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Van will turn over but not firing
so I replaced batter, timing set, and starter. all new parts and have no change in cranking speed. I am at a loss and out of money now. any help is appreciated
Van won't start, at all. Only hear a Click sound. That's all.
I have a 2005 Pontiac Montana SV6 AWD that has a moaning, binding noise from the passenger rear wheel area, but only when I'm in a turn with the steering wheel rotated more than one full revolution in either direction. Nothing visible is rubbing or interfering with the wheel or tire. Vehicle has ABS, traction control, and an automatic load-leveling rear suspension. Any ideas what this might be????
I got into an accident and I believe my battery dies because my door is stuck open, is there a way I can stop this??
I have an SV6. Have trouble losing power going up hills and when I use air conditioning. I have also had trouble with the car starting especially on rainy days. Engine light is on and it said to replace water pump which was done, but engine light still remains on. (we will be checking the code today)
Now in ested is shimmying at 25 to 35 it now starts at 45 and stops at 60 has new tires I have had them check, rotated ,and rebalance, presser recheck any ideas
Tries to turn over but does not crank.
Ez una trasmision automática
First time...does turn over just wont's like it's not getting any fuel.
I have been told that I need a New Transmission and was wanting to know if I could replace it with a 2004 model Transmission
Transmission will not shift into second third or drive
When driving van will start to backfire and act like its going to die. Usual happens when the gas tank reaches a half tank.
I've replaced water pump heater core thermastat radiator put bars in it Incase of cracked head gasket but it keeps running hot and dying help please
3.4L Engine
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