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My transmission is not shifting probably an my ROMs are kicking up to 3500 to 4000 when am going 25 miles
I can lock and unlock the doors using the panel inside, just cannot do either using the fob.
Ok my Toyota Sequoia started having issues. The truck would crank with starter fluid but once I am going it would lose acceleration and i couldn't press the pedal to make it go. I would let off gas and then ease back on to pedal and it would go again. Now it wont crank at all after changing the fuel pump, fuel regulator, throttle body and checking all the lines for leaks and also replacing o rings. I am at my wits end and also the end of the pocket book! Can someone PLEASE HELP ME!
lights work if you turn them on or off , but when I open the doors they won't go on.
Heat works pretty well in the back. I am not getting cold air in the front when I have selected heat. But for a/c works just fine.
The heating core needs replacing. Must the dash be taken apart or is there an easier way to access.
Prior to changing the coil packs and plugs it ran fine but check engine light was on AutoZone said coil pack are bad replace them all with plugs and now the battery lights on and keep dying what could be the problem
My battery is fine and I thought it had something to do with the fuel filter, I changed it and I'm still having this issue. Sometimes when I go to start it, it'll turn over but won't start. I have to wait a few minutes and it'll start. It's weird because it only happens sometimes and I'm not sure what I could be!
Its done this since I brought it home a month ago.Haven't talked to the dealer yet. Every time the engine shuts off,there's a pretty loud rattle and sounds like something spooling down. Definitely from under the hood. I cant find any info on this,I was thinking maybe some emission control? thanks.Ed.
The windshield wiper fluid light stays on, how can i get it to shut off. I filled it with fluid but it stayed on.
I lost my ignition keys to my '03 Sequoia
When truck is cold and I turn it on, it starts making a loud vacuum sound for about 15 seconds. The sound does go away. I also have difficulty accelerating when driving. Recently, the check engine light came on and I took it to have codes read. Turns out, it is the secondary air injection system. Trying to decide if it will cost me more to repair versus getting a new vehicle. No other problems with truck. 190,000 miles.
I'm a certified technician but work a job not related to automotive. So I don't really have a demand for All Data or a program that'll give me the labor hours required. My boss has no problem using me for mechanics but I would like to know I'm receiving adequate compensation for my time. Most mechanics in my area charge $85 to $100 per hour of labor and I planned on charging him less ($60-$75) considering I don't own a shop or all the tools that a normal shop would. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Another Wrenchturner
Makes clicking sound when switch is engaged.
I have had a number of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Our 2017 Sequoia's engine fan is so loud that is I am at a drive-through I have to turn the car off so the attendant can hear me.
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