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headers are semi-new
concept z cats
hks cat back
Will not shift into reverse. It does drive but only stays in first when I have it in drive. Once I get to 30 mph it makes a sound. (Kind of like a rattling catalytic converter) any ideas?
I am new owner !!! However have a problem with the booster. The previous owner did disclose the problem : he had accidentally hit a speed bump and there is now a leak; and there was just not only a spark but a fire bomb out of the left muffler !! Can you fix this ? And estimated cost.
Thank you so much !!!
It will start back up again easily, idle and slowly stall out.
It turns over, its getting fuel, I've checked the coils, they are good, I've cleaned all the ground wire connections, I've replaced the starter relay assembly- no luck..I've pulled the cam tilt actuator it's operational, even swapped it with a known good one..same results,
My anti theft comes on whenever I open the door and the car is locked up. I had the master key but it was lost by a mechanic so I need to know if I have to remove the anti theft to get it going again, or if there is a way to leave it and get her running smoothly again
The headlights won't shut off till the passenger door opens and then one headlight won't even shut off how to fix it
brand new battery,
when i first start the car,untill it reaches running temp,it sputters and almost chokes when i accelerate.
I can go drive it and it will drive fine. But then it will start missing again. There is no check engine light. What could be the problem?
after engine warmed up, I drive a few blocks when I stop idle drops off and car stalls has to br re-started. I hear the IAAC valve clicking when I checked it. I also replace IAA valve. TPS at .4-.5 volts on. I have a Consult
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