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The key fob is not working period. It will not open the truck remotely and when the key is inserted into the drivers side door to open, it will not open it. Why is this happening? It does not make any sounds when we push the "unlock/lock/panic" buttons.
Rear/suicide doors are locked and will not open with remote or door switch. The front licks work but not the rear doors. There is no childproof switch on door as shown in manual. 2006 Mitsubishi raider extended cab.
I had the key fob scanned and they say it is showing a positive reading but it doesn't lock, unlock or the panic button, so where can I locate the fuse to the alarm to see if that's the problem??
How long have you had this problem? 1 month
We live on a dusty road and I am sure it is gross by now.
how to open back door if cable is broken
On several occasions my brake lights stay on after I turn off my car and get out. It drains my battery. It doesn't do it all the time but enough to make me worry. Why does this happen. I had the brakes checked and all was good.
I can pull the hood release in the cab but the arm that needs to be pushed under the hood is hanging out and finally came completely loose. How do I open the e hood?
When riding normally the ac freezes up a lot. It doesn't do it as often on the interstate.
When taking off my truck is 2100 RPMs and cuts out. It's like the map senior is out but it ain't got one
The check engine light will come on and flash then go off but it doesn't do it all the time only when over 40 mph?
P0304 and P0305 already replaced #5 fuel injector and the ignition coil and did tune up.
Turn signal and brake light work
At cold start will misfire , hard time to turn on until warmed up
the cable is off the rear drivers side of my ext cab. I can't get the panel off or get the door to open.
Transmision it's been rebuild last year, since then I have return to the mechanic 3 times for overheating problem, replace converter twice and solenoide valve, I installed a oil cooler in front of radiator.
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