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Why is my windshield wipers stuck up when I turn them off

while driving the engine overheats.The cooling fans are working.This problem started last night.

I have not had 1 problem with it shifting hard or any signs there was a problem with it. Acted like it was out of gas but motor would rev so I pulled over and turned it off. It started right back up but would not move in drive or reverse. This is my first vehicle... UUGG

Since a week having two major issue
1) Make lot of noise before break

2) Cannot take the reverse, or make a lot of noise while trying to reverse Van.

my serpentine belt was put on incorrectly and now my engine is making a knocking sound and it will not start. what does that mean

It just came on for the first time, what does it nean

Runs rough at idle sometimes. Getting from 45-60 hesitation. Then flashes engine light 93 times. If there's a pause in between I cannt see it. Changed the fuel cap. Now ??????

I guess gas ran out I pushed it home put gas in it now doesn't start?


And the needle still bounces what else can I check

it's leaking fluids

Why would it stay on now


Ive replaced all i can think of put 800 into it and still have the banging and shaking and its getting worse everyday acts like something is loose in the axle

1999 chevy venture

Loud buzzing comes over the speakers when trying to start and the ignition does not turn over

Just had intake manifold gasket, spark plugs & wires replaced. Radiator flushed. Now runs rougher than before work done. Overheated then wouldn't start after letting it cool more than 10 min. Had to tow home. Now starts, same symptoms as above.

Transmission slips changing gears between 1-2, 2-3 or seems to not have enough pressure built up but will change gears when I let off the gas. Did have to much fluid in it when I received it. Drained down to correct level and added 1/2 can transtune but not new fluid. If it is the pressure switches how much trouble to get to them to change out. Only $22 buck each so not expensive. More concerned about the amount of labor or complexity to get tot he switches. I have taken apart engines but never gone inside the trans. Any special tools required? Don't really have the funds to pay anyone to do the work as out of work right now.

Car now has steam or smoke from exhaust, runs rough, temp gauge shows immediate overheating. Could this be anything else?

shifted to reverse to get out of parking space when i shifted to drive i had no gear ,handle limp

the three snaps that hold the motor in place are broke off.
I need to know what its called, so I can order a new one.

.warner bros it started making a wining sound like it needed power stering fluid it didnt need power stering fluid than the.boise was coming from.the transmittion.side of the van and the wining would get worse when I had my foot on the gas I.changed my filter and fluid then I realized it would have the.worse time shifting when.I got about 25 or 30 mph would go to 40-50 or so it wouldnt do anything irregular....what is it ? What do I do? Is it my transmition?


Will crank again run fine and may do the same thing

Its running hot ive replaced theromistate all the above to relays... So I have someone look at it and they said it could be electrical problem... What kind of problems can it be and how much am I looking at?

Every time I brake and it's like the brakes are giving out , I'm a little bit nervous with this I don't have much money

Repairs done so far
Intake Manifold Gasket done 1 year ago
Plugs and wires
Fuel Filter
Crankshaft Positioning Sensor Both of them
Air Filter
Cleaned IAC til it looked brand new
Replaced the Wiring Harness for Cam Shaft Sensor
It's stalling dead saying service traction system, low fuel, battery light, security. We are completely confused and so is our mechanic. Please Help!!

Wen Torqin rockets at 168 lbs wth torque wrench that goes only 150 lbs, why do push rods start to bend n then it says to add 30 degree turn more. Instruction book typo? Or bad rods.

Chevrolet Venture

I have a transmission. From a 200 4 impala I want to know if it will work in my 200 venture