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Transmisson malfunction light came on about 5 months ago while driving at 73mph. Car was automatically reduced in speed. Pulled over, turn engine off and then restarted it and worked fine. Got into my car this morning and when i put the gear in reverse, it automatically went back to park gear.
external turning lights work but the clinking sound and left or right turning arrow don't light up .Is there a fuse or part I need to correct this situation
The squeaking sound comes out everytime you apply the break pedal.
The car mentioned here is a Year 2013 BMW 528I m Sport model.

Appreciate some highlights on my problem.

I only see the fuse panel in the glove box and the trunk passenger side. I don’t have the lumbar support. Fuse 13 is the only fuse in the entire fuse panel front and back not work. What does the ignition switch send power to! I have seen post of the ignition switch having to be replace power not going thru contacts located inside of it?
All fuses in fuse box work except fuse 13. No power coming across connector for that fuse.
My car was over heating (BMW 528i 99) and I noticed a crack in the expansion tank. I replaced the tank, and the car is still overheating. Could it be the water pump? Nothing is leaking.
Everything else on the car works but when I accelerate past 60. That’s when problems start and it slows down on its own.
2009 528i x 90000 miles. Bmw 528i

How long have you had this problem? 1day
Battery is good ...hit the start button
And there is a click but the starter wont engage...
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It didnt matter if the engine was cold or warm
How long have you had this problem? A week all of a sudden took 2 or 3 times pushing on the start button to start then yesterday it just wont start
When idling with ac on; it feels like I'm being hit from the rear.
All the time
The window had started malfunctioning then it just went down in the door and wouldn't come back up, I just had it fixed 10 months ago and now the place that I had it repaired said it's still under warranty but I got to pay the cost of labor which is $80 an hr but I don't understand why when they claimed to have fixed it
Passenger floorboard filled eith water and shorted out fuse board. No rain at all and not heater core
I took the locking pin out too.
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