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My husband was driving it one day and it quit we were told it was the carburetor so we rebuild the carb then that didn't work so we bought a new carburetor then it started working but then it stopped again we have done feel filter spark plugs coil distributor cap you've checked the battery it's good we also took the admissions system I guess out because it was bad and we are in Texas and we don't need it. We're still having issues with it not wanting to start and we are lost.. There is gas and oil right now as well which we are thinking it's because of us starting it
Replaced lines mastercylendor booster and calibers brakes pump up and don't release It is actually a 1985
69000 orig miles. PS pump full of clean proper fluid, no leaks or damaged lines or hoses. No resistance in axle shaft,wheel or steering components.
Shutter or rapid vibrations occurs only when turning left from wheel center position with wheels on the ground or raised position.
It chugs, engine almost kills. Only while moving. If park or neutral it puts. My uncle mechanic passed away but I vaguely remember him replacing something like a sensor for granny.
has new distributer points plugs
The engine starts on first crank, runs beautiful under load, accelerates well, however, when sitting at a light or coming to a stop, the engine speed goes down and if I don't keep my foot on the pedal, it will stall and then be very difficult to restart.....please advise.
Okay so I do have bad oil pressure when idling but not when driving, it over heats, which my guess leads to the bad oil pressure probably a bad oil pump, but i parked it last year because it was dying on me and when i parked it, it would not start at all. Now it starts but still hard to start some times, the engine sounds good and strong while its running so my guess is it has weak fuel pressure, which i did replace the pump and fuel filter and that didnt have an impact on it. I just want more ideas about what could be up with it.
why does my 1990 ramcharger build up air pressure in the gas tank???
my ramcharger ran out of gas lastnight and i get it to the gas station after i put gas it still didnt wanna start so i try jumping it and i still wont start.the truck ran fine besides having to jump start it every now and then i did take the gas cap off today and alot of air came out the gas tank so what can it be that causeing this issues??
seems i can't get the right computer i have no ck eng lite and it has a hesiation ,if i trip a code it will show on scanner but no ck eng. lite tried dealer for right computer number no help is there a way to find this info ty
Turn the key and nothing. Lights come on, radio comes on, interior and hood lights work. Put in brand new battery. Took starter to be tested, it's fine too. I just can't figure it out.
when the engine misfires the fuel from the injector skips, like it stop injecting fuel. I have replaced the dist, cap, rotor, plugs and plug wires. any ideas?
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