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when I start my 85 ford truck at anytime is shuts off but it start back up I put it in drive or reverse it shuts off coming to a stop sign it shuts off. But it always start back up.
I have changed fuel pump an filter coil pack's over drive button hope u can help
The low & medium fan stop working & the AC sometime wld stop working or wld slowly start with faint strength ..
The knob on the end of the shifter is broken and the wires are broke off evenly so I need a quick solution to keep it on until I can get a new shifter...can I just connect the hots or something for now?
The engine should be starting in high idle due to engine being cold.
Truck has been starting at approx. 600 rpm even though engine is cold.
Approx. 3-5 seconds after 600 rpm start the engine will migrate to a regular cold start RPM of approx. 1200.
What is happening or going wrong when notice comes on, " check fuel fill inlet' ?
The truck will start but it's acting like it's not getting enough fuel. And it dies unless you keep your foot on the gas. I am also getting 02 censors code not sure where to start
I need to have a very reliable vehicle, I'm disabled so very important as I go on logging roads often.
I have regular oil taking it in tomorrow for winterizing, other than that, transmission check, brakes, ball joints?

I t is very important for me to have a reliable vehicle.
Ball joints?

Any help would be very helpful! And appreciated!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Prevention maintenance
Front air vents work well --rear vents put out little air
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks

How long have you had this problem? couple months
2003 Ford F-150 Crew cab 5.4L Headlights stopped working replaced the combo switch worked for a little and now does not. I can get headlights to work on High Beam ONLY when I manually hold(PULL) the switch back. Running lights are always on but no Headlights. Any help would be appreciated :)
How long have you had this problem? Months
Hi, we have a 2001 F150 Supercrew (5.4L) & we just had to change the battery. When we put the new battery in the lights, radio, etc worked but the truck will not start. Won't even crank- just silent. Anyway, years ago we had a similar issue after taking the truck to the Ford dealer for some work (where they had to disconnect the battery to do the service) and later that day we had the same problem. The service mgr actually came to our house and pulled the battery cable off for a few minutes and then said to hit any button on the remote with-in 5 seconds of him reconnecting the battery cable (which I think was the negative cable). Anyway, that worked then but doesn't seem to be working now. This all started because the battery wasn't going above 11.5 volts even with the engine on so I went to get the battery tested and the auto store just gave me a new battery. I know this has to be related to the PATS system
How long have you had this problem? 1 day
What seems to make the problem better or worse? NOTHING
How long have you had this problem? FEW WEEKS
Drove to work one morning blowing just fine then when I got ready to go home, nothing. Lights on control come on, but no air.
Checked fuses but nothing blown there.
How long have you had this problem? 3 days
I drove my car through a mud puddle and installed and it would not start I also took it to the car Worsch and when I went through the car Worsch halfway through installed and I could not get it restarted
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When it is wet out
How long have you had this problem? Quite a while
I have had an issue with my 2011 F150 5.0. The issue is lack of power under acceleration between 2/3/4 gear in the 2500 - 3200 RPM. It usually is only present when starting from a stop but does present itself when down shifting to accelerate. I took it to a dealer and their dealer's fix action was to replace a connector at the VCT solenoid showing fault (ye/sy-6r). This was after they had to make a hotline case. I am guessing that this maintenance was done on the drivers side because they removed the valve cover to check for sludge. If so where is this solenoid located? They made sure that all the TSBs have been performed such as tsb 13-03-21, replaced the lead frame and various other components with no change. I have a feeling that this VCT that they replaced the connector on may be at fault again and I will need to replace.

I need to know where the VCT is and how I go about replacing the connector or checking the vct.

Also the truck has 85,000 miles
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when the engine is at operating temp
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
Whenever I stop accelerating the vehicle shakes until I come to a complete stop
gear shifter seems loose and mushy, sometimes hard shift to proper gear (esp. ovd-4th) . Clutch seems fine. I have not seen any oil under truck on ground where i park, oil is on bottom of trans and trans fluid is ok.. I have had a small rear d.f. leak for years with no problem.
When I start the truck in the morning my middle vent is putting out low 60 deg. air and as the day temp. heats up to the eighties and nineties the air from the center vent wont get below low 70's unless outside temp drops down. What do you think the problem could be? My ride is a 2010 F150 crew cab.Lariat. The compressor seems to be ok and the freon pressure checked out to factory specs. I was told the air felt a little damp coming out of the vents but the condensation appears to be draining out ok. Do you think that this will be an moderate cost to correct?
The fan motor would stop turning on when the switch was turned up on starting. Got worse, started about a month ago, taking longer and longer each time to kick in and blow. Now not working. Had the same problem with a 99 exploder, ended up rewiring and don't want to do that if possible. Thanks in advance
My fordwindstar is flooding the engine with too much gas
AC always cold just stops coming out of vent moves to defrost only when driving
Hi, I have a 1990 Ford F-150 and I have a question about Air Conditioning. I was driving home and the A/C was blowing cold (recently filled it up). Once I got home I went to turn off my truck and the ignition actuator was stuck so twisted the steering wheel and shook it a little bit and with some force I turned the truck off. When I did that I saw a small puff of smoke come from my steering column area and my A/C shut off. I checked the heater/ A/c fuse and it looked fine. I was guessing maybe I shorted a wire or something like that. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
The box that displays the digital reading for the odometer is not visible
It happened that it was running, suddenly ac stops working, and all instruments and lights of dashboard, y tap on the db. And everything resume but when I parked the truck didn't starts I'm assuming that's it's a electric problem but I don't know what to do
Set still it comes out the vent but driving down road it comes out the defrost.
I thought it's suppose to be lock and u lock from the remote along with all the doors
More frequent when AC is on, not as bad at higher speed, idles ok
harness. I need to run/control the engine/trany only. What do I need to do so?
Will a 1997 Ford F150 4 wheel drive transmission fit my 99 F150 4-wheel drive 4.6 motor
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