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Right side lower control arm was ripped loose in accident. Need idea to reattach rear bushing to frame. Can easyout the top bolt that broke off, but welded nut was pulled out of frame on bottom bolt. Ideas? Please. Thank you.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? N/A
How long have you had this problem? Since accident. Lol
battery died cause alternater was no good replaced alternater charged battery and now speedometer does not working
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothihg
How long have you had this problem? since battery died after alternater was no good
I lost the only key to my 2007 Ford Freestar the dealer wanted $500 just to drill the ignition out and And another $300 for a new ignition and keys and programming. I drilled the old ignition out myself and replaced it with a new one from the local auto parts store. Now I need to program the passive auto theft system so my computer will recognizes the new keys.
How long have you had this problem? A week
Cannot figure how to put the tire jack back into my 2005 Ford Freestar.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? All I need is apic of back hatch to open it from the in side
I had tires put on my van .now the tire icon want go off
Also what should the fuel pressure be on 2004 Ford freestar se? We had it scanned at autozone and the code was po452. My husband is trying to help our daughter with this van. It has 9-03 on the inside door panel for year. He also noticed that on the engine it has 3.9 liter but on the hood it has 4.2 liter. Is there a diagram that you could possibly send that could help assist him. He noticed when he dropped the gas tank on this that one of the return lines was not put back in the groove, it was mounted back on the van with one in between top of the tank and the frame of the van as it left an indentation in the plastic wire coil and you can see the mark it left on the van. The van was purchased used so he thinks someone had the tank off before in order for this to happen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
Cant locate button to open the back
How to unlock child safety locks side doors
the window doesn't move at all
abs light came on
we bought a relay for our van, but cannot find the relay to change itout
Engine light was off had oilchange light on
getting error code P1715
my exhaust system has rusted out
I took it to autozone, the code was for the cylinder head temp sensor, i replaced that, still have the same problem.
Was told I could disable it to keep it from closing automatically
I have a light on the bottom left corner of the dashboard it's a picture of a gear with an exclamation point what does this mean
need to know how to take apart driver side door on a 2004 ford freestar van,so I can put window back on its track
on a 2004 ford freestar van.driver side window came off tracks. need to know how to get to glass so I can put it back on track
after trying cable manually and soaking assembly; door will still not release/open.
I need repair its
Answer doesn't make since
1st time this has happened. Temperature was in the high 20's f . I do park on a grade all the time . Took the van to the store parked level and lights went out. Back lights only.
How do I remove spare tire under bottom of car?
I have replaced the neutral safety switch. I have a new backup lamp switch but cannot find the old one. Please help
I have an 04 freestar that I purchased and was wondering how can I find out if the recalls were taken care of
My wife mistakenly tried to use the wrong key to start our minivan, which engaged the antitheft system and now we have no crank no start.
new fuel pump and filter
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