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had to manually close my top yesterday after it refused to close and now the left trunk expander knob will not turn. the right one works fine. Im thinking the top will not open as long as the trunk is expanded? Appreciate any suggestions!
My 2008 BMW z4 convertible has leather covered interior winshield toptrim piece. The adhesive thad bonds the leather is drying out and wrinkles are forming. Could I heat the leather, possibly soften the adhesive and press the leather back in place to re=bond same. Is there any other alternate solution rather than buy a very expensive $600 tirm kit.
is this a common problem for this typ of vehicle.
Labor hours to remove and install engine in 2006 Z4(3.0)?
I have paper towels under car to monitor the coolant leak. The majority of leak is in the middle of car, between the front tires. I've only driven 2K miles in 12 months but no overheating yet. The heater core is not leaking because no leaks inside or foggy windows. It's not the water pump because no whining sound and no steam coming out. The radiator hoses appear to be in good shape and no hissing sounds. It's not the intake manifold because car runs fine, good fuel economy & no engine misfires. The radiator cap is not leaking. Everything you read points to a leak in the expansion tank. However, coolant leaks are barely noticeable when the coolant level is low (at minimum level) but still has plenty of coolant in the expansion tank?
How to reset electronics after installing a new battery.
The beeping keeps going even after the car is turned off and doors locked for a few minutes then stops. It sounds like a seat belt warning but the seat belt is fastened. I can see no warning lights from the dash.
Power steering failure from time to time when turning steering wheel almost completely to either right or left.
Warning sign lights up, steering becomes heavy. however everything goes back to normal after switching engine off and on again.
How long have you had this problem? a few days

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Convertible roof doesn't work
How long have you had this problem? Just bought it that way
the air bag stays on. the mechanic checked the car and said the code 93A8 came up and said he would have to spend time finding the problem. doesn't the code tell what's wrong?
neither window works up or down no noise at all when switch is pressed
When starting the car after sitting 3 months had to be jumped. Then started fine but engine runs in low rams and in spurts. Won't change when stepping on gas and can't drive it. What could be wrong?
The motor for the convertible top won't work - the repair bill in this area is astronomical. My question is - can you have the motor rebuilt?
ac was working fine and started blowing hot air all of a sudden
the top works but sounds like it's straining. Makes a sound like it neesds oil in the motor
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