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The window had started malfunctioning then it just went down in the door and wouldn't come back up, I just had it fixed 10 months ago and now the place that I had it repaired said it's still under warranty but I got to pay the cost of labor which is $80 an hr but I don't understand why when they claimed to have fixed it
Passenger floorboard filled eith water and shorted out fuse board. No rain at all and not heater core
I took the locking pin out too.
After trying to reset the oil light the car will not start. Will not turn over.
All electronics work, car won't turn over
It was fine I turned it off and it has power but won't turn over
Is the fuse box in the trunk the one that has the cigarette lighter fuse in it? If so which fuse is it and what size is it?
Charged the battery had the battery checked still won't start all internal lights come on radio etc. replaced the battery in the remoteless key
Also makes like a loud vent noise as well when so accelerate?? Help please??
It was in a wreck before I got it my horn doesn't work either
u warm up the car turn on the headlight it smell burning plastic
work only about 10 times then have to start and stop engine to go again
When im accelerating and stepping on the gas pedal it goes to 20mph no problem but then going past it the acceleration just shoots up but im not picking up speed.
The transmission malfunction warning system comes on. It goes into limp mode and says continue driving to nearest BMW dealership. Could this be s sensor going bad?
The trunk is closed, can open with key fob, and the indicator on the dash keeps flashing and chiming. I need an estimate please.
My mpg and speedometer not working and I think this is the problem
The brakes are real hard and ABS light on
I only have one key (spouse) and I've lost the little transponder in the middle. Can that be a reason my car won't start? With the key in, it'll turn all the lights on and Windows doors ECT. But won't start car. Please help...
after have bought my bmw when do i need to replace the gearbox oil.after how many years or miles.
While driving, the steering column will move all the way down to the lowest setting. I try fighting it, but it just won't stay where I set it.
there is a scraping/ticking sound in the front engine area somewhere..When I start the engine up and as I accelerate it gets faster with acceleration.
It started about 2 weeks ago and has now gotten a little louder
I wanted to say it was a nocking sound but as I hear"knocking sound you tube videos its not quite the same.
So I recently bought this car was running fine but check engine light was on so replaced plugs,oil now car ran like shit po500 p0440, p0304,302, took throttle position sensor off it wasn't working and throttle butterfly wasn't moving so I cleaned throttle and tps both are working like should. So I'm going to throw it back together is there anything I should know or check before I do repairs. Thinking about deleting pcv system any suggestions or input or similar problems Lmk thanks.
p0500 p1189 -88 most of which when looked up has something to do with the 02 sensor.. speed senor is out as well. but im sure tht the car should still start. i new a replacement raditor and i just fixed the high pressure line for the power steering. still not sure what is causing it to not run. i tarts up for a while when cool then turn back off. a few forums that mentioned replacing the crankcase vent something...but i cant find a leak or breakage when i spray the engine. please help single mother who needs her car!!!
My car suddenly will not start. AAA told me that I have to replace the starter. Can you tell me how much will it cost me
I was working on door with panel off and wires unplugged working on window regulator & turned the key to the on position & heard a noise. now the power does not work on that door. the window don't go up or down, the door don't lock by power nor does the mirror tilt when I put the car in reverse.
car began being hard to start, ran rough, now will turn over but will not start.
I just got a new radiator. Everything under the hood is new. 108+ miles. I just don't know why my electric water pump isn't coming on. I don't know which fuse the pump would be on!!! Help please.
Push start button nothing

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