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Chicago, IL: 2000 Honda Accord LX 4Cyl - Taffeta White - 276,000 Miles.

Little rust in the quarter panel, but clear coat seems to be drying off. Had a minor accident on the rear bumper causing a scraps and cuts, but have not fixed it for more than 5 years now. Paint seems to be holding up well. Transmission gave up at 260,000 miles and replaced it with a used ones with 110,000 miles. Flex pipe have been replaced twice so far. one at 98,000 Miles and other at 270,000 Miles. Other than that, everything is original factory (shocks/struts, Mufflers, Engine, Radio, and Electronic) , no modification.

Great, yet reliable car I've ever owned!
2007 Honda Odyssey fully loaded and full of trouble. 13 miles, brand new purchased off the lot. From day 1...nothing but repairs - doors go out, Windows stop working. Constant engine problems that are, thankfully, covered by warranty. Some repairs are done twice because the replacement part was faulty. All repairs done at the dealership. And, amen, that we bought the extended warranty as at 62,000 miles the entire engine blows! Upset that an engine with 59,000 miles was put into my van, but happy I didn't have to pay the $14,000 tag for repairs.
Still, to this day, trouble, but budget does not allow for a new vehicle.
Will not purchase Honda again.
2004-1/2 chevy 2500 hd Duramax LLY
I love my truck it had 8 miles on it when i went and picked her up she has 406501 miles , ii i
i installed Banks 6 gun the first year . i don't think a man could ask for a better truck, only problems i have had replaced front wheel hubs 3 times about every 100000 miles and replaced the fuel regulator, had to replace the batteries a few times changed oil every 7000 miles , transmission fluid 100000 miles , transfer case fluid at 200000 and front & rear differential lube the seats are torn up the body is beat to hell ,but she keeps on going never has let me down, starts up every time . i have pulled race car trailers up and down the east coast never got stuck in the mud, pulled a lot of fords out of the infield . The only thing i can say about this truck is i want another one just like it only 2018 model but i don't think GM can do it again. (will see)
Don’t buy an equinox. Our problems started 1 year after we bought it. In and out of the shop constantly for engine problems after 10,000 miles...had to have the engine replaced at 50,000. Also had to have 2 transmissions totally replaced. Had to replace the exhaust manifold...broke in 2... and replace the air conditioning condenser. Like the body and interior, but if you are looking for a reliable car, this is not it... I will never buy GM again...
I bought my car in 2013 with 22,000 miles on it. 2011 Hyundai Accent 2dr hatchback. Worked great until all four engine coils went. 1st was at 24,000 miles, 2nd at 28,000, 3rd at 35,000 and 4th at 87,000. I have spent so much money replacing, loaning cars, paying tow trucks, using roadside assistance and nothing has been covered under the warranty they said would cover me until 50,000 and 100,000 for the powertrain. I have had nothing but problems and issues with this car for the last three years. Super disappointed and ZERO accountability. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM HYUNDAI AGAIN.. like it matters to them anyway.
I purchased my Geo Metro (5 speed) new in 1991. I wanted three things in a car; and in the Metro, I got all of them. One was cost, and with the first time buyer incentive of $1000, I paid only $6000. Second was mpg. I got an average of about 55 mpg for both city and highway. If I ever got a mere 50, it was a bad day. Third was reliability, and I had virtually zero problems until 145,000 miles. I did oil changes, and recommended maintenance, and that was it. At 145,000 miles, the engine went out. And soon after that, my husband and I had our third child, so we went to a larger car.

I sometimes wish, though, that something comparable was available now.
Worst car i ever had, very fun to drive, very nice and fancy... but you have to assume that a big repair of about $1000 a year will be needed. That is the average i had during last 4 years. Now 70M miles and will try to sell asap.
The rear window unglued because the fabric top stretch due to sun and water, so Mini said that has to change entire roof at $4000!!!!! Also, oil leakage, engine light on, interior defects, and issues with fuel pump.
Hope to get some money from it and will buy a real car.
I've owned my 2004 LS430 for about 10 days. I needed something to give my wife a comfortable ride on trips. Wow, did I find it. The plus for me is it's a joy to drive. I'm the second owner, it has 150,000 miles, and is in pretty much perfect condition inside and out. I hope to put another 150K on the odometer.
Bought the car new in Feb 2017. A few weeks ago the check engine light came on. After the third fix I email GMC customer service to complain. I received an email that said I would be contacted w/in 1-2 business days. A WEEK LATER, someone finally called. After the third fix did not take care of the check engine light and a promised phone call that wasn't made, I got ahold of the customer service agent and asked about getting my money back. She said she did not make those decisions, but she would route the request up. Last night I received a call from the agent stating that GMC would not give us our money back. I asked why not and she said she did not make those decisions. I expressed how I though that it was messed up that I was given an answer, but no reason for the answer. She said again that she does not make those decisions. When I asked about getting the contact information to the person or department that makes those decisions I was told - NO. Apparently a ghost runs that department.... I recommend STAYING AWAY from GMC!
I have owned my blazer for 13 years. It had 77k when I got it and it now has almost 230k. Repairs in that time have been ball joints, idler and pitman arms, front wheel hub/bearing assemblies (4 times each side), oil cooler lines, 4WD computer, 4WD encoder/motor, 2 sets of shocks, intake manifold, water pump, radiator, fuel pump (twice) and I recently had to disassemble my wiper motor to repair it because my wipers wouldn't shut off if I turned them on. The front suspension has been slightly problematic but that is a known problem area for blazers.

The powertrain itself is all original. My rear end is beginning to whine and my tensioner pulley is whining as well so I'm sure its going to fail in the near future. Fuel economy sucks at an average of about 14 -16 mpg but the 4.3L vortec v6 is a definate workhorse. I have towed with it numerous times and have been near its rated towing limit many of those times and have exceeded its tow limit once or twice. The V6 handles these occasional heavy loads with ease and the transmission does as well (I do have an aftermarket transmission cooler though). I have used it to pull numerous cars out of the ditch and the 4wd does great in the snowy months.

All in all, I am not looking forward to the day when it comes time to retire my blazer. It has been a very good and reliable vehicle and I'm confident shes got a few years left in her still. 300k... here I come!
I bought this car from a private owner 2 years ago for $1,200 with 163,000 miles on it. It still runs fairly well with 168,000 now. I've had to replace the cracked radiator, which from the service history, had already been done once. It seems to surge with acceleration sometimes, as if cruise control is engaged. It makes a squeaky, rusty sound when shifting. At times, the brakes feel grabby. The passenger side front window is broken due to the power motor getting stuck. That may have also happened before. The dashboard lights seem too dim and the sound system sucks. In short, it is good for getting to work and running around town, which matters most to me. But I try not to put it on the Interstate because the ride over bumps is the worst. Since I don't drive it much, I can go for a couple weeks on a tank of gas. It gets from A to B.
I leased the 2015 Convertible Beetle from Gunther Volkswagen in Coconut Creek, Florida and have had nothing but problems with this vehicle. Within 2 months of leasing, the vehicle staled while driving at 50 miles/hr; I was told it needed a software up-date ! It got flooded twice due to some clogging at the bottom of the windshield, A/C died completely and had to be replaced; radiator fan busted. Despite the fact that everything was fixed under the warranty, it's pretty annoying to find yourself visiting the service department more often than you see your friends! The car is fun to drive in the winter in Florida but forget about opening that convertible in the summer (too hot and always raining here). No leg room at the back and forget about picking up materials at Home Depot (no room to fit anything in that car). If you like a quiet ride, don't get this one; very noisy vehicle. I have tried to return the lease early but all dealerships appraise the car at 10K when the sales price was 28K; does not retain a good resale value. I certainly would not recommend this vehicle to anyone. It looks like I am stuck with this car until the lease is over.
I have 150,000 miles on the car. I do regularly scheduled work and that has been the only service I have ever needed. I am getting an average 23 MPG. It's quiet, smooth, has excellent acceleration, very comfortable seats and plenty of trunk space.
First off I before this 2005 owned a 2004 Honda Accord EX both the K24 SULEV engines, both automatic and both have been phenomenal. I drive A LOT!, these both never failed me once even when they were not in the best condition. For example my 05 LX needs new rear upper control arms and some other suspension work but it still drives well enough to keep highway speeds and hit corners at speed without braking. I replaced the air intake with a short ram and it sounds great, I also replaced front passenger shock with a used low mileage original shock, also replaced the front sway links and front rotors and pads along with new shoes in the back, still running good. Sure it has 200,000 miles on her but the motor and transmission are both original. I came from Subaru and I have gotta say Honda may be no race car or sports car but is still a great used car requiring minimal maintenance and the 4 cylinder uses a chain unlike the V6, I will continue to purchase used 7th generation accords as I am well aware the 8th and 9th generations have their full share of problems. I change the oil religiously every 3k miles with synthetic blend and a super tech filter (yes the cheapest filter ever) and the motor runs great! It won't win any beauty pageant but she won't fall you ever up until well after 250k miles!
This is my second V6 Passat Sedan. It is by far the best handling, best engine with all the performance one could want, superior braking, quietest to drive and most overall outstanding car I've ever known or owned. Other than routine maintenance and having to replace normal wear items, I have zero complaints. As for the person complaining about cost of maintenance there are some reliable mechanics who service this car. And they have the expertise and the necessary diagnostic equipment to do so. Gas costs more, premium is required, but that's why it performs like it does.
Bought the car in 1996 new. Best car ever made. No meaningful expense in 21 years. Unfortunately the car just died. Looked good and drove great to the end at 320,000 miles. RIP.
I have been quite pleased with my black raven 2007 CTS. I read/hear so many people bash the "1st Generation" CTS. However, it was the right car & the right price & time for me & I have no complaints at all. 10 years later it performs as it was designed to do and at 52,000 miles I have yet to have a repair other than recently replacing the original tires & battery. The 3.6 engine uses no oil between changes. Perhaps I just got a "good one", nonetheless I still love it & drive it daily.
just hit 230,000 and had to replace the tranny. I've had this car 6 years now and it's been a beast! I drive all over, mainly in the mountains. One complaint is the gas cap. I've changed it many times now and it still triggers the check engine light!
First off, I'd like to give a background on previous cars that way you know what I'm comparing this car with. I've only owned Audi before, first an S4 then an A4. Coming into the Volvo I was skeptical because it was new to me. Dispite this, I can assure you it has not been disappointing whatsoever. The looks are definitely controversial amonst friends, however, the interior has been lovely. No squeeks to date while approaching 50k miles and nothing has quit working or lost quality on the interior. Moving on to the reliability. I've had all the scheduled maintenance done to this car and have not run into a problem yet. There is some things to be said about drive train however. The engine is more potent than the A4 of the same year yet a little less refined. My biggest gripe about the car has been the transmission. I haven't had any repair issues with it but it just seems like it needs a little more refinement. In normal drive mode it shifts harder than I'd like whether shifting up or down. It feels more like it's in sport mode but all the time. You can see how that would get annoying just commuting. Other than this the car seems to be built very well and drives really well, I saw an earlier post of this car about it vibrating and pulling and personally I think that sounds like poor maintenance and some bad roads. I've only heard awesome things about this car and I'm very happy to report the same. Honestly, now that I'm seeking more power once again, I may just stay with Volvo and go Polestar rather than move back to my Audi days of choppy reliability and expensive maintenance AND repair costs.
I saved for a long time to buy a new truck
When I finally had enough I started looking and when I seen the Dodge 1500 quad cab I knew I had found my truck. It was beautiful!
So I bought it it was great for the first year then I started having problems first it was overheating then had electrical problems now yesterday I'm driving along and hear a loud bang and it shut off I got out raised the hood and noticed the passenger side valve cover exploded! Have no clue why it was running fine And then bang! Now I have no truck...
Purchased a used 2005 Toyota forerunner V6 with 76,000 miles based on Consumer Reports and reviews. Other than a new battery and a starter, we've had no issues for several years. At 133,000 however, dash panel light and computer code revealed misfire in # 6 cylinder. After some research, I discovered "head gasket," and # 6 cylinder issues are quite common in high mileage Toyota forerunners. See or google: 2005 toyota forerunner "head gasket" and you will discover as I did, that Toyota has lot's of # 6 cylinder & head gasket issues on high mileage Toyota's. So much for low maintenance costs! $4, costs are nothing to sneeze at my friend.
My 2010 Dodge Journey needed a complete transmission rebuild or replacement with just 67000 miles on it.
I bought my 2005 kia sedona in February of 2016. I gentleman had it sitting in his Yard because of a bad wheel bearing ($25 part) I gave him $700. The van only had 102,000 miles on it. Clean interior and exterior and ran quiet and smooth besides a small creaking noise on bumpy roads which turned out to be the top motor mount on the passenger side I paid $35 for it and replaced it myself. As far as brakes? I only changed them once so far and hasn't gave me an issue. I replaced the A/C compressor just because I wanted better A/C the old one worked ok but weak ($65 + $15 in Freon) other then that no issues. Turns really smooth in both Hot and cold weather stopped or moving, not a powerhouse but it does have some get up and go for a heavy van, no electrical issues what so ever. Transmission shifts smoothly. All in all its a great vehicle.its 3x cheaper then the competitors (Dodge, Toyota and Honda) it's affordable. Kinda petty that people on here dis the vehicle because they obviously don't take care of it. I keep up on regular maintenance. Check everything all the time. That's how you make a car last. Grow up and take responsibility.
I've been running my 2003 Liberty for around 3 years now and covered 25,000 miles in that time. It's a 4x4 Limited with auto transmission and is at its best during the snow season, where it climbs out over small drifts like no other 4x4 I've driven.
Overall it's a decent truck, it's comfortable (albeit a little basic) and it's never had a problem starting. I've had issues and needed to replace 3 window regulators (don't get me started on this), the rotors all round, a new radiator, AC condenser, battery, alternator, transmission solenoids, O2 sensor and windscreen washer pump. Including the oil changes, which I'd recommend every 3,000 miles, I'm into around $5k in repairs on this car in 3 years. Sounds like a lot, and it is, but am hopeful that the next 3 years will be a little easier on me. My mechanic heard a light rumbling in the rear diff, but only with a stethoscope and I know the rear shocks need replacing this year.
At this age and mileage I've read that $1500/year isn't uncommon for repairs and maintenance on 8k-10k miles per year. For me that's still better than a car payment on a replacement, which could also be expensive.
I'm planning to run it up to around 160k miles and expecting to budget $120 per month on repairs. Overall, that seems to be a fair running cost for a 14 year old truck.
The bodywork is in great condition, although the clear coat has recently peeled on the roof. The alloy wheels are pitted, but I'm not planning to make pretty on the cosmetics of this truck so happy to live with it. The gas mileage is terrible, but with low gas prices and low mileage I'm not too worried about that.
In general I think it's a lot of fun, great in the snow with 4WD engaged (not so great in the wet with normal 2WD) and it's got plenty of space for hauling things around. I think I'd still take on a road trip of 1000 miles without much hesitation.
I put my truck in park. All the free shift lights came on. When I killed it and started back up, it wouldn't shift. Only way to get home was to unhook the battery, and reboot. Any clues what's going on?
We bought our Versa in July 2013. It is now July 2017. I LOVE this car! I am 58 years old and have owned many cars. It is the best car I have ever owned. Believe it or not...we have never had a problem with it. It has always started up and ran like a champ! All we have done is routine maintenance Oil and filter changes every 4 months. It gets great gas mileage, it is comfortable, it handles well, I love the look of it, the hatchback has a lot of room. There is nothing about this car I would change...our Versa is just perfect.
I love my Toyota Prius as a college student who is always on the go. I need a car to keep up with me. I only had a few issues with my car so far.The A/C stop blowing out cold which cost a lot of money to replace. The light bulb on the car went out few months ago cost only 7 bucks to replace.
I have a 2009 vw cc. LOVED IT! Fast, beautiful my perfect car. It now has 98,000 miles on it. Warning!!! The arm that hold the timing chain broke, my chain jumped and it bent the valves in my engine. It was going to cost me 6 grand to get another engine with 90,000 miles installed. Found a person to replace the valves for 1500.00. He works on vw all the time and has for years. He told me that is a common issue around 90,000 miles. That arm breaks, the chain jumps and the valves bend. So if you have one, or are contemplating getting one it may be a good idea to have it replaced around 90,000 miles just to be safe. It will save you a lot of money and headache in the long run. (It also happened with my sisters vw at around 90,000 miles.)
Bought my 07 with 38,000 mi just turned 190,000 got to say it has been a great truck, although some of these issues i am reading about has happened to me. think sheet metal is a little weak on body and inside has had some stuff fall apart .But this truck has never left me stranded and i do use it for work and hunting.
Bought my 2008 V6 Accord with 12K in 2010..previous owner used only as snowbird vehicle. From day 1, I noticed that when i accelerated from a dead stop the car would behave like plugs were missing or it needed a tuneup, yet when I reached highway speed no problems. I just had tensioner pulley and serpentine replaced after 80K...thank goodness for my neighbor who worked as service manager at Honda who diagnosed the issue by listening to the me it sounded as if my power steering unit was going. I was hoping that the tensioner pulley was causing the "engine miss" but no such luck. The ECO works properly and I was thinking that could be the issue. Any other ideas?