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It happens rather frequently. It's almost like it isn't getting fuel. Sometimes it won't go above 30 miles an hour going down the road or it will not go up a hill at all like it doesn't have any power. Sometimes when pushing on the gas pedal, the van won't even move while in drive.
The Plastic Container In The Front Rigth Off The Van, Thats Labeled Coolent, Is Now Empty. 2 days ago i had barely scraped the bottom of the van getting out of a dirt road and heading onto the main road, not a huge loud scrape, but still enough for me to barely hear it. . could I have damaged something that Migth of caused this? The VaN Hasn't Overheated Yet Or Anything. The leak looks to be coming from somewhere on the front left side.. . . If like to also add that I feel like when I press on the gas or won't accelerate fast right away, it take a couple of second, this might be irrelevant, I'm not quite sure.
Got the van two days ago. Was told when purchased that it needed a thermostat cause the heat wasn’t getting hot and overheating. Changed the thermostat and still the same problem no heat and overheating. Please help
The leak is coming from the bottom, it look like it may be a hose but not sure. If so is this a hard fix?
Driving along pretty slow.. Heard a sputtering grinding noise? Then it stopped.
first time this has happened.
witch wires go where
Fan just stopped working all together. No fuse issues or relays burnt either
I cannot for the life of me find anything at all about my pcvalve and how to replace it. I have the tools and finding the thing on the Tahoe was so much easier. I believe it is in the center of the back of the engine, but not 100%.
Van will turn over but not firing
so I replaced batter, timing set, and starter. all new parts and have no change in cranking speed. I am at a loss and out of money now. any help is appreciated
Van won't start, at all. Only hear a Click sound. That's all.
I have a 2005 Pontiac Montana SV6 AWD that has a moaning, binding noise from the passenger rear wheel area, but only when I'm in a turn with the steering wheel rotated more than one full revolution in either direction. Nothing visible is rubbing or interfering with the wheel or tire. Vehicle has ABS, traction control, and an automatic load-leveling rear suspension. Any ideas what this might be????
I got into an accident and I believe my battery dies because my door is stuck open, is there a way I can stop this??
I have an SV6. Have trouble losing power going up hills and when I use air conditioning. I have also had trouble with the car starting especially on rainy days. Engine light is on and it said to replace water pump which was done, but engine light still remains on. (we will be checking the code today)
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