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1993 mercury sable LS gas indicator is off I fill it up all the way and by the halfway mark its empty. Is this an cheap or expensive fix? Also, same price questions for adding carseat anchors to this model and year with carseat kits in my possession.
Got power to auxiliary but no power to cig lighter
Car cranks won't start.A short in power wire from BCM ....
no matter what operation I select , air only exits through the defroster vent. When I switch to air conditioning the cool air only exits through the defroster vent.
am buying the sable. the car has sat for a couple of days. It has 144K miles on it
Overheating at any speed, heater blows hot for a short time then cold. No noticeable loss of coolant. Thermostat was replaced one year ago. Burning oil smell after driving. Parked now.
I just need to replace my fuse again or the fuel pump relay in my 2002 mercury sable
was driving speed up then theft light came on it stop the car key was stuck in it not now , I started the car put in drive won,t drive
only blows cold air even when engine is warm. Turning temp gauge up does not solve problem
it idle to fast sometimes while driving
The lights that illuminate the mph, rmps, temperature are light only on half of the dash panel. Also the climate control knobs are not illumating anymore. Can you tell me the location of the box? What are they labeled as? Are they 10 amp or 15 amp? I'm assuming it's under the dashboard.
I'm trying to tow this car for a friend it blocking the garage door
I was told by a garage that the "water inlet pipe/hose is what needed to be changed on this car. It appears to me to be the bottom radiator hose. (same thing ?)
It doesn't look like an easy job
First time I have encountered this big a spark. Will it burn

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Too scared to connect
Id bought a 97 sable but was never given the door code. Where can i find the factory code, and if a personal code was programmed how could i replace with factory code?
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