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When truck is cold and I turn it on, it starts making a loud vacuum sound for about 15 seconds. The sound does go away. I also have difficulty accelerating when driving. Recently, the check engine light came on and I took it to have codes read. Turns out, it is the secondary air injection system. Trying to decide if it will cost me more to repair versus getting a new vehicle. No other problems with truck. 190,000 miles.
I'm a certified technician but work a job not related to automotive. So I don't really have a demand for All Data or a program that'll give me the labor hours required. My boss has no problem using me for mechanics but I would like to know I'm receiving adequate compensation for my time. Most mechanics in my area charge $85 to $100 per hour of labor and I planned on charging him less ($60-$75) considering I don't own a shop or all the tools that a normal shop would. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Another Wrenchturner
Makes clicking sound when switch is engaged.
I have had a number of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Our 2017 Sequoia's engine fan is so loud that is I am at a drive-through I have to turn the car off so the attendant can hear me.
my battery is being drained. I disconnected the positive side and attached a test light and removed the fuses one at a time the ligt remained on but when i removed the ECU-B fuse the light went out. my question is, what circuts does this effect and could this be the problem?? (help).
My car won't turn on or at least turn over. It clicks once and than nothing. I drove from Denver to minturn and ever since I killed it the Toyota won't start back up. I tried jump starting it but nothing still. What could be the problem?
Parked our vehicle and now it won't come out of park. not able to move vehicle. Radio keeps restarting as we drive down the road.
How long have you had this problem? happened yesterday
Just bought a new 2017 Sequoia. My garage door the antenna got into a fight and the garage door won. Ripped the fin/ antenna sheer off the top wires are severed and all..

I am in Calgary, Ab and wondering best place to have it repaired and estimated cost.

I will be accelerating from a stop or turn. All of a sudden I loose the ability to accelerate, it's like I'm coasting. The RPM's don't go up. I can take my foot off of the accelerator pedal for about one or two seconds, and when I try to accelerate again, I can. What could be causing this problem?
I changed the radiator and spark plugs still misfire. Misfire happens only when low idle goes away then a little throttle is given
Hi I was driving my car the other day and made a right turn, when all of a sudden my car basically died I hit the gas and got nothing as I completed the turn with just enough acceleration I was able to hit the gas once more. Later that day I put a Code reader to check if any codes came up. Surely enough I got a Mass Airflow code and proceeded to buy a new sensor. Unfortunately this didnt resolve anything when I make only right turns my car looses gas power im leaning towards maybe there is a leak somewhere??
Valve Clarences are out of spec. Would this cause it not to start?
rear tranny seal leaking??????????
Only broke off the top fin. Wondering why it would affect me putting car in reverse.
Inquiring if third seats are removed will I get better gas mileage an easier ride
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