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I put an aftermarket radio in my 2001 Chevy Venture now the security light comes on and flashes and will not let the car start it will not crank or anything I unplugged the system to reset and it still does the same thing what can I do to fix it
Replaced starter, alternator, spark plugs, filters battery and fuel pump and it cranks over but will not start...please help.
My gas is very low bit put over a gallon in it also the batter indacater comes on when I try to start it but it turns over and trys to ignite but just won't fire please give some things to try and fix my issue thank you
Driving on by pass at a speed of 65, out of the blue, loses speed. Takes a few seconds to push on gas to get it to go back up. Then when stop at light, it takes several seconds for it to speed up enough to change gears. Does this for next several stops, but then runs fine again at 65. Eventually stops and may not occur again for several days, but then, may occur again the next day.
I need to know were the evap purge ctrl valve ckt located on a 1999 chevrolet venture meney van
I turn the key and I dont hear it even try to crank up
Since i bought it
Passkey light on car starts light goes out car stays running. This is good for at least 3 runs that day. Next day passkey light not on. Relearn procedure doesnot work after multiple attempts. After a while of tinkering, taking out fuse/putting back in, disconnect battery, nothing. Buuut then for some reason the light comes back on. I changed the theft control module, thinking that was the problem but the same thing started again.
the red lights in top of the dash never comes on and the anti- thief has the injectors cut off this has a pass lock lll please help me get my eng. to start
Security alarm goes off while driving and looses power
Parked it and shut it off now it wont start all the idiot lights come on but no start
I did a pin beep test on wires from abs module down to plug on wheel bearings they are good , also tested new bearings tested in specifications tweaked the pins in bearing side of plug to make sure they are making contact when plugged in still throwing that code c1235
I get intermittent alarms on the dash from the traction control, battery, air bag, and the transmission randomly slips out of drive, then back in once the warning lights go out.
The heat only works when I’m driving down the road why?
Replaced the Abs module,no joy,disconnect the battery to reset,no joy
As we drove down the highway at 70 mph. The abs and brake lights both came on. When we slow down to 50 mph the noise stops and the lights go off. It happens repeatedly the same way. What could be wrong?
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