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When we go to the information tab, it will not give us the speedometer information. We recently had new tires installed and noticed this after. Would our dealer be able to solve this problem. We have not had this problem before.
Was backing out of my house and the entire car shut down. Had two micro relays that were burned out. The power train relay, and the ignition 1 relay. Still have no power period.
Lately my car has been overheating a lot it's only overheated to the point it shut off seems that when I press my gas pedal to hard or when I'm driving between 30 mph to 60 mph it overhears more and it'll cool itself off randomly under 30 or when I turn my wheel to the right and sometimes when I press my brakes I haven't found any leaks and the only sound I hear is the fans when she's overheating bad enough the system shuts off my a/c unit
My 2011 buick lacross, I just bought it and for some. Reason I tried to hit the power button at night time it does light up and so does the auto button for the heat and air panel but for some odd reason there is no air blowing out at all, my husband took to this electrical place they said the blower moter was fine and they didn't know what was wrong with it. If someone knows whay could possibly be wrong with my vehicle can u please let me know I have 3 younger children it's getting very cold outside and I have to have heat in my vehicle. Thanks so much
CLUNKS, RATTLES, BANGS, OVER BUMPY ROADS LOW SPEED, have replaced struts, springs, mounts, control arms, sway links and bar, still has noise
Just driving and the car shuts down no control of not publish this
The little display(DIC) under the speedometer nonlonger illuminates... all other lights are ok. Any suggestions? I can no longer view any information in this display.
Rear tail light burned out
My navigation is not working anymore and sometimes my stabilitrac warning light comes on.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing yet
How long have you had this problem? two months
the left side o the steering wheel
I have a 2005 Buick LaCrosse. The airbag sensor on the front passenger seat is malfunctioning. I was told that there is no way to repair the sensor and that the whole seat would have to be replaced. Is that true?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Sensor malfunction light stays on after engine starts
How long have you had this problem? A week
engine light on did diognostic test came up P0411&P0446 secondary air injection incorrect upstream flow detected and evaporative emission vent system performance
Put keys in ignition of 2007 Lacrosse today & car wouldn't start. Radio came on for a second & then no further sound. Can't move gearshift to neutral & can't remove keys from ignition. Any ideas?
How long have you had this problem? Just today
I recently change the battery on my 2005 Buick Lacrosse CXS now it will not start I hear a click when I turn the key
How to change the back spark plugs on the 3.6 liter
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