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My FM radio is not working or sending out sound, but am does. Why?
After parking i smell gasoline near back seat doors, strongest on passanger side. The engine light is not on, and gas cap is tight.
AC is cold and works fine. No noises or fluctuations of rpm noted as of this date. Produces FOG no matter the temp. setting.
Problem on going
My radio stopped then started working. Now hasn't turn on in weeks. The C.D player will eject and take in C.D's. The Dc adapter wont charge phone. Passenger seat wont move. Fuses are fine.
parked car went to start could not turn key past # 1 position, also will not shift out of park
The thermostat was recently replaced. The car has 204k Miles. We have had dogging in the car post thermostat replacement, but not consistently.
Volvo recommends at 40K, needed if 40K accumulated in 16 months?
how do I gain access to the fan? I tried by removing the glove box, but still couldn't see the fan.
my 2007 xc70 died and i am waiting for a road side assistance. the engine seems to be extremely hot. Anti freeze fluid is full.
when the car was idle right before it chocked it was coughing.
All lights came on before the car died.
i just started the car, and the car started fine.
what the heck is wrong?
This issue just developed on Friday (November 3, 2017). Will open and close with as normal, but will not remain open until I am ready to close it. I have never had this issue before.
Gauge was accurate twice, only shows half full on fill up.
The transmission is acting exactly like repair pal described. Suggesting software update.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When a.c. is runing seems it puts additional stress on tranny
How long have you had this problem? Just noticed it 2 weeks a go (just bought 2 months ago) my 5th Volvo wagon
Had brake work done. Mechanic said boot was leaking and undercarriage needed to be replaced.
Jacked car up and rear wheel is seized up. Removed lugs but could not get wheel off. Can this be a problem with the wheel bearing. Makes a loud noise from rear wheel when driving.
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