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I have replaced brakes on my new rav4 2015 in 2016.I am told i have to replace it again 2018 .I complained the very 1st day i bought and drove the svu the brakes were soft almost pressing it all the way down to stop.It makes like a grinding noise.
Roads are slick just started car engine light and red LSD is flashing?
My front end pops 3 times when making a right turn. After three weeks of doing this, the noise has completely stopped. Wondering if this is serious.
Battery light has been flashing. Tried to start car but wouldn’t start. Clock won’t come on. When I lock car there’s a low sound on alarm. Just got brand new battery in August
I can't set my speed and the 'check engine' light is also on. Is there a vcs button to push on a 2007 Rav 4?
I need a complete engine replacement, for my 2004 Rav4 where can I find one and who can I get to perform the work
Speed fan knob is not working on Toyota RAV4 2008 . It does turn but air does not blow. Would like to know the cost for replacing this.
rpm goes up and down not steady siiting at a light or stop sign stalls-always restarts while driving it starts to hestitate yjen goes then hestites= check engine light on for about 3 months had to replace alternator 3 times- no noises or leaks as far as i can see
No any response on touch screen buttons of Toyota RAV4 2014. Please help!
The car has selectable 4WD. The swishing sound is timed with wheel rotation, increasing with speed. It's not the tire (brand new), tire balance, or alignment (both checked when tires were bought). It happens when the car is in regular rear-wheel drive or in 4WD. There is no vibration in the steering wheel. What things could cause the sound? Could it be a worn ball joint or a tie rod or what? How do I check for the problem? The old tire on that wheel was very worn on both outside edges, but the pressure was correct. I thought new tires would fix the issue but they did not.The car has 110,000 miles. Appreciate any advice.
Put in new battery and auto functions on sunroof only stopped working.
I got a new iPhone 8 Plus and can’t get it to add to my car to allow Bluetooth capabilities (i.e. handless text messages, emails, calling, etc.). I have followed the directions in the manual and it doesn’t work. Will my new phone sync with the 2015?
Can I get some assistance, please?
Need to know where the garage door opener is or does it have one
Car won't start due to key oroblem
can you put wheel covers or skins on a 1997 2 dr 4x4 rav4?
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