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I just bought the car cant get it to pass emmissions the fuses are blown of keep getting blown my car has the code p0171. I had a mobile mechanic look at it and he said the intake manifold was welded on thata prob pulling that code but now my car wont start
Do I need to change the thermostat
Want to put in a manual switch for radiator cooling fan.
hi everyone, i have a 2007 Chevrolet cobalt, 2 doors, 2.4L engine, manual transmission. the problem is when the car is on daylight will not turn on and at night lights will also not turn on, but high beams will of switched on manually. after turning the car off, the lights will turn on and drain my battery.

i have tested the light sensor using the high beams. what i did was i covered the light sensor during the day and turned on the high beams and they turn on, after removing my hand and light flashes the sensor the high beams turn off. by doing that i determined that my sensor is working properly.

as for light bulbs test, as i said the lights turn on when the car is turned off, also they work normally on an odd day where they just work like they are suppose too.

can anyone help me with this problem.... is there another sensor i should look at?

Thanks in advance.
Is this a common problem with cobolt
My car won’t turn over even though auto-zone checked the relay, starter, and battery and it’s all good. It turns on the radio and than twice now if the car is moved in neutral it will usually start except for the last time. Than according to the low jack device I have in my car it told me my battery was critically low a couple hours after trying to turn it on. Even though it has jump started less than a week ago and charged by autozone a month ago. My connections might be loose connecting to the battery but I have tightened them about a month ago last time I had this problem but they won’t tighten enough it that is truly the problem.
Noticed gas smell on oil dipstick car showed no sign of issue before parked
I have an oil leak on the backside of motor( towards firewall). It leaks towards oil pan. Checked valve cover no leaks. It seems to be in the center.
Leaks when just idling in driveway
water dripping under dash behind glove compartment
We bought an 08 chevy cobalt sport and there are no interior lights. Where would they go because i think they've been removed by previous owner. Can't find the answer anywhere online.
clicking noise when key is turned on A/C run when the fuse box is pulled up
I have an 09 Chevy Cobalt LT. It recently cut off on me twice while driving after I made a turn. I ran out of gas and after putting gas in it, it started acting like it wanted to cut off. Got it home and now it won't crank properly. Everytime I crank it, it starts and then cuts off but radio and lights stay on. I've had my engine replaced a year ago and two months ago I had repairs done to the engine.
Total time in labor repair for timing chain
speedometer not moving
Fuel range says 60 + miles and the gas gauge shows an eighth of a tank and it will die especially if it's on an incline?
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