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how many hours labor should I expect to pay for this
The tranny fluid spewed out of the dipstick spout. I added more fluid and noticed a burnt smell on the dip stick. Now it just revvs when i try to accelerate past 15 mph.
it also when revved it gets pre-detonation.
The trouble codes that I pulled are saying that theres a misfire in 2 cylinders. Idk for some reaso its got me stumped. The problem is at idle not while driving. Anyone have any idea
My blower motor for my air flow works bit no air comes out the vents or defrost
The fans does worknunless the air and it is leaking water but not on the ground, my nephew said that it's missing the radiator
Transmission seems as if it tries to slip when shifting into 2nd. Owner says that the fluid and filter has never been changed, at least in the last 100,000 miles. Wandering if the fluid and filter could be the possible cause or if there are any known similar issues for this model?
I am getting a Check Brake System warning. Fluids are full and ABS is good according to owner who had it checked recently and was told it was a speed sensor. Need to know a way to check the sensor and a way, if any, to know which wheel the bad sensor is located on.
Had an oil change. Drove car home. No prior issues. Tried to start car today and it was making a clicking noise. It has to be jumped now to be started. What could have happened?
replace the master cycl bleed the brakes an master cyl an the the brake pedel goes straight to the floor
I tried checking the starter solenoid it's okay. I checked the switch and I get power to the starter relay.all that's okay. I'm not getting power the stater solenoid from the fuse box. I checked all the fuses and relays everything is good. Could the pcm or the cpu cause the starter not to work
It runs as long as it in park when I go to back out of my driveway and dies as soon as i put it in reverse
i have found the vacuum hose but i cant find where under the hood it will connect so my vents will blow air
The low coolant came on...I filled the reservoir and after shutting the vehicle off the fluid leaked out
Once I get it to start and run awhile I don't have and problems the rest of the day. This only happens in the morning. after the car has set for10 hrs or more.
The engine cranks strong. At first replacing the cam positioning sensor worked right away. Now even that is not a quick fix. If I let it sit for a half hour to an hour it starts right up.? It won't do it while at the shop so of course it can't be detected. Have to leave it running when I run into a store.
not enough charge to turn over
First heat was going on and off now it's stuck on. Radio was stuck on too but now it's off. Replaced control panel, wasn't it. Can't figure out how to disconnect the heater. I have book for the car, it has diagrams for fuses but it doesn't say where the fuse to heater is.
where is the started located on a 1997 sable
When im driving my 2001 mercury sable it will not shift into overdrive and it runs at 4500rpms without shifting
The heater runs non-stop when the car is on. We can't even change to ac. If we turn of heater the blower is still on.
have to put car in neutral to prevent stalling at lights
a/c wont turn off even when turned to heat mode and is causing car to over heat
I got this car back in January she runs a little rough during idle and in park so I took a scan tool to it and it came up with PO401 I looked up the code and it said egr problem I tested the egr it was stuck open so I replaced it then I erased the code and a month later it came back same code so I looked at the hoses and tubes they all seemed fine I decided after that to look at all data and Mitchell and go to find out this vehicle comes with a dpfe now my problem is I can't find it I've looked on the firewall and the engine but I saw no resemblance of what I was looking for I could use a bit of help
car will start but wont go into gear. wont drive or reverse
The radio works fine. But for some reason the sound only works if it's in park and neutral. As soon as I put it in gear there's no audio.
both the engine light and the 'oil can' light are on
shut down while driving
Car will start and idle but won't let me drive it after I put it in drive. It will shut down. I've replaced the intake air temp and coils. Air and fuel filters and a new fuel pump. I don't know what else to do?
The keyless entry alarm goes on several times a day and it's something that may happen three days a week and then skip a few days and then does it again.

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