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car just quit.fuel pump dose not click when key is turned on.and no power to coils.tried to put a small amount of fuel in throttle body an nothing.
EGR dañado si se limpia se puede arreglar
Help got no money to have dealer repair it my key remote got broken and car wont start keep getting red and green lights flash on rear view mirror can i bypass that and get it to start please help just got out of hospital have my kidneys fail cant get around
When I seen the mms come on I parked. A light by my gas meter has been flashing on and off. Some days yes some days no but I do not know what it means
It will not stay started
Light is on check engine and electronics
What cost am I looking to spend
I called dealership and got the code for the radio.I then had to unhook the radio and hook it back up to enter the code.We then had to put a fuse in also.Ever since we got radio working the alarm has been going off.So we unhooked the wire so the beeping would stop but now the alarms lights continue to blink even when going down the road.They will stop for a min then start back up.Please help
Due to high mileage, and still intending to keep the car, was contemplating replacing with smaller engine with much lower mileage. do you advise? Car is Executive Edition with excellent body/exterior.But front struts are worn ans the climate control needs work.
My a/c blowing out hot air
I'm just trying to replace the fan clutch in my car. I ordered the part, but not sure what tool to buy to do the job.
how much to fix
Are you sill in need of repair. If so we can tow in today and diagnose the issues. Thank you Alan@ Everett transmission
617 387 9558
My car won't start ITS got power just wants to start it sounds like but won't turn over I tried to jump it that didn't work please help
It started just a little now it's all the time
I bought a 1997 Mercedes-benz and my girl got mad at me and threw the keys in the river so I need help is there away around the anti-theft please some help
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