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Vehicle rpm flucutuates ,then it stalled ,and turns over but takes several times to start,now it's completely dead.
my daughter put the key in the ignition this morning . she turned the key nothing happened. tried to turn the key back to take it out. it would not turn pack . made sure it was in park tried to move the steering wheel. we tried to jump the car . would not charge.
No airbags went off The lights and dash lights come on fine its just when I turn the key to start it nothing happens what could it be? Ive tried to jump start it and it still wont turn on
engine light came on then went out reduced power came on a few days later went out today my psi lights came on car feels weird to is my battery getting weak
I lost the gas cap on my 2006 chevy colvolt now it has. No poer uses alot of gas and no power stering can no gas cap cause these problems
Have an 05 cobalt I have power till I try to start it then the power cuts doesn't make a sound but very time I have it on acc everything works...went to start it to go to work and my car said nope lol
Car cranks but no start and will not fire up at all (no engine warning lights where on). 1/2 tank of gas, can hear fuel pump engage in gas tank when key turned to on and gas squirts out of schrader valve when stem pushed in. Electrical - had battery tested and was not in the best of condition so I bought a new one. Put it in and no help (didn't think it would). Than I replaced the 4 spark plugs and coil wires and coil and ignition module, no start just turns over. Ok, so prior to putting the coil wires in I tested each one and got spark on each wire (I know first hand because I accidentally touched the screw driver I was using as a ground with my tester and got shocked. I don't feel bad purchasing these parts plug, wires, coil because I look at it as giving the car an overdue tune up. Hoping not a timing belt but have doubts since car died without engine noise and I am getting spark. Now I am looking for suggestions. PS. getting tired of driving wife to work.. Thanks
I have a 2007 chevy cobalt, 2.2. I have noticed excessive oil consumption. I have checked the oil pan and filter for leaks. I noticed that I have oil in the air intake line on top of the valve cover. There are no leaks around the valve cover gasket either. There is some oil in the air box. The car does rough idle on occasion but the check engine light is not on. I've done research and found that the vehicle does not have a serviceable PCV valve. It is actually cast into the valve cover. I don't hear any odd noises at the moment. I have kept up with the maintenance ie oil changed and the oil is not over filled. The vehicle has appx 168,000 miles and is in good condition. Would a valve cover replacement along with the gasket be a good start? I don't know much about the pcv valve being built into the valve cover and there is very limited information on this. Thank you.
Light came on driving to work. no noises or warning. A/C compressor is not turning on now either. The car is a 2008 Chevy Cobalt
All fluid levels are good.
2006 Chevy cobalt 2.2L

Codes- System too lean

So my car flipped out. Doors locking and unlocking, has trouble shifting, speedometer and RPM meter jumping up and down. Mileage meter Ian going faster than the actual miles Ive driven.

At first mechanic told me that he fixed a vac leak and that I needed new spark plugs, a oil change, and a new fuel filter. Code came back quickly after he fixed the vac leak and now he says I need a new o2 sensor. Could the fact that the engine is running under poor conditions cause the electric system to freak out?
I changed the tps sensor but it is still giving the same problem I think its the fuel pump but not sure please help me. Everytime you turn it on its stays on for a couple of minutes and then it starts sounds like fuel isn't getting to the engine to stay on and then the car shakes and then shuts off if you wait alittle bit it turns on again but please help me figure out the problem
my battery light came on but later went out it is now on again and will not go out. I checked the charge in the battery and it was 14.5 also checked for charging and it is charging 13.5. This is a 2007 cobolt lS with a 2.2 engine. I also had another mechanic look at it and he came up with the same thing. Then took it to Advance Auto and they checked it and said to take it to a mechanic because they couldn't find anything wrong. I was a GM mechanic for 38 years and I am stumped. Can you help with a suggestion?
I had my fuel pump and tank replaced last week due to recall now its saying the EVAP canister is bad. Does this have to do with what was replaced last week
Smelled gas seen there was a spot under car looked seems to be leaking out of a plug on bottom of gas tank
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