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The left turn signal does not cancel back to neutral after turning the wheel on my 1980 Firebird. I had a mechanic take the steeling wheel off and replace the turn signal switch. It worked a few times and now it stopped working. The lever does click twice trying to cancel but does not. I have to manually do it myself to shut it off. The right turn signal works fine and cancels back with no issues. The turn signal lever itself was "stiff" when depressed and he fixed that as well. I had people tell me that the cancel cam could be the issue but he insisted it was fine. Thanks for your help!
Stock street use, good investment or a waste of money? thanks, Mike
Car ran fine decided to do tune up plugs wires oil air filter after that car still ran great then noticed coolant leak behind timing cover so tore down to fix noticed timing can stretched so replaced put back together noticed at wot it acted like starving for fuel couple days later driving Down the road I notice tach starts to jump and then car start to miss real bad then backfire threw exhaust an dies got to start back up but on runs if lite on pedal hard acceleration backfire and pops past 3000 rpms any help with this is greatly appreciated
I have a 2001 Firebird Formula and just recently the headlights will cycle when I lock or unlock the car. I also hear a loud motor noise in the right headlight which I would assume is the motor going out. I understand the motor issue and how to replace it. But, with all the firebirds I've owned, I've never seen the headlights cycle up and down when you lock or unlock the car.
Replace the o2 sensor cleared the codes drove 100 miles still nothing on the drive cycle. After cleared shows everything fine but nothing on the drive cycle. Will it still pass Smog?
At first my heater only used to work (6 years ago). But after I've put a new engine(last year)in my heater just kind of stopped and now I only have cold air blowing out, makes great for summer days in Texas, but not much for the current winter we're having.
Turns over, sounds mostly normal, maybe a little slower than normal, but not much. Lights on dash light up. Fuel pump comes on when turning key on. Have replaced ignition and fuel pump this year due to VATS . Steering column kinda gets outta alignment and i have to hold it certain way to get ignition cylinder to turn.
I was told later that this 3.73 posi-track 3rd member has 7 splines and my original 3.23 had 11 splines.
It has obviously affected the speedometer. Has that also affected the transmission?
My transmission is a 4L60-E with a street/strip torque convertor.
I really like the lower to mid range increased acceleration, but I sure do miss the higher speed without the overdrive. Any suggestions? Other than that everything mechanical on the car works great and no check engine lights. I just had it inspected yesterday.
Checked the fans with fuse wire both ran connected to the battery. Replaced temputure sensor and 3 relays. Temputure is at 245 degrees not turning on please help what did I forget?
have oil in my radiator , but the engine oil is clean. does not over heat, engine in not missing, runs fine but need to put water in the radiator every day. no visible water leaks. no smoke out the exhaust. anyone have a clue? has automatic trans and Radiator IS equipped with an internal transmission fluid cooler
My lights are power windows are working and radio...upon trying to start will not make a sound! What could be wrong?
My fuel pump is good and a pressure of 42 and has a brand new fuel filter. Could it be that it needs to be tuned up, the distributor cap, or the fuel injectors?
Every other day I have to wait for security light to go out to start car what do I do
can i use a leak fix additive for a quick fix?
Slow down to turn quits sits for a few minutes starts back
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