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My fuel pump is good and a pressure of 42 and has a brand new fuel filter. Could it be that it needs to be tuned up, the distributor cap, or the fuel injectors?

Every other day I have to wait for security light to go out to start car what do I do

can i use a leak fix additive for a quick fix?

Slow down to turn quits sits for a few minutes starts back

Engine idles high then starts to missfire after it warms and the idle never decreases. Engine dies and will not restart until cooled. Fuel pump, relay and filter are new! Distributor, Ignition control module, coil, MAP sensor,and air filter have less than 1000 miles on them...

The car startso and then cuts out and dies won't stay running at all and every once in a while it will start and run

i was trying to start car with battery charger and now i can get any electric power .did i blow a fuse

My passenger light goes down when I turn the lights on.

Ok, so i have a V6 3.4 L engine and i have just replaced my fuel injectors, map sensor, vacuum lines, fuel tank and pump, both O2 sensors, and the air control valve. it will start up fine, it revs up to about 1200 then idles at 900~, and will idle for a few minutes(5-10 roughly, haven't counted), and i can press the gas down fine and it'll rev up, but as soon as i put it in gear (its a manual 5 speed) it dies, as if i turned it off(DOES NOT make any coughing noise like there's no fuel)... then after that when i turn it on it will turn on and idle for maybe 2 seconds, then dies. Please help!

OK, i recently bought a 1993 firebird V6 manual, it had sat for about 9 years. got it up and running, was running perfect. then one day about 2 months after i got it running and been driving it almost everyday. it wouldn't start, so i jumped it and it drove home fine. Then i drove it up to VA, (130ish miles away), but while driving it back, it started to kick, and the check engine light flashed every time it would kick, but when i took it out of gear it was fine. so i got it back home, thought it was the alternator, so i took it apart, but it looked fine so i took it to oriellys, they checked it and said it was fine, battery is new. so i thinking it may be a wire at the firewall. Please help! getting kind of frustrated!

Okay so I have done alot or research on this. So I went ahead I got a new lock cylinder and plug it in where the original one was plugged in. I have the new lock cylinder under the dash just plugged in. And my security light is still on and car will not start. I also , tried the resistor to bypass the Vats system

I disconnected the original ignition Titus in the steering column and plugged in my new lock with key van security light is still on please help

No power 2 obd2 plug

I am relatively new to this. I bought this car last october. When I got it, and since I have had it, it has had white smoke coming out of the exhaust. I drove it like that for 8 months. I finally got another car, so I decided to try and do the head gaskets. The car was running fine before I started the job, other that a little white smoke when idling. I parked it in our side yard, since the garage is full. At the time, I didnt realize I would need to get under the car to do this job. I started taking apart the engine, making my way down to the head gaskets. I took out the radiator so that I could sit in the engine bay while I worked. I got the entire intake manifold off, top and bottom, and everything attached to it. I started taking off the valve covers. I got one off, but the other one had a stripped bolt, so I couldn't get it off. I decided to come back to it and went ahead and disconnected the headers from the heads. Then I realized I would have to get completely under the car to completely remove the headers from the car. With those two big problems, I realized I wouldnt be able to finish the job where the car sat. So I started putting everything back together. I replaced the lower intake manifold gasket and the plenum gasket, as well as the little one on the throttle body. I got everything back together, and I filled the radiator with distilled water because I dont have any money for coolant right now. I went to start it, and it didnt crank the first time, which I expected. I let the fuel pump run for a few seconds, then I tried again. It slowly, barely shuddered to life and big clouds of white smoke started coming from the engine bay and the exhaust. I shut it off after like 5 seconds of the smoke and shuddering. I have no idea why this happened. It didnt happen before I parked it. Did I put it back together wrong? Or what?

When I push my clutch in it pushes my crankshaft forward won't let me change gears wont disengage clutch what might I need to do engine rebuild bearings?

I have a 99 Firebird 3.8 base model series 2 motor and it surges at 40 50 miles an hour and I don't no how to fix it

When you first take sounds and feels like it used too. Then it starts vibrating and kinda cuttin out. I'm a girl and no nothing about cars. Someone please help. This is my dads car and he passed away about six months ago. I have to get it back right.

Hi I got a 99 and it doesn't seem like all the power is there its a v6, when I get on the gas is sputters and boggs kinda, there is a little knock in the motor. Any suggestions what I can do to get the power back in the v6. And how hard would it be to change from fuel injection to carbarated

3800 V6 automatic
Car starts missing sometimes and then sometimes it runs smoothly. Also sometimes I can hear a ticking sound while throttling up and even at idol.

It just cranks over and over like its not gettinggas

If its not the fuel relay were is the fuel pump located and the fuel filter .. assuming other options if have as to Wats wrong.. it continuously just turns over and over won t start

The whole back end is smached in where I hit a tree

When I start my car it jumps to 3 rd gear and sound like it's driving and when I put it in D the car cuts off.

Firebird 1994 3.4 V6