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I have a 2009 Ford F-150 and the a/c will not stay on recirculate or max a/c it comes and goes mostly goes what do you think is wrong?
Replaceed the steering cloumn on my 96 Ford f150. The old steering wheel had an air bag. This one don't. Was woundering if the one without an air bag cause it not to start?
i have a f150 with two gas tanks the truck starts hard when cold but once it warms up runs fine but check engine light comes on and stays on when i step on the gas....2000rpms or higher
I was doing a timing chain replacement and as I loosen the tension on the right ,the cam jumped back a bit, wondering if this would bend any vaules.
It's a vibration/jerky feeling. When I accelerate DOWN the on ramp onto the interstate there is no misfire or rarely a mifire. If I go on an uphill ramp onto the interstate my truck misfires as I accelerate. And a lot more when it is over 90 degrees outside. The truck also doesn't misfire when speeding up on the highway if I'm on a downhill slope. If I'm accelerating uphill, once again I have a misfire. I'll add, I've swapped the ignition coils and it's Ford's 5.4 liter V8. No engine light at all.
2004 Ford F-150 FX4 5.4 Triton is not fully resetting. The problems were fixed but the parameters in the computer wont reset. I've driven over 1,000 miles at different speeds. I have 4 parameters reset but the 5th one wont go. I don't have a check engine light. I need the parameter to set so I can get it inspected. Is there a way to force it to reset or a constant speed at a certain distance to get it to go?
1984 ford f150 302 5.0 liter engine keeps turning over will not start. Gas is not getting to the carburetor. I have replaced the fuel pump and the starter also replace the ignition coil and solenoid switch. Any advice would be appreciated.
can,t make phone call people cant heare me. it just keeps telling to give command but dosenot respond after a few times then goes off .I have already done master reset.
I had just left my job accerating onto the road about 11 -15 mph.suddenly, the truck started shaking fiercely. After that,I called a wrecker. Cylinders,1,3,5,and 6 were gas fouled as I started the truck and ran it after installing a fuel plugs were installed.
Can I utilize that of another vehicle if it's similar year and make?
My HUM unit sent me a msg saying I have a Low Voltage alert. I started it fine but it quit. Next 2 attempts it would crank but not start. Next attempt was fine.
2 days ago my wipers were temporarily into but then worked fine. Now this.
Battery voltage checked good at just under 12.75V. When running, it was charging at just over 13V. What causes this.
I should note that when I opened the door, without the key inserted, my guages were "On" without the key in the ignition and in the "On" position.
I'm disabled with a very(!!) meager budget. What could this be??
There is no problem with my truck; it runs very good. It has 184000 plus miles on it, and I bought it used. I just want to know if he engine has been changed.
Front end wobbles through steering wheel.
i have a 2005 f150 5.4 3v my alternator went bad, but before it did my gauges went nuts then my truck died out. so i replace it and the gauges never went back to normal. i did the whole disconnect of battery and did the sweep gauge test and no luck. i dont know what else to do.
engine light on runs fine code reads p1351 have gray module in now cant get the correct one which is black when ordering the black module the part number on module is different from what is on the box the box is motorcraft but the module has nothing but a different part number on it the last to letters on it why does it not say motorcraft as well?
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