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loss of fluid in the case area .loud noise when speeding and slowing down
DLR dash light comes on so I know they aren't regular low beams. Hi beams work normally.
It died out going down the road and just turns over
It was hard to get it started and afterwards would'nt stay on unless I kept my foot on the gas
If I put it on vent, push AC button, it blows warm air, every so often will blow cold. But I noticed when I put on defrost, sometime cold air will come out of side vents.
i was pulling in my driveway the other night when felt the steering wheel seize and the battery light come on. i nearly lost control and went into the woods! what caused this and whats the cost to possibly fix it? im scared to drive this car as it is. this and the catalytic converter in the front is out so i havve no cruise control.
Checked fuse #17 and it is fine the switch lights up as if working but no heat ..could there be a relay and were is it located or a part#. I don't believe it is an element problem since they light up can you Please tell me what to look for next. Can it be a different fuse but my owners manual states fuse # 17. PLEASE help. They did work fine just stopped. Also my transfer case was leaking fluid but a bolt was missing came from the factory that way.Replaced the bolt hope it stops!!! I can't look anywhere since the repair manuals only go to 2009 online I NEED HELP
Under 80,000 front made a humming noise had it looked at and oil was on the front transfer case also the oil was low is it still under warranty
Check engine light came on a year ago diagnosed the front catalyst converter. A month ago ,light came back on ,diagnosis the same, front converter, what is causing this ?
Had a test done and codes said the emissions are lower then recommended. Do I need a new cat? Or could it mean something else?
The rest of the fm radio/cd player works perfectly.
Tha AM channels fade out and disappear. Sometimes for days at a time. Then, they work for 2 minutes to 2 days, then fade out and disappear again.
I dont think its the unit it hads to be the reception, am antenna, or am antenna connections??
The car is running great and has been maintained religiously. At about 42k miles it began making a whining noise that goes up and down with engine rpm. No warning lights on dash and oil is good and changed regularly (Mobil 1)
What is the problem? We tried pushing the car, towing the car that only round my tires, when the tow truck put out on the flat bed the tired moved but as soon as we put it back on the ground nothing again
i am replacing the crankshaft on a sx4 and i cant figure out which angle it should be set at. it is located on the crank inside the motor, no marks on anything, searched everywhere online, called dealers...etc. any help would be great. thanks
I know my tensioner pulley needs to be replaced but could it be causing my crankshaft pulley to have to pull harder causing my engine to loose oil? My car is loosing oil very badly a quart every several hundred miles. The crankshaft pulley is squealing some as well. I just don't have the money to go to a mechanic and get charged thousands of dollars and possibly still not have my car fixed.
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