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This warning has never come on before I changed the starter

I put in a new button switch for trunk release and have been inside center of car when installing a new pioneer car stereo also and now the switch stopped working.

This happens when I push a phone charger into a cigarette lighter and am driving or not driving or sometimes it just starts on its own when I am parked and doing nothing. This happened once when the car was running and I got out and went around from passenger side to driver side and I was locked out for 20 minutes but eventually it unlocked itself and I was able to get in.

Is there a recall

All lights work and noticed last two days go start it it was like the starter delayed? Meaning I'd turn key to start position nothing would happen for three seconds then it would start

a\c went out was working fine ealier then a few hours later nothing i check the number 10 fuse for heating and ventalatlateding air conditioner that was fine could it be a blower motor restor or a blower motor relay can the on board computer diagoise that??

Gears on Chevy cobalt 2007 are not changing gears properly. From 1st to 2nd takes longer to kick into gear. And same for 3rd gear to 4th gear. Please advice me. As a single female parent with kids.

2006 2.2 5 speed cobalt with new engine due to warped heads.

does not blow out of dash vents

trying to figure out where the leak is. it is leaking on the passenger side of engine. Dont see no leak or anything sitting on top but towards back it look like is sprayed from hitting a belt. a while back noticed it when i had to change the serpentine belt because of that. Still unable to locate leak tho. Went 3 days and approx. drove 60-80 miles and didnt lose any oil (according to dipstick) any ideas?

I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt stick shift. check engine light came on. We changed the fuel filter and the oil, the light is still on. Now the car won't stay running. It will i idle just under 1000 and dies out in less than 30 seconds.... what could be happening?
Also re had chevy replace the ignition recall issue.....

We replaced the throttle body, the car battery and the pedal sensor thing and still starts but is still running rough, idles bad and vibrates real bad. Don't know what codes are reading because it won't make it to a shop. What else could be wrong

I have no brake lights no blinkers in the back no four way flashers in the back. when I turn on the headlights the bulbs in the back work

can't jump start the battery because I can't get into the trunk the key iand no power at all

The drive schaft on my Chevy Cobalt feels unstable???

Was running and then just quit. Changed the ignition coil and module, still just cranks. Getting fuel. No codes or dash warning lights on

Bought the car used came with new pump to put in. I did and no power going to fuel pump. Replaced computer board and fuel sensor. Will not crank

The alarm goes off anytime I open the doors ortrunk I'm trying to figure out how to disconnect the system I have no need for it and it's try annoying. I have a key fob but most of the buttons don't work and i neveruse it anyway. I just want to disconnect the whole anti theft system

Is it under the hood and under the fuse box? Or is it in the trunk?

Is it under the hood or in the trunk?

Yor driving down the road and it just opens up wants to drive about 75 miles an hour you will be giving it no gas and it will not slow down I have changed sensor after sensor change the vacuum canister pugs coil pack everything kept pointing back to running too lean I have spent $2,500 and repair bills and next $1,100 for a new computer I had insurance to cover this however alone with Chevrolet making a dangerous car guy has caused literally thousands of wreacks . This computer is costing me another $1,100 I am very frustrated and probably will never buy another used Chevrolet

I changed the catalytic converter and a couple 02 sensors this the timing chain?

Engine light on

02 Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank 1 Sensor 3)

When I turn on the AC it doesn't blower cooler ,it's not as cool

Check engine light not on. Tires are new. Alignment fine. All fluid levels fine. Just passed emissions. Sound does not let up when the accelerator is. Only stops when the car slows down under 30-35. 100075 miles.No loss in power but sounds like whirring..

The car will not start on first crank when lights flash but then it will on second time cranking

It started making a grinding or rubbing sound. Almost like a wheel hub bearing, but I know its not because I took off wheel hub and CV joint and started car and put it in drive up on jack stands. It has to be transmission. It has plenty of fluid, shifts fine. It happens any time I drive.

The rear of my car slides when I turn and feels really loose and my anti-lock brakes ain't working at all either they lock up when I try to stop too fast

when I turn car off it acts like its dying but then wheni turn car back on it starts right up, what could be the problem?