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I changed the battery in the car and in the keys. You dont hear no crank when i press the brake and push button. Asscessories come on but engine wont start. Also when the car doesn't start brakes will get hard and you can't push down on them. In a month the car did this to me about 8 times. I had brought it to 2 dealerships and my mechanic and they all tell me the car has to not start for them to see the problem. When the car didnt start twice i had got it towed once to my mechanic and once to the dealership. That morning i get a call talking about your started. We cant find the problem. I need help ASAP
It has been touchy the last few weeks and finally refuses to start at all. A few times prior to this it would hesitate or not start but then upon trying again once or twice more, it would start. After I got it home tonight and tried to start it again, it would not start at all. Lights will come on both interior and headlights, so it is not the battery

How long have you had this problem? just started
happens when I turn a/c on. lasts for a few seconds.
when i:m driving and turn my lights on , after a while the left head light goes off and I have to turn the lights off and back on and this goes on while I'm driving at night.
makes loud clicking noise when trying to release parking brake.
What would make the car loud like a diesel and not want to drive?
My car became difficult to steer and the "tire pressure sensor default" light came on. I took it to a shop and they changed the sensor. When I left the steering was still difficult and the warning light came back on. I don't want to take it back to the same shop because I was not comfortable with their work. Is there a sensor in each Tire and if so how is the faulty one determined?
The above Happens occasionally.only code is po150
For o2 bank 2 sensor 1...
other problem is during braking,tranny will upshift at slow speed pushing vehicle forward unexpectedly.
The noise happens at random doesn't matter if the cars going fast/slow. forward or in reverse.

Changed the spark plugs, wires, and most of the parts to do with the cylinder firing. Still have the code and is still running rough
How do you turn off chime sound when you stop
the air condioner still works but it makes a banging noise while running
what causes an amplifier to go bad ?
can a car amplifier go out, that"s less than 5 years old?
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