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I have changed out bottom O2 sensors mass air flow sensor and throttle position sensor. It still almost stalls when accelerating more so going uphill now. What else could it be? Only had p0430 and 0420 codes on.

The car is showing VSC/ABS/4WD/Brake light on the dashboard and is performing normally but when d light goes off again it starts vibrating again. What do I do please ?

Car hand brake light is always on

My car hand brake is always on while on park or drive position

My car is showing automatic brake system

My car showing ABS after repaired

Need to replace spare wheel cover that was stolen. They discontinued them in metallic silver and can only find a used one in a different color or a new one that's primed but needs painting. Would the cost be similar to paint a used one as a it would be to paint one primed? Thanks!

my Innova 3030 diagnostic reader show steady green lite and all diagonstics,(M, F, CC, CV, O, OH, and E) are all steady -no blinking- like when I disconnected battery. I drove a drive cycle for 20 miles and wondered if I can pass test now.

I have not noticed that it blinks before today. I also heard a grinding noise as I shifted into reverse today.

One way is to use the timing marks on the cam shaft and the crank shaft; one says to use the timing marks on the plastic cover the other says to use the marks on the crank shaft gear. Which one is correct?

The car has been doing this for awhile. Toyota dealer said it was something loose
Undercarriage. AnotherToyota dealer states it is the torque converter . Car runs fine otherwise just at that speed 35-45 mph. Probably occurs regularly

Won't pass emission test

We were told that we needed the bearings on top of the struts should be replaced when they replace the front struts Is that correct?

Yesterday I had my exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, and two oxygen sensors replaced. Today while driving home on the Interstate in the rain, my radio stopped working, windshield wipers slowed to a snail's pace, and speedometer went nuts. I couldn't get consistent acceleration and barely coasted the short distance home. Could there be a connection with the repairs or is this a new problem?

I thought that it was my struts in need of repair, but the description doesn't quite fit. So I used the diagnosis tool about noises, but nothing matched either. I'm fairly certain it's coming from front, but initially thought rear. Basically, creaking noises and definite clunking when on rough road or going over bumps. It's a 2001 Toyota RAV4 with about 150k miles but running strong...thoughts? How can I get a honest diagnosis? If struts, that's a pricey fix.

Do I need to take motor out to repair? If not how do i make repair?

This is the bracket that the motor mount bolts to

When the passenger side turn signal is activated all rear brake lights blink along with it.

The second day I drove it the check engine lite came on . North side Ford said it was due to emission problems. Gas Cap. Lite went out! Today lite back on with four wheel drive lite on. Car drives good, but no cruse control now as well. I checked gas cap, what's up with my car? Is it expensive to fix, bought as is! Judy

abs light, brake light, 4wd light and slip indicator light has come on. do you kmnow why?

Car starts but cannot drive died out

What is causing this 97 rav4 to loose power and not rev over 2000? How to check for the correct fuel pressure ? Thank you!

I just scanned my 2003 model Toyota rav 4 and it is showing that all O2 sensors are not working again?.what is the side effect of this on the car and what can I do and where can I purchase new ones?

Bought a new battery 3 months ago, and have driven car for 1500 miles. No problem lights appear. Can not find correct " Drive cycle " directions.

Outside view, looks slightly ajar, I lift the wheel and push hard, I don't get better results. Occasionally the door open idiot light comes on, and doesn't go out when the car is turned off, Any suggestions. Thank You

It happened today

how available is this part, and what is the cost

Transmission cost to repair

It may sound like the noise the rear wiper washer makes when it has not been used for awhile. It's not the normal high-pitched squeak when brakes need to be replaced. Sometimes the noise occurs while driving on uneven roads. It's sporadic, usually when the a/c is on; in all types of weather - sunny, rainy. Sometimes it appears after driving in rush-hour traffic for 30+ minutes, other times it appears in a few minutes when driving. Unfortunately I am unable to duplicate the noise for a mechanic to hear.

I've driven hwy, street & varied my starts & stops over 3 weeks but these monitors simply won't re-set. I 're-booted' by removing the battery cables so I realize I'm starting over but I had to try the 're-boot' as nothing else was working to re-set the monitors which my mechanic checked for me every other day. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.Thank you ;-D