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To change bulb on brake light

damaged in collision remaved old mirror ,got replacement, has plug in on new mirror . loking for instructions on what i need to take which door panels loose ????
need to plug device from progressive insurance into smog check port
Car completly shuts off at 75 mph
Only the car only runs hot when it's moving with the AC on but when it's sitting still and doesn't run hot I just need to know what's causing it to do that.
it would click then go up or down then it just quit so i replaced the motor and still nothing
Started like if i had a flat then the engine started shaking
i have a high beam light stay on when car is turned off and the speedomtere isnt working
My car will start but i have to keep trying 2 3 times before it does.. 97 mercury sable.
It will click when i first try to then when it does start sounds like it doesn't want to stay started. Can it be the starter going out? Or filter of some kind?
Car will go to nutral but won't move feel stuck can't started gas is real low and it's going up hill
Trying to remove the clutch but can't get to the bolts
Can't get to the bolts to remove it
Engine lite came on at 60mph after trying to accelerate. Car bogged - let off gas and let it coast - put the OBD reader on it showed C5 misfire- the motor went back to normal and engine light went off. Got new plug immediatly and replaced
looks like might be in the reservoir can I try stop leak?
My 2003 Mercury Sable want start or crank. All the instrument lights lights up but that's it. I've catched the battery and the starter and they are both good. This has been an off and on issues since I purchase the vehicle brand new in 2003. Have anyone else had this type of problem with this vehicle of the same year?
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