synthetic , should i just change my oil every 3500 miles .. have any of you awesome people ran into this problem before? what am i looking at for cost to change these solenoids .. any help would be greatly appreciated
I get a load chirp/squeaking noise when I apply the brakes. Happens more when going fast and applying brakes. Just replaced rotars and brakes at dealership.
I took my car in to have it checked before buying it.the mechanic said the valve cover gaskets were seeping oil.Is that an expensive fix and does it need to be done immediately?
I need to contact the recall center. I've already had the head lights worked on via recall and now I have no headlights at all.
Abs and tc light comes on even after I got a break job done can u tell me y
What else can I check
The motor in my lacrosse started knocking. I was wondering if you could swap the 3.6 for a 3.8? Also if the transmission would bolt up to the 3.8 and if i would need to swap anything else like the ecm and wiring ect?
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