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my air conditioner i8n my 2004 freestar was not working until i was on the road and had to run rear air for it to work on the road . i replaced the dryer and expansion valve now only blows hot air .
My 2007 Ford Freestar started all by itself no keys in the ignition no one in the vehicle I couldn’t get it to turn off finally pulled the fuses for the ignition to get it to shut off what would cause this
I change the filter and my transmission fluid in my transmission now it ain’t changing gears
On a 2004 ford freestar mini van
need to know the width and length so I can buy a sun shade that fits the whole windshield
What number is the fuse on the fuse box for the fuel filter
It runs like it is going to run out of gas.but then it takes on off.then itstarts running like it is going to run out of gas and then runs ok for afew minutes then does it again
when i press gas paddle is i feel loose . i have dont have to press it .slightly put the foot able to drive
Could it be the selector switch or a shift solenoid
Just want to know the make of the dvd player you know RCA, Toshiba, SAMSUNG. That's what I trying to find out
Rear turn signals and brake lights not working I replaced bulb and fuses but still not working was trying to figure out what relay powers the rear turn signal and brake lights
My van was running bad missing and going on so I changed spark plugs and the fuel filter. After this it runs fine . It's just when I go out of the morning to start it . It cranks normally but it will not start.Aftet trying a few times it does and then runs fine.
It had came a big rain and during this time I got gas at the local Marathon Ever since then my van has started missing and going on. One min it will run fine . Then the next when you go to accelerate it starts missing and cutts out. Then when you let off the acceleration it straightens out. What is the problem?
2005 Ford freestar,Putting noise, raising engine noise
I am trying to find my fuel filter to replace
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