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I have a 2001 Saturn SL1. When I go to turn the car on, the "Service Engine Soon" light does not come on and I running into some emissions problems. How can I fix this issue? Btw, I live in the state of Pennsylvania and I'm having a hard time passing the emissions part of the whole inspection because of this. Please help.
Starts up fine start driving and it stalls unless you rev the engine cannot fill the tank more than half full or problem gets worse this is a 02 saturn sl1 with at least 150,000 miles
$167 seems high, with $120 for labor.
We had the exhaust system replaced on our 1999 Saturn SL1 and it cost almost $900 . Is that reasonable?
my 1991 Saturn sl1 instrument cluster has some gauges not working. The fuel gauge, the odometer, the trip odometer.
What could be the easiest problem it could be to the worst case scenario?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Grinds while shifting into 2nd gear
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
Mechanic said it was an external filter or pump? And wont require a rebuild but wants to charge $700+
My Saturn SL 2002 was running perfectly, shot down to do an errand & when I tried to start it the key turned but it wouldn't start. Dashboard light won't on either. Tried push starting but didn't work. What can possibly be the problem?
The atf started leaking all of a sudden
Was driving when engine sounded like it was going fast but car wasn't suddenly dash lights and instruments stopped working wipers stopped radio stopped when I stopped car stalled and won't stay running. Changed head gasket was leaking still won't stay running dash doesn't register anything
No way to get "check engine" light to go off!!! Disconnect negative battery post it's ok until I restart!
Light will go out when temperature is below 40 degrees and codes clear on there own???? Changed O2 sensor with no change in results.
Will I need another transmission and how much will it cost me?
I have already put 1 gallon of premium gas in it and cleaned the throttle body
my saturn will start up just fine and will run good till i get to where i am going and shut it off come back out wont start seems flooded wait half hr runs good.
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