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I used cig ltr for portable compressor to put air in tire and it quit. Also the cruise control quit. I checked fuses under steering wheel and engine compartment they are all good. 1999 Toyota RAV4
It is driving me crazy!! If I go over the speed limit or the car's perceived speed limit, a loud voice that I cannot figure out how to turn off, says, "the speed limit is 25 miles per hour", or something like that. How can I get to the navigation system to turn this off if I don't have a navigation icon in my apps? I bought this car used and love it except for this one feature. Thank you.
When I start car it dies and shuts off
After I drive my rav 4 for awhile or wants to die when I go to stop
where is locater
after my bf had a bad night and agressively drove my Rav4, theres a rattle like pebbles in a can. happens when turned on idling.
it was after a stop and very agressive start and stop again
I have a toyota rav 4,1996 with three doors.When it has been raining heavily (the car was parked somewhere under the rain), the engine can't start and when the sun rises (some hours later) the engine starts.

my anticipated thanks for your help.
Where are thehomelink buttons.
These lights randomly go on and off. No codes are showing when trouble shooting
My AC doesn’t work anymore in the driver side but work on the passenger side. I put the sinc on but still doesn’t work on the driver side.
Was drivinthen car made a little jolt shut off & oil , check engine , battery light come on
Battery light comes on for 5 seconds in the morning. Than doesnt come on I put my car in park. What could that be? I already had my alternator change.
Is it common for older cars to be having problems with high oil consumption? I’ve been told “it’s common for older cars to burn oil and nothing can be done about it.” Is this true? If not, what can be done to fix it?

Why do older cars burn oil faster?

I don’t see any leaks.

No drive problems or noises. Started car and all three lights were lit.
I'm getting no start on my Toyota Rav4 2016.
Suddenly I saw on my dash screen an error saying... the anti airlock malfunction, please contact dealer.
After a few try the engine start but when put into reverse the grid lines are not shown on the backup camera.
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