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Could it be the selector switch or a shift solenoid
Just want to know the make of the dvd player you know RCA, Toshiba, SAMSUNG. That's what I trying to find out
Rear turn signals and brake lights not working I replaced bulb and fuses but still not working was trying to figure out what relay powers the rear turn signal and brake lights
My van was running bad missing and going on so I changed spark plugs and the fuel filter. After this it runs fine . It's just when I go out of the morning to start it . It cranks normally but it will not start.Aftet trying a few times it does and then runs fine.
It had came a big rain and during this time I got gas at the local Marathon Ever since then my van has started missing and going on. One min it will run fine . Then the next when you go to accelerate it starts missing and cutts out. Then when you let off the acceleration it straightens out. What is the problem?
2005 Ford freestar,Putting noise, raising engine noise
I am trying to find my fuel filter to replace
Car died while driving
These codes show up on my diagnostic CarMD code indicator
No visible leaks, replaced upper I take manifold recently. 2006 Ford freestar
My wife has a 2005 Ford Freestar. The gear selector lever moves just fine and the linkage is moving at the neutral safety switch but the transmission stays in park. You can here a clicking from the neutral safety switch location as the gear selector is moved in to each position but the van stays in park. Does anyone have an idea whether the neutral switch could be the problem or if it is more likely to be the transmission itself?

I can't seem to get replies to post here. The temperature here has gone up about 20-30 degrees F and the van is now working just fine. I have no explanation for that but I'm going to try replacing the transmission filter and fluid (w/o doing a flush as recommended in a reply I got that is not showing up here) and see if that prevents the problem in the future. If the site starts working better I'll update. Thank you pushrod for your suggestions, they are greatly appreciated!
Recently I replaced the torque converter and it had seemed to have taken care of my problem.It was shifting and driving fine. I drove it around town for a few minutes. When I stopped and went to back up and it did. But as I went to pull up nothing. Then when I went to shift it up in park It made a funny noise . And wouldn't shift any.
changed fuel rail pressure sensor so it's not that. starts and runs great until turned off and restarted, like getting gas. then hard starting and rough idle unless it sits awhile.
I opened it to put something in there 5 mins later it wouldn't open. A few hours go by went out and unlocked the van it opened right up. And now it wont open at all. Big pain in the ass.
I changed plugs and wires and I have ohmed out my fuel injectors and they are ok. I am only getting a misfire on cylinder 4. My van has 251,000 miles. So I don t want to spend too much on it. It's a 3.9 l I installed new coil ignition pack 2 yes ago
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